2 December, 2007

They Came From Siberia

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About the origins of “Native Americans.” (Of note concerning the American “Indians” is how unsuccessful they’ve been. They’ve given the world almost nothing of value, and were “primitive” people until rather recently) [1][2]:


[1] more about “Indians”: [Here]

[2] features of a “civilized” culture include: the presence of the wheel, a written language, a calendar, simple arithmetic, money, use of weights for measuring, use of iron ore/metalworking capability, use of simple mechanical devices (e.g., a hinge), permanent settlements, roads and monumental architecture

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    1. yeeuh Says:

      Wow. Siberia. Anyone pondering the racial similarity of the asiatics on both sides of the Bering would come to that conclusion — “the people” only believe when “genetic scientists” weigh in.

    2. morris Says:


    3. Tommy Says:

      I don’t think that native americans are such a bad bunch of people, of all the races in the States, they have a pretty low crime rate. Peaceful, calm, let them eat their peyote and dance around fires, and run those tax free casinos. At least they aren’t going around raping, assaulting, and gunning down innocents.


    4. jarrett Says:

      well,,,,,,,this is for all the the people that think indians are not hurting the well being of North America. These black prairie niggers are free loading off of the rest of us ,,,,,,,,,,,examples , welfare , not paying taxes , hand out after hand out for land , receiving mining rights for minerails and oil , lumber from the forestry industry and so on . These tax free casinos and other crap that the governments keep allowing is killing the working class white race . Loss of jobs , loss of safety and security , and never mind poluting the minds of our children with there beliefs and culture . I dont know what its like in the U.S. but in Canada these leeches have these little fagget gangs that beat and rape and steel from white people , I’am so sick and tired of listening to these crying asses about how the white people have stolen there pride , and culture . If you cared about your culture than live in a tee pee ride a horse instead of a car , and quit dressing like niggers .

    5. Alan Says:

      Iam also a bewildered Canadian with the utter beating my tax dollars take from indians here. These spoiled thankless parasites recieve all necessities of life free. A indian gets free ambulance anywhere any distance.{I pay 500.00 for a two block trip}. They get the rent and utilities paid for,and often leave the front door open in winter.They are the ones with overflowing shopping carts.They have vehicles not less than a few years old,they get paid extra for every child they have so all these fat squaws do is get drunk and when they have no booze sniff gas,drink vanilla.drink lysol,aftershave,mouthwash,sniff glue, and have more babies for extra money and when they have no more money coming in after the kids are grown up,the welfare system sends them to school to try to teach them job skills after they have burnt themselves out for 30 years they all claim these are their rights! 99% of them dont work all handouts from my taxes.
      The indians here are also getting massive payouts if they spent one day or more in a public school while they lived on a reserve claiming they where abused everyone of them fills out a form and gets no less than eleven thousand dollars a school year tax free non deducted off their welfare from the government as payment for some bull shit story they somehow won in court !!!!!
      I know that these none contributing prarie niggers are lying at best a small percentage of them may have a bad memory from school who doesnt, and why pay them for that price, give them another free perscription like they get all their lives.
      Now we have a bunch of drunk drugged out indians menacing all forms of public places where peacefull people would like to be.
      So here you have it in Canada indians live for free never having to work just keep taking and plotting how to get more from the honest hard working white man whos house they will just as soon rob as readily as they will steal a car.
      Even the indians who work are there due to wage kick backs provided to employers .
      Even when a indian gets caught breaking the law they will often get special treatment my girl friend caught a indian tryin to steal her car,she called the cops and they gave her a speech about not having locked her doors that night and let the indian go with no charges.
      So it is no wonder when I caught one sleeping in her car a few months later I kicked his ass no need for police I understand.

    6. Christopher Jensen Says:

      I am shocked that anybody would have anything bad to say about American Indians.
      Whites and Blacks in the U.S. have ruined our culture after burning down our homes, raping our women, killing our men, and stealing our land.
      I represent those natives who would gladly give all you foriegners back your despicable government money in return for enough of our land back for us to create our own government and our own identity.
      As Nationalists I would think you would appreciate that sentiment, instead of trashing us for evils which whites and blacks have brought across the sea themselves for the last 350 years.
      How many of you whites and blacks are taking unemployment? How many of you are stealing, killing, raping, and lying with no honor?
      Why don’t you support our endeavors for independence, instead of continuing the subjugation? Why don’t you try to be heroes instead of jerks?

    7. Victor Says:

      Dear Mr. Jensen,

      I’ve read enough history to know that so-called Native Americans were hardly the peace-pipe-smoking, happy-go-lucky, highly spiritual tribes as portrayed today. You folks did more than your fair share of burning, robbing, raping and killing. For starters, I recommend reading ‘Captured by the Indians: 15 Firsthand Accounts, 1750-1870’ by Frederick Drimmer. Thomas Jefferson described your people as “merciless Indian Savages, whose known rule of warfare, is an undistinguished destruction of all ages, sexes and conditions” in the Declaration of Independence for a reason.

      That being said, I fully support your efforts for a free and independent Red nation, but to be honest, I didn’t know such a movement even exists. Any more information you can provide on this topic would be genuinely appreciated.

      P.S. Nice Nordic surname.

    8. Christopher Jensen Says:

      I didn’t say in my comment that American Indians hadn’t performed acts of war. I actually wish more people would recognize that we had several societies here in North America which would have been very recognizable by other cultures as business savvy, militaristic, and in many ways modern. What I am saying is that when confronted by Europeans, the North American Native was treated much worse than he would have given. Wouldn’t you rather die than be a slave? If an Indian killed you then he was doing you an honor, because he wasn’t taking you as a slave.
      When he raped your women, he was doing them, and your species, an honor by giving you strong half-breed children (of which I am one), gifted with intelligence, physical strength, and stamina.
      The one major weakness of the Native culture stems from its own members’ greed and nepotistic structure.
      Kill the link between the money to corrupt Native Corporations and the U.S. Government and you would have more disenfranchised American Indians. Unfortunately, many of our own have chosen to ride it out with Uncle Sam. Many, Yours Truly included, have served in the U.S. military and find those old convictions and allegiances hard to break.
      Look up the AIM movement for one. There are many others.
      I wrote earlier because it angered me that so many of you thought natives are just getting a free ride. Walk in another man’s shoes for a mile the saying goes. Most of us are really hard working, honorable warriors who want to be left alone to self determination. Just as the white grandfathers of this nations beginning wanted theirs. Why is it so difficult to support that?
      Surnames were given to us by the European conquorers and because most of my own culture, i.e. language, spirituality, and sense of tribal belonging, are gone. I have only the surname. By the way, it’s a Danish equivalent of “Smith”.

    9. Winston Smith Says:

      Wow, Morris, you can’t write or even spell coherently and you’re putting down Indians? At least the Indians I meet are appropriately humble, and only criticize others when they are in a position to do so. Take a good look in the mirror, and either educate yourself so you can talk, or stop posting like an ESL moron. You’re like the illegal immigrants who write into the Minute Men to tell them they are “stupits.”

      you is “unsofistcited.” This is what it’s like to read your writing, you dumb ass! Spare us. Are you some kind of MSM troll, b/c they like to falsely stereotype sites like this as ignorant and inbred. Unfortunately you are proving them right.

    10. Anthony Martin Says:

      To you winston smith, what kind of a brother are you to talk like that about another man in the public eye. when I was in jr high I seen alot of this crap going on to separate good people from one another mostly to keep our people week. What’s your deal? Maybe you should try helping instead of criticizing a man for poor grammar. or maybe you think that you a better white solder than him because you can spell better, but my choice would be Morris. After this childish display you say that your concerned about the stereotype put on us, and then you start this catty stuff. Real Men don’t do these things. This doesn’t help our cause.

    11. Dave Says:

      I live in Montana. I see them everyday. Prior to moving here I had never seen a real Indian,just those casino dwellers,who upon closer inspection vary little from the mestizos

      Most of the Indians I encounter are unemployed,do drive brand new cars,do have their shopping carts very full(around the 1st of the month)And of course do have much hatred for whites.

      A few brief examples I found both funny and interesting.

      when i first moved here I was walking out of a bar downtown(where all the blacks and Indians hang out)an old Indian approached me and said How!with his hand in the air!no kidding! I started to laugh hysterically. He became furious and said “why you maka funna my people?!” He then swung at me falling face first into the sidewalk.

      My neighbor is Mexican/German,raised by Indians on a reservation.(my other neighbor is also Mexican,what state am Iin?) His full blood native brother and I had a very long talk about his tribe,and natives in general.I explained my racial views to him,he understood and replied that he basically has none. That is,he has a sense of pride for his anscestory but no desire to retain it or pass it on. He says it is futile to try because he is a dying breed.

      Ill tell one more funny story. There is a gas station here known for the pan-handling Indians. One night a Native asked me if i had “some dollerz” when I told him he should get a job,like me,and earn his own money he said “I hope you get into a wreck! I hope you get into a wreck and die!” he was alone,I had a very large friend with me.

      Natives here are known to rape,steal,rob and kill. It is in the papers all the time. they loiter downtown,drinking from brown bags begging for money. they are not nearly as agressive or dangerous as blacks,but that is about all that can be said for them.


    12. Sage Says:

      Many of the American Indians were glad when the white man came. After all, he had muskets and could kill the Indian’s tribal enemies. In Indian culture, life was a zero sum game, where you got wealthy by taking from the other tribes. Some Indian tribes aligned with the French, and some with the British, and then they got caught in the crossfire. Each Indian tribe was angling to kill off their hated enemy. The Indian way was always one of war and conquest. Indian’s kept permanent torture stations up in their encampments, and seemed to enjoy torturing captured slaves. Think about the act of scalping someone, and then carrying the scalp around, and being proud of it? Indian’s raided white settlers homes largely to capture slaves and wealth…remember life is zero sum in their worldview.

      The Spanish did not wipe out the South American Indians, such as the Aztecs and Mayans. South America had more advanced civilizations with Art, and Farming, and some culture. The Mexican’s we see today are Mestizos who are mixed Indian/White (Spainards). Mestizos did not come into being in North America because the Indians were Violent and Savage for the most part. The Apache’s in Texas no longer exist because they were hunted to extinction. Why? It is easy to hunt somebody down when they commit acts of cannibalization and are viewed as sub humans.

      The Cherokees in Georgia did try to settle down and create a civilization, but it was too late.

      Indian’s undoing is also firewater. They never developed immunity to alchohol. The white man could bribe indians easily with some alcohol, and when Indians get drunk, their behavior is much worse than a white man. For the same reason, Mestizos should not be allowed to drink and drive. If you see all the drunk driver statistics, it is often a Mexican doing carnage on the highway.

      Whites evolved immunity to alcohol during crowded conditions in Europe. Alcohol was the drink of necessity instead of water, because water was full of germs. Near beer and cider was the drink of choice instead of water, even for children. If you couldn’t tolerate the alchohol you often died of dysentary. Those whites that survived carried genes that allowed them to drink alcohol.

      South American Indians won’t admit it, but secretly many are grateful for the white man. They had blood cultures where they offered to God their most precious gift, their blood. Many people were sacrificied on the alter, or had their heart ripped out in an offering.

      I submit to you, the white man and his civilization was a boon to Indians. The notion of a “noble” savage and the wonder Indian propagated by our public schools, and our culture, is a lie that doesn’t stand up to scrutiny, or the historical facts.

    13. Leslie Says:

      I honestly feel sorry for one who lets a simple color be there best judgment of any persons. White, black, yellow, or Red. You honestly come here to simply complain in everything you fix your fingers to type, instead of trying to shine some light over the dull appearance of your existence. Your sound is evil & judgmental. May God have mercy on your souls.

    14. Nordlander Says:

      Those here who praise Indians (“most of the ones I see are employed!”) are like those Americans who praise Arabs because they don’t have to live with them, and like Europeans who praise Blacks because they don’t have to live with them. So you have seen a few, and they seem all right? Of course, in small numbers. The Indians, Blacks, Arabs and all the rest will play nice when they are few. But once they reach a critical mass their true nature comes out.

      Ever been to an Indian reservation? They pollute like none other. They throw trash everywhere. Like all non-Whites, they care nothing at all for nature. It is disgusting what the rest stops look like along the road where they live.

      Indians have far higher statistics for child molestation and incest than normal people; it seems they think it is real fun to rape little girls. They also have high statistics for assault, domestic abuse, alcoholism – and so on.

      When they were living in the Stone Age before Whites came, they raped and murdered as a way of life. They took each other as slaves, for thousands of years. Remember: only Whites have come up with moral objections to slavery. Indians, like all other non-Whites, have always practiced slavery, and only stopped when Whites forced them. Indians captured Whites and used them as slaves, and they bought Black slaves. Just like Blacks, who also owned slaves. Let’s see that in a pro-Indian propaganda movie, why don’t we?

      The reason the north-eastern U.S. was so sparsely populated when Whites came there is that one tribe had recently gone on a genocidal rampage, setting out to exterminate – actually exterminate – all other tribes in the area.

      Without Whites around, they would go back to the endless Stone Age they came from.

    15. joe Says:

      Personally, I rather like Indians. Always suspected that if they had been given a half decent chance in ‘our’ world, they could have taught us a lot about sharing and togetherness. Maybe we wouldn’t be scratching and snarling at each other while our future crumbles around us like so much day old bread. Come to Canada and meet lots of interesting and intelligent natives :)

    16. Full-Blood Aryan Says:

      Wow! Simply wow!

      I cannot believe for one second that my proud, God-fearing, white Aryan ancestors would have tolerated such garbage that I have read in these posts!
      Sure, they were all about keeping the blood-line pure – as pure as the blood-line could be. But, they also feared the Word of God more than they feared the color of a man’s skin. Call it racism to it’s finest, call it whatever you please – but such ignorance was never a part of what true Aryans believed or taught.

      I have read about all manner of “statistics” in these posts, but, not one link that would direct me to verification of those statistics.
      I have read all manner of judgmental bigotry as if you all are without sin yourselves.
      To be white and proud is one thing, to be white and ignorant is another – a very hypocritical thing indeed.

      For some of you, whose grandfathers had fought against mine during WW 2, it may have been that “nigger” or that “Indian” who saved your grandfather’s life, thus enabling you to be born into whatever retched, in-bred existence that you have.
      And for Norlander, I have studied the history of the Northeastern native American tribe quite extensively, and can say that your post concerning Northeastern native Americans is completely fabricated BS. It was the colonists, and their ever increasing greed, that wiped-out a large percentage of the tribes in that region.
      Perhaps, if you would have finished 3rd grade, and moved-on to a higher education, you would have learned the truth instead of believing such propaganda by obviously mis-informed people.

      The display of utter ignorance and lack of self-control is one of the reasons why true Aryans will have very little, if nothing at all, to do with such bottom-feeders as yourselves.