27 January, 2008

International Holocaust Remembrance Day

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The United Nations designated it as January 27 – in other words, a Jewish-founded organization created it. What will people remember on International Holocaust Remembrance Day? Hopefully, they’ll remember that Jewish communists, operating under both Lenin and Stalin, murdered 20 million gentiles in Russia before Hitler opened his concentration camps in response. Hopefully, they’ll remember that those same communists sent Jews such as Karl Radek to communize Germany, and that that communization attempt nearly succeeded, and, that the Holocaust was nothing more than a gentile reaction to Jewish behavior [1][2][3]:


[1] a photo of Karl Radek: [Here]

[2] Jewish communists in the Soviet Union: [Here]

[3] the word “Holocaust” refers to the detainment of Jews, communists and homosexuals by the Germans in the World War II era

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    1. sgruber Says:

      the Holocaust was nothing more than a gentile reaction to Jewish behavior

      The Holocaust is a lie. The reaction of the National Socialists was to push the jews out of Greater Germany. It was expulsion, not extermination. (First – through rescinding legal privileges, encouraging voluntary emigration; then – through trains to POW camps in border countries [no concentration camps existed in Germany]). Of course POW camps contained jews and other subversives, and they were treated very well, though many – thousands, according to Red Cross records – died of starvation or disease when things were going badly for Germanytoward the end of the war.

      The tall tales about gas chambers, Anne Frank and her magic fountain pen, electrified floors, human-skin lampshades, geyers of blood, different colors of cremation smoke per nationality of the cremated, human-fat soap, diesel fumes killing millions of freshly barbered jews in enclosures the size of a small bedroom – these lies came out later, after the jews won the war. Sources are innumerable; start HERE and HERE.

      Was the gentile reaction successful? No, obviously. What would have been successful? Perhaps the stuff of jewish lies – at least the bullet-and-head-and-mass-grave part – applied thoroughly.

    2. Truthteller Says:

      Holocaust Remembrance:
      What’s Behind the Campaign?

      By Mark Weber

      Since the late 1970s “Holocaust Remembrance” has become ever more important in the United States and many other countries. The campaign to remember the Holocaust — often defined as the genocidal killing of six million Jews in Europe during the Second World War – includes numerous commemorative events, education courses in many schools, and a stream of motion pictures, television specials, books and magazine articles.

      Across the United States, prominent political and civic leaders participate in annual Holocaust commemoration ceremonies. A number of countries, including Britain, Germany and Italy, officially observe a yearly Holocaust Remembrance Day. In November 2005 the United Nations General Assembly approved a resolution introduced by Israel to designate January 27 as an international Holocaust remembrance day.

      Every major American city has at least one Holocaust museum or memorial. Worldwide there are more than 250 Holocaust museums and memorials, most of them in the US and Europe. [1] The largest is the US Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, DC, which is run by a taxpayer-funded federal government agency, and draws some two million visitors yearly.

      The public is continually reminded of Jewish suffering during World War II. Between 1989 and 2003 alone, more than 170 films with Holocaust themes were made. [2] In many American and European schools, and in all Israeli classrooms, a focus on the wartime suffering of Europe’s Jews is obligatory. [3]

      Yehuda Bauer, a prominent Holocaust specialist who is a professor at Hebrew University in Israel, observed in 1992: “Whether presented authentically or inauthentically, in accordance with the historical facts or in contradiction to them, with em­pathy and understanding or as monumental kitsch, the Holocaust has become a ruling symbol of our culture… Hardly a month passes without a new TV production, a new film, a number of new books of prose or poetry dealing with the subject, and the flood is increasing rather than abating.” [4]

      Tim Cole, a history professor and prominent specialist of Holocaust studies, writes in his book Selling the Holocaust: “From a relatively slow start, we have now come to the point where Jewish culture in particular, and Western culture more generally, are saturated with the ‘Holocaust’. Indeed, the ‘Holocaust’ has saturated Western culture to such an extent that it appears not only centre stage, but also lurks in the background. This can be seen in the remarkable number of contemporary movies which include the ‘Holocaust’ as plot or sub-plot.” [5]

      How did the Holocaust come to play such a large role in America? “A good part of the answer,” writes Jewish scholar Peter Novick, “is the fact… that Jews play an important and influential role in Hollywood , the television industry, and the newspaper, magazine and book publishing worlds.” Anyone who denies that this is a major factor behind the “massive attention” given to the Holocaust in the US media, he adds, “is being naïve or disingenuous.” [6]

      Exploiting the Holocaust

      What’s behind the Holocaust remembrance campaign? Whose interests does it serve?

