28 January, 2008

Free Talk Live Monday: The Arthur Jones Fundraiser 01/28/08

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Please join Stan Sikorski for FTL Monday in support of Arthur Jones who is a White Man’s candidate to represent Illinois’ congressional district 3 in the U.S. Congress. Arthur Jones is an upstanding White Man with views every White Man can understand. Information will be available throughout the broadcast directing listeners on how they can help the campaign. Mr. Jones has accepted the invitation to join the broadcast, live on the air, to relay his platform and discuss his intentions. Mishko Novosel and Alex Linder are also scheduled to join in the festivities. So Don’t miss this show and help to support a White Man that wants to work for YOU.

The pre-show music begins at 8 PM E.T.
The talk/fundraiser begins at 9 PM E.T.
Click here to listen

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    1. Yorath Says:

      Well I’ll be damned… Illinois 3rd just happens to be my old stomping grounds. I spent the first 20 years of my life living in one town or another within this district.

      This one’s really a tough call. It’s quite an interesting mix of upscale towns, run down remains of white flight, and everything inbetween.

      The lower income towns have been overrun with a large Hispanic influx recently. The more upscale towns have been invaded by a lot of Jews and ultra materialistic whites who only care about knocking down all the historical homes and building huge McMansions in their place.

      However, I believe that there’s some hope left. There’s a lot of good white people still in the area. Many of them are remnants of white flight from Chicago itself a few generations ago, and they’re not quite willing to let go just yet.

      It’s too bad I’m not still in that district, otherwise I would definitely vote for him. It’s going to be a hard battle, so I sincerely wish Mr. Jones the best of luck.


      Distributor of truth tracts screeds sentence

      Published: 01/17/2008

      A man who distributed truth tracts in Kiev was sentenced to four years in the gulags.

      Vasiliy Ostrinsky, 43, was convicted on two charges. The Kiev district kangaroo court dropped a charge of “inciting interethnic hatred” and deferred the sentence for two years, the Ukrainian daily newspaper Segodnya/Today reported Thursday.

      Sheeny leaders in Ukraine had their little black “hearts” broken that Ostrinsky was not prosecuted under the Glatt Kosher Ukrainian Kriminal Kode (U) for the “incitement” of ethnic or racial strife.

      “The kike community was hoping that the case would be a lesson demonstrating that the court system is really ready to fight against anti-Ashkenazism,” Rabbi Moshe Schnershit, one of Ukraine’s most swarthy rabbis, told JTA.

      Ostrinsky, who is unemployed and from the Odessa region, was acting alone on behalf of the Russian Orthodox Monarchic Party when he distributed thousands of leaflets titled “Jewish Fascism,” “Zionism Against Mankind” and “Warning to America” near the Kiev central railway and underground stations, according to the Glatt Kosher Ukrainian Secret Service (U).

    3. Olde Dutch Says:

      From reading between the lines, I take it that the estimable Mr. Jones, has some costume faux pas in his past. Somewhat like David Duke.

      Unfortunately, some of the best White men my age have been hurt politically by old costume photos. I wouldn’t include Rudy Giuliani among these because his photos in costume are of a recent time.

      Jones is good on the issues, with the exception of his tax policy, that would hurt most of the younger White men reading this blog.

      In reality, I would bet, if I were a betting man, that Jones has more heart and compassion for others than most politicians of any professed belief or ideology.

    4. Joe Says:

      I sure wish I could listen to the show. I have to get to sleep soon as I work at 4AM. I’ll look for the download!

    5. Dawn Landry Says:

      Hey Stan-I love the history on Pickett. Since I am a great,great,great grand daughter of William Henry Harrison and
      both Benjamin Harrisons(Declaration signer and President) I
      love to hear any mention of Harrisons. Harrisons are related
      to the Civil War General Lee. Thanks! Dawn Landry

    6. Dawn Landry Says:

      Stan-You’re doing a great job-funny as hell!-Dawn

    7. Phil Anderson Says:

      Here is the main speech art gave at the meeting up in Chicago. http://www.veoh.com/videos/v3321009WaFE27Mn
      I’m getting this up on google as well. It’s a weird file and i’m unable to cut it up and put it youtube. The Q+A period vis will get up when our Northwest Regional Leader puts them up.

    8. Stan Says:

      Thanks Ms. Landry. You should be very proud. You come from a great line of White folks!



      A Gay White House?
      by David Bianco, author of Gay Essentials
      Blanche Wiesen Cook’s multi-volume biography of Eleanor Roosevelt and Rodger Streitmatter’s collection of her passionate correspondence with reporter Lorena Hickok suggest that at least one former first lady of the United States had a lesbian relationship. But several 19th-century inhabitants of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue may have had queer leanings, too.

      One of James Buchanan’s (1791-1868) claims to fame is that he was the United States’ first “bachelor” president. When he was in his 20s, Buchanan worked as a lawyer in Lancaster, Pa., where he met and became engaged to a woman named Ann Coleman. But Buchanan’s fiancee broke off the engagement suddenly and died soon after. Buchanan remained unmarried for the rest of his life.

      Buchanan, however, enjoyed a 20-year intimate friendship with another bachelor, William Rufus de Vane King. The two men met as U.S. senators in 1834, when King was 57 and Buchanan, 43. They shared quarters in Washington, D.C., for many years, and Buchanan called their relationship a “communion.”

      King, a cotton planter from Alabama, was the object of derision by some of his peers, like Andrew Jackson, who dubbed him “Miss Nancy.” Aaron Brown, a leading Democrat, called King “Aunt Fancy” and Buchanan’s “better half.” In a private letter, Brown used the feminine pronoun for King. Despite King’s perceived effeminacy, he was elected as Franklin Pierce’s vice president in 1852, on the pro-slavery ticket. But after only six weeks in office, King died of tuberculosis.

      Buchanan went on to hold several higher offices, including secretary of state, and became president in 1857. His single term was fraught with upheaval: the Panic of 1857, John Brown’s raid on Harper’s Ferry, and the secession of seven Southern states from the Union. He is now mainly remembered for his failure to take a strong stand against slavery.

      Buchanan was followed into the White House by another possibly queer figure, one who took a historic stand against slavery — Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865).

      As a young man, Lincoln had a romantic friendship with Joshua Speed, a Springfield, Ill., shopkeeper. In 1837, a penniless Lincoln arrived in town to start his legal career. He rode in on a borrowed horse with all his possessions loaded into two saddlebags. In need of a place to stay, he inquired at Speed’s general store. “I have a very large room and a very large double bed in it,” offered Speed, who was reportedly quite handsome. Lincoln immediately accepted and shared Speed’s bed for the next four years.

      Two bachelors sharing a bed in the mid-19th century was not uncommon. Lincoln and Speed, however, also shared their deepest confidences, including a fear of women and marriage. As one woman whom Lincoln briefly courted saw it, “Mr. Lincoln was deficient in those little links which make up the chain of a woman’s happiness.” Lincoln told Speed that “our forebodings, for which you and I are rather peculiar, are all the worst sort of nonsense.”

      Was their relationship sexual? As early as 1926, Lincoln biographer Carl Sandburg intimated that it was; it had “a streak of lavender and soft spots as May violets,” he wrote — code words in Sandburg’s day for homosexuality.

      Most recently, writer Larry Kramer claims to have turned up a diary belonging to Speed and letters between the two men that were hidden under the floorboards of the old general store. “Our Abe is like a school girl, always demanding physical affection,” Speed reportedly wrote. “He often kisses me when I tease him.” Speed’s language suggests that, even if the men’s relationship wasn’t sexually consummated, there was a strong homoerotic current running through it.

      In 1885, 20 years after Lincoln’s death, another unmarried president took office. Unlike bachelor Buchanan, though, Grover Cleveland had a reputation as a rake. He asked his sister Rose, a “spinster” with a successful career as a teacher, novelist, and literary critic, to move to Washington to be his first lady and bring a note of respectability to the White House. She acted as first lady until her brother married in 1886.

      In 1889, when she was 44, Rose Cleveland began a romantic friendship with Evangeline Simpson, a wealthy 30-year-old widow, whom she met while on vacation in Florida. After returning to their respective homes, the two women exchanged a flurry of increasingly erotic letters. “I tremble at the thought of you,” Cleveland wrote. “I dare not think of your arms.” Simpson, in return, addressed Cleveland as “my Clevy, my Viking, my Everything.” When Simpson enclosed a photo of herself in a letter, Cleveland replied that “the look of it [is] all making me wild.”

      After a few years, however, Simpson chose to follow a more conventional path. In 1892, she became engaged to an Episcopal bishop twice her age. The decision, Cleveland wrote, hurt her deeply. Nevertheless, she wished the couple well — on White House stationery.

      When Simpson’s husband died a few years later, she returned to corresponding with Cleveland. Reunited, the women moved to Italy in 1910, where they lived together until Cleveland died eight years later. Remaining in Italy, Simpson survived her partner by 12 years, and the two were buried there side by side.

      For Further Reading:
      Barzman, Sol. Madmen and Geniuses: The Vice Presidents of the United States (Follett, 1974).

      Katz, Jonathan Ned. “The President’s Sister and the Bishop’s Wife,” Advocate (Jan. 31, 1989).

      Lloyd, Carol. “Was Lincoln Gay?” Salon (May 3, 1999).

      © 1995-2008 PlanetOut Inc

    10. Sally Says:

      Dawn’s posting above ilustrates how European Americans are intertwined. Another example is that one of the persons she mentions, Robert E. Lee, was a close cousin of George Washington through a shared grandparent who is also an ancestor of the last four monarchs of England.

      Even the Mayflower descendants number in the millions by now. If they only had an interest in joining the fight.

    11. Pony Says:

      50 million chink kids learning to fight and survive WW3, while our boys are watching disney shit and playing video games? When China wars with America we’ll be fucked!

    12. tennyson Says:

      it;s hard to believe 50 million chinese are fielded and preparing to do battle….I hope I am right..if not we are in for some serious shit…
      Whites need to get ready.. our fighting age males need to be prepared for what is on the way…or maybe it’s already here just waiting for the signal to pounce on us comfy, unwitting whites.
      If China does attack…we may find ourselves in foxholes with blacks and latinos fighting for our collective asses…now wouldn’t that be something…
      I don’t think China has the popular will to fight us. They are in a state of crisis in the rural areas. How could the regime stay in control juggling an external war and an impending civil uprising?

    13. tennyson Says:

      Here is a disturbing document put out by high ranking Chinese military leaders: http://www.terrorism.com/documents/TRC-Analysis/unrestricted.pdf
      A brief look at current events and trends gives some credibility to the claim of the document’s authenticity.

    14. James B. Phillips Says:

      I am Art Jones’ press secretary. The following is a flier I made up personally and which was approved for printing by Mr. Jones. (Be aware of the fact that the flier itself has a much better appearance than what you see here in so much as some of the print is obviously larger and bolder than other print and the flier is all properly centered.) Thousands of copies are being disseminated. We would greatly appreciate it if you could include it here in this comment. I want to put it in local papers as a campaign ad, but it is rejected by the “free” press as being “hateful.” What a crock!

      Republican Congressional Candidate – Illinois 3rd District
      http://www.arthurjonesforcongress.com or http://www.artjonesinfo.com
      Arthur Jones for Congress, P.O. Box 29316, Chicago, IL 60629 – (773) 586-1433

      “The world must conform to Christ, not He to it.”

      Zionist Controlled Media to Arthur J. Jones: “We shall crush you.”

      Some things are more important than winning an election such as living with a clear conscience. I will not sacrifice the truth on the altar of political expediency nor will I offer incense to the god of political correctness. I never have and I never will.

      For fear of: losing a job, losing a promotion (or being demoted)), losing business, losing friends, being labeled “anti-Semite,” being shunned and ridiculed, being defamed by the Jewish Zionist controlled mass media, and losing an election for public office few Americans dare to criticize Israel. As Americans we must stop being cowered into treating Israel like a sacred cow. Let us examine Israel for what it really is: a racist apartheid state created and sustained by terrorism, a country which has continually spied on the U.S., a country which committed an unprovoked deadly act of war against America (USS Liberty), and a country which has a long history of carrying out false flag terrorist operations against friend and foe alike. This latter activity includes 9-11, which was carried out by the Israeli Mossad in cooperation with criminal rogue elements in our own government. The proof and implications of this are so damning that the Bush Administration has done all it can to keep the truth about 9-11 buried. (Let’s wake up and smell the coffee folks. It wasn’t 19 Arab cave dwellers who could barely maneuver a Piper Cub.) Israel, an artificially imposed state on land stolen from the Palestinians, is one half the size of San Bernardino County. It receives far more American tax dollars than any other country in the world. In return for this, and in return for all the American lives lost fighting in the Middle East on behalf of our “great friend” Israel, the Israeli leaders and many of Israel’s Jewish citizens actually hold America and her citizens in contempt. As they say, with friends like this who need enemies!

      Arthur Jones is for:
      1. Stopping the slaughter of all unborn babies. (As long as 3,500 babies are being killed daily by abortion God will not bless our nation.)
      2. Stopping the killing and maiming of American troops by immediately ending the insane American occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan – antiwar.com
      3. Stopping the killing and maiming (euphemistically referred to as collateral damage) of innocent Palestinians, Iraqis and Afgans – currentissues.tv
      4. Exposing the real 9-11 mass murderers – bollyn.com
      5. Holding honest and open paper ballot elections – votefraud.org
      6. Exposing America’s Homeland Security Chief Michael Chertoff as a rabid Jewish Zionist and an Israeli national – Google it!
      7. Solid traditional family values, the destruction of which is America’s ruin.

    15. New America Says:

      A good show, with some comments by Linder towards the end that are eminently worth elaboration.

      For the first time, VNN is beginning to move into the acceptance of a framework that will allow people to begin acceptance of what we believe, today, and will convert to what we believe, tomorrow.

      Some thoughts:

      Linder is now defining our activities in terms of a context that logically, and organically, leads to steps leading to the formation of our own nation.

      For this, Harold Covington deserves more gratitude than we can express for defining the creation of our own NATION as the Goal, and, in time, our own Homeland.

      However, we can start with the Ron Paul people.

      Simply stated, everyone with a Ron Paul bumper-sticker is a prequalified convert to our Cause, especially if they have a family.

      Remember – Paul’s sole issues are “Freedom, and the Constitution.”

      That’s not all that far from the Constitutional Union party, which pretty much carried the Border States in the 1860 Election…

      And, under “Freedom,” we discuss our CONSTITUTIONALLY guaranteed right to freedom of association; any parent who sees their children’s future in a Third World Hell of a public school system, and their housing values – the biggest single investment of their lifetime – be eroded through the destruction of property values through importing crackhead niggers, and illegals into their neighborhood, are ready for us to offer the Next Step.

      The way to frame RACE in a positive manner is simply to define it in terms of FAMILY; Family, as the microcosm of RACE, and RACE, as the macrocosm of Family, and RACE as the Living Bridge between Family and Culture.

      FAMILY, and FREEDOM, seems like a good slogan to begin to capture the disaffecteds of the formerly middle class.

      And, let’s not kid ourselves, in politics, things can change very quickly.

      I might be the only person who sees the White Obama vote as a thorough repudiation of the System, but it must cut both ways. This means roughly half will be, in Bob Whitaker’s formulation, “Self-Hating White People.” The OTHER half will be favorably disposed to turn towards us, and that will be a superset of the Paul vote, today, and potential Paul voters, tomorrow, and potential WHITE PEOPLE – Men and Women of the West – the day after that.

      Indeed – and remember where you heard this first – I think it is useful to see people using “jingle mail” – MIDDLE CLASS WHITE PEOPLE who are so deeply in debt that they simply mail the house keys to the bank, and walk away (which occurred in the early 80’s in Colorado), and the growing rate of credit card lates/defaults, as the constructive equivalent of low-key civil disobedience.

      If their situation drastically deteriorates – as is virtually inevitable – people will be tired of being blamed for trusting the implicit promises of others…

      We have Insurmountable Opportunities before us.

      Along those lines, some thoughts:

      One, VNN should support the Special Projects Unit; with open discussions, and open books – available to see on the Net – transparency will foster integrity.

      Special Projects Unit should be a think-tank that solves problems; it will not control the on-off switch – that’s in Linder’s hands – but it will openly, honestly, and analytically solve the problems that were accepted when VNN was little more than a hobby.

      This means, VNN Broadcasting – VNN/B – stops living at the mercy of VNN Forum’s bandwidth.

      This is for openers; look at the first Open Thread, and see all of the low-cost and effective ideas I put forward, to no response whatsoever.

      VNN Special Projects Unit could at least consider them, and work on what they can, while they can. As well, VNN Special Projects Unit could form whatever entity is necessary to begin receiving money through PayPal, and credit cards. Did anyone else notice Theseus has the topic of e-commerce addressed under his bookmarks? Anyone? Buehler? http://del.icio.us/theseus_ship

      Two, VNN has lost better people than most organizations have, because it was designed for one purpose – an extension of print communications, with certain inherent bottlenecks.

      Digital is the future.

      VNN Special Projects Unit can do something about that.

      Our own NATION is the future, as well.

      Three, a good thought-piece for analytical ideas that help build the bridge between the Paul people, and the disaffected former middle-class, can be seen in a great little piece by Robert Griffin. THIS should be the Opening Essay people see when they see either of the VNN sites:

      It is enclosed:

      Robert Griffin

      Advice to Racially Conscious Whites Under Fire

      Robert S. Griffin

      December 9, 2007

      What follows are some suggestions to white people whose racial identity and interests might bring them under attack. I’m speaking to racially conscious white people of whatever stripe: white analysts, white advocates, white activists, white separatists, and white supremacists. I want to underscore that what I offer could be off the mark. Take this as simply my side in a conversation. With that disclaimer on the record, here’s my advice to those who care about white people and their future in a culture that is committed to shutting them down hard and making them pay.

      Protect Yourself. They’ll do anything to you they can, and it makes no difference whether you are right and what they are doing is unfair. Justice has nothing to do with it: you are the enemy and they’ll destroy you if they can; it is about power, not morality. Assume that you are all alone, that there is nobody covering your back. Someone might bleat on an Internet discussion list that you got screwed, but that’s about as far as it will go, or at least you better not count on any more support than that. You have a career going and bills to pay and perhaps a wife or husband and children to guide and support and parents to care for, and as far as I’m concerned, those are your first obligations. Until you are sure about what you are going to do and its consequences, don’t create a paper trail that can be used to get you. If you write, use a pseudonym. Keep your name off membership lists. Don’t write anything in an e-mail message you wouldn’t mind being a front page story in the newspaper. If you are going for a job or a promotion, tell them what they want to hear. If you are up for tenure as an academic, lay low until it comes through. Bottom line, stay underground until you are clear that you want to go above ground.

      Get in the best shape you can. Figure you are in a war. Get battle-ready. Put your mind and body in the best condition possible. If you have some physical or mental issue, habit, addiction, whatever it is, that is getting in your way, get it out of your way, starting now.

      Don’t buy the nonsense they tell you about yourself. The people doing the talking in this country tell you that being pro-minority is good but being pro-white is bad, that you are bad, that they are the action and you should kowtow to them and keep your mouth shut over in the corner. Constantly tell yourself another, more positive, story: you are the action, you are as central — as much as anyone is in this world.

      Find likeminded people. You aren’t alone. There are people that think as you do and who will like and encourage you. They may be right around you or you might have to go looking for them. You might have to contact them on the sly.

      Don’t assume that explaining and placating will do you any good. When they come after you, there is always the tendency to try to talk your way out of it. “See, I’m not really a racist [or anti-Semite, whatever they are alleging], and actually, some of my best friends . . .” It is tempting when they get on your case, or as a way to prevent them from giving you trouble, to suck up, placate, soften your edges, smile, come off as a nice guy, a benign guy, a no-threat-to-anybody guy, an I’m-really-on-your-side guy. I suppose those kinds of things can work, but you have to assume that reason and logic and whether you are a good person doesn’t cut it for anything; no matter what you say, no matter how much tail you kiss, as soon as they can, they’ll slit your throat.

      Play to your strengths. And what might they be?

      • Legal recourse. People don’t like to get sued. The first person to contact if someone dumps on you for your racial beliefs or actions is an attorney. Don’t say or do anything until you do.

      • Use the system. What they want to do is keep it just you and them. They call you into a room, hit you with the charge. You reason and beg (it feels really good to them to have somebody prostrate themselves like you are doing). Then, after waiting you out with a patronizing slight smile on their faces, they fire you or whatever it was they had in mind when they called you into the room. Make it about more than you and your attackers; get it out of that room. Kick it upstairs. Take it to their boss. Invoke the grievance or review system. If you have a union, get it involved. Knowledge is power: know the system, the organizational chart, everything that is written down. Nobody should know more about how the system works than you do.

      • Go public. Most often, they want to mess you over without anybody finding out. And you go along with that because you are embarrassed, or you feel helpless, or deep down you think you are as bad as they say you are, or you’re scared, or they’ve promised you a positive recommendation or some extended insurance coverage if you keep things inside. And perhaps it is your interest to go along with playing it that way. But keep in mind that the ones coming at you usually don’t like it when outside people know what they are doing. The thought of what’s happening to you getting on TV and in the newspapers, you trashing them publicly in some public forum — or it actually happening — is most often very aversive to the ones trying to do you in; and the impression that you will do that if they attack you might just get them to back off or cut you a favorable deal.

      •Counterattack. It makes sense when people hit you to defend yourself. But while you are doing that, be thinking about how you can attack them and put them on the defensive. Just as it was on the playground when you were a kid, letting the bully know that you aren’t just going to roll up in a ball and take his abuse, and that you are going to do your best to break his nose if he touches you, is a good way to present yourself. And the key is, don’t be kidding: when the fur flies, break his nose, and knock out his teeth too. He doesn’t like that.

      • Keep in mind where this ends up. At the end of our lives we make a fundamental judgment about ourselves: that we lived an honorable life or we didn’t. An honorable life doesn’t mean we did the right thing every time, but basically we did. Basically we didn’t sell out. Living an honorable life doesn’t mean we were never lived irresponsibly, but basically we lived responsibly. Living an honorable life doesn’t mean we never shortchanged ourselves and other people, but basically we lived life on the square. I think we always have to keep in the back of our minds that there will be a time when there is only the past and what we have done with it; and that what will someday be the past is now and tomorrow and the next day and the next month and the next year. The question today and tomorrow and next month and next year is what is the honorable thing to do? It may take a while to get ourselves to the place where we are doing the honorable thing, racially and otherwise. But I think if we keep plugging the best we can, we have a good shot of someday, down the road, smiling peacefully and saying “Yes!”

      Robert S. Griffin’s web site is http://www.robertsgriffin.com

      Three, the links section of this page is way too cluttered; most of them are eminently dispensable. Today would be fine. bearing in mind that the links remaining should be tied to the context the (archaic) VNN Forum should have been developed around.

      VNN (for news commentary and analysis), VNN/F as an extension of this, leading to activism, a Political Entity formed from disaffected Paulites and the former middle class, our own Nation, and our own Homeland.

      Some suggested topics for the dramatically pruned tags section immediately to our right are:

      Harold Covington

      Northwest Republic.

      A White Nation. (this starts with “A,” for a very good reason).

      A Future For White People

      Racially Conscious Community

      About 90% of the tags listed there currently can go.

      Nobody clicks on them, and for excellent reason.

      Time to change that.

      Four, we have lost excellent people for no good reason; Agis, Chain, the guy from Australia, and we almost lost OTPTT.

      This has to stop.

      How that can be accomplished is a topic for another time.

      Five, simulcast Bill White’s Monday at eight pm show.

      Six, everyone should send twenty dollars a month to Linder at the addresses at the top and bottom of your screen. Hell, you spend more than that on junk food at work..

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    16. Tim Pennington Says:

      No kidding James. The media is not free. But at least there are people out there who will not bow to political correctness and make themselves heard. Any intelligent person would go insane trying to accept patent non-sense as reality.

    17. Bret Ludwig Says:

      I wish I’d known earlier about Arthur Jones. One good WN in Congress would do a hell of a lot of good.