      It is, of course, fitting and proper to remember victims of genocide, war and oppression. But Holocaust remembrance is not, as its supporters claim, a noble effort motivated by sincere concern for humanity. Instead, this relentless campaign is an expression of Jewish-Zionist power, and is designed to further Jewish-Zionist interests.

      On the occasion of the opening of the US Holocaust Memorial Museum on the Mall in Washington, noted Jewish author Melvin Jules Bukiet called the Museum a “statement of raw power,” and added: “It’s not Jewish tragedy that’s remembered on the Mall this week; it’s Jewish power to which homage is paid.” [7]

      The Holocaust Remembrance campaign encourages sympathy and support for Jews and Israel. It helps to justify America’s massive and on-going support for Israel, and to excuse otherwise inexcusable policies of the Zionist state. Among Jews it strengthens a feeling of group solidarity and promotes a sense of community purpose.

      Norman Finkelstein, a Jewish scholar who teaches at DePaul University in Chicago, writes in his bestselling book, The Holocaust Industry, that “invoking The Holocaust” is “a ploy to delegitimize all criticism of Jews.” He adds: “By conferring total blamelessness on Jews, the Holocaust dogma immunizes Israel and American Jewry from legitimate censure… Organized American Jewry has ex­ploited the Nazi holocaust to deflect criticism of Israel’s and its own morally indefensible policies.” [8]

      Paula Hyman, a professor of modern Jewish history at Yale University, has observed: “With regard to Israel, the Holocaust may be used to forestall political criticism and suppress debate; it reinforces the sense of Jews as an eternally beleaguered people who can rely for their defense only upon themselves. The invocation of the suffering endured by the Jews under the Nazis often takes the place of rational argument, and is expected to convince doubters of the legitimacy of current Israeli government policy.” [9]

      This view is echoed by another Jewish scholar, Tony Judt, who is director of the Remarque Institute at New York University: [10]

      “The Shoah [Hebrew term for Holocaust] is frequently exploited in America and Israel to deflect and forbid any criticism of Israel . Indeed, the Holocaust of Europe’s Jews is nowadays exploited thrice over: It gives American Jews in particular a unique, retrospective ‘victim identity’; it allows Israel to trump any other nation’s sufferings (and justify its own excesses) with the claim that the Jewish catastrophe was unique and incompa­rable; and (in contradiction to the first two) it is adduced as an all-purpose metaphor for evil — anywhere, everywhere and always — and taught to schoolchildren all over America and Europe without any reference to context or cause. This modern instrumentalization of the Holocaust for political advantage is ethically disreputable and politically imprudent.”

      In Israel, says Tom Segev, a prominent Israeli journalist and author, the Holocaust has become “an object of worship.” Moreover, he writes, “the ‘heritage of the Holocaust,’ as it is taught in [Israel’s] schools and fostered in national memorial ceremonies, often encourages insular chauvinism and a sense that the Nazi extermination of the Jews justifies any act that seems to contribute to Israel’s security, including the oppression of the population in the territories occupied by Israel in the Six-Day War.” [11]

      Amira Hass, an award-winning Israeli journalist and author, is even more blunt. Writing in a leading Israeli daily paper, she says: [12]

      “… Israel has turned the liquidation of Europe’s Jews into an asset. Our murdered relatives are being enlisted to enable Israel to continue not giving a damn about international decisions against the occupation. The suffering our parents endured in the ghettoes and concentration camps that filled Europe, the physical and mental anguish and torment that our parents were subjected to every single day since the `liberation,’ are used as weapons to thwart any international criticism of the society we are creating here. This is a society with built-in discrimination on the basis of nationality, and the discrimination is spreading on either side of the Green Line. This is a society that is systematically continuing to banish the Palestinian nation from its land and usurp its rights as a nation and its chances for a humane future.”

      The great lesson of the Holocaust, says Israel prime minister Ariel Sharon, is that Jews must “always remain vigilant and trust no one but ourselves. Jews can only rely on themselves.” Young Jews, he adds, “have the duty to bequeath the lesson, memories and stories, to underscore the importance of the existence of the Jewish state.” [13]

      No Similar Remembrance of Non-Jews

      Non-Jewish victims of genocide, oppression and war do not merit the same consideration as do Jewish victims of the Holocaust. There are no comparable museums, memorials or solemn ceremonies to commemorate, for example, the vastly greater number of victims of Soviet and Chinese Communism.

      As historians acknowledge, the non-Jewish victims of Soviet Russian dictator Joseph Stalin greatly outnumber the Jews who perished as a result of Hitler’s policies. Robert Conquest, a prominent scholar of twentieth century Russian history, estimates the number of those who lost their lives as a consequence of Stalin’s policies as “no fewer than 20 million.” [14] Authoritative estimates of the number of Chinese who perished as victims of killings, repression, starvation and forced labor under the Communist regime of Mao Zedong range from about 30 million to more than 60 million. [15]

      Americans are trained and encouraged to “know” that six million Jews were murdered by the Nazis in World War II. But few Americans, even well-educated ones, have any idea of how many Russians, Poles, Chinese or even Americans lost their lives in that global conflict. Estimates of the number of Chinese who lost their lives as direct and indirect victims of Japanese aggression and occupation during the 1930s and 1940s range from about ten million to more than twice that number. The Chinese government has put the figure at 35 million. [16]

      During the years 1885 through 1908, an estimated five to eight million Africans perished in the Congo as direct and indirect victims of the brutal policies of the Belgian colonial authorities. These deaths were the result of widespread killings, starvation, exhaustion and exposure. [17]

      ‘Holocaust Denial’ Laws

      In some countries special “Holocaust denial” laws stifle free and objective discussion of the Holocaust issue. In Israel, Germany, France, Austria and a few other nations, it is a crime publicly to “play down,” dispute, “whitewash,” or “deny” the Holocaust. No other chapter of history is protected by law in this way. Even factually accurate statements that violate “Holocaust denial” laws are punished. Over the years, many individuals in those countries have been fined, imprisoned or forced into exile for disputing Holocaust claims.

      ‘God’s Chosen’

      The Holocaust is often treated with reverence, and as a central event of world history. For many Jews, says Rabbi Michael Goldberg, a Jewish author and religious leader, the “veneration” of the Holocaust has become a new religion. “And as with any organized church,” he adds, “this Holocaust cult has its own tenets of faith, rites, and shrines.” [18]

      The Holocaust remembrance campaign reflects an arrogant view of Jews as a special and superior people. Abraham Foxman, head of the Anti-Defamation League — one of the most influential Zionist groups — has declared: “…The Holocaust is something different. It is a singular event. It is not simply one example of genocide but a near successful attempt on the life of God’s chosen children and, thus, on God himself. It is an event that is the antithesis of Creation as recorded in the Bible; and like its direct op­posite, which is relived weekly with the Sabbath and yearly with the Torah, it must be remembered from generation to gen­eration.” [19]

      Jewish death and suffering do not deserve to be venerated more than the death and suffering of non-Jews. The Holocaust remembrance campaign deserves scorn, not support, because it is a one-sided effort that serves narrow Jewish and Israeli interests and bolsters Jewish-Zionist power.


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    3. abe foxman Says:

      and, that the Holocaust was nothing more than a gentile reaction to Jewish behavior

      What’s Socrates’ game here?
      Defining the Holocaust is paramount prior to making blanket commentary! Otherewise to acknowledge the word is to ackowledge the event in carying degrees.
      Does it mean
      1. planned genocide?
      2. deprivation of land/property/status during and as a result of war?
      3. Arrest/confinement/exposure of a hostile group? Jewery declared war on Germany
      4. The natural result of hostilities created by Jews in their attitudes and treatment of local inhabitants.

      Let’s be clear! Anti Jewism was prevalent in all European countries as well as the UK and the Americas. The degree varies but it wasn’t confined to Germany. In fact the landed gentry and imperial classes of the UK were extremely anti Jew and that’s why that class needed to be and was brought to its knees.
      To this reader, the Holocaust is an accusation based on hatred towards all of Christendom with a special place reserved for Germany and Uncle Adolf for having the temerity to bring the truth out into the open.

    4. Socrates Says:

      abe foxman Says: “What’s Socrates’ game here?”

      Yes, I should have been more clear in describing exactly what “Holocaust” means and doesn’t mean. Sorry. I’ll be more clear next time.

    5. Jan L Says:

      “the Holocaust was nothing more than a gentile reaction to Jewish behavior”

      What kind of “White Nationalists” are you? The Holohaux is the greatest fucking lie in World History and you write about it as if it was the truth.

      VNN and VNN-Forum is getting more and more stupid for each passing day. It’s time for you to get sober!



    7. Socrates Says:

      Jan L Says: “the Holocaust was nothing more than a gentile reaction to Jewish behavior”

      What kind of “White Nationalists” are you? The Holohaux is the greatest fucking lie in World History and you write about it as if it was the truth.

      VNN and VNN-Forum is getting more and more stupid for each passing day. It’s time for you to get sober!”

      Jan: that wasn’t done on purpose. “Holocaust” was merely the word used. But a footnote has been added to that post.

      On the bright side, Alex is feeling better these days, and will, no doubt, be posting more and be more involved with VNN/VNNF on the whole.

    8. Sally Says:

      The Weber article presented by Truthteller said, “Americans are trained and encouraged to “know” that six million Jews were murdered by the Nazis in World War II.”

      The same figure of six million appeared twice earlier in America…in 1900 and 1919.

      It is the greatest story overtold.


      6,000,000 in 1900:

      Rabbi Wise’s Address
      New York Times
      June 11, 1900, p. 7

      Rabbi Wise said, in part:

      ‘The day will never come when I will care less for Zion, when there will be anyone who will strive more for the glorious ideals of Zionism.

      ‘Two great conventions of Jews are being held tonight. In Chicago, there is a conference of charities called together by men who minister to the wants of the poor. They have assembled to see that too much charity is not given to the unworthy. Their purpose is right. But ours is the greater charity. We have assembled not to see that the Jew does not get too much, but that every Jew shall get the right to live.

      ‘There are 6,000,000 living, bleeding, suffering arguments in favor of Zionism. They come not to beg, but ask for that which is higher than all material things. They seek to have satisfied the unquenchable thirst after the ideal. They ask to become once again the messengers of right, justice, and humanity.


      6,000,000 in 1919:

      Felix M. Warburg Tells Sad Plight of Jews
      Felix M. Warburg Says They Were the Worst Sufferers in War.

      The New York Times
      September 29, 1919, p. 7

      Felix M. Warburg, Chairman of the Joint Distribution Committee of American Funds for Jewish War Sufferers, who returned several days ago from a trip to Europe for that organization, made public yesterday some of his findings.

      ‘The successive blows of contending armies have all but broken the back of European Jewry,’ he said, ‘and have reduced to tragically unbelievable poverty, starvation and disease about 6,000,000 souls, or half the Jewish population of the earth.

      ‘The Jewish people throughout Eastern Europe, by sheer accident of geography, have suffered more from the war than any other element of the population. The potential vitality and the capacity for self-help that remains to those people after the last five years is amazing to me.’


    9. Lutjens Says:

      Holohoax Rememberance Day = Michael King Jr Day

      Not observed.

      Fuck these goddamn lying, swindling, mass-murdering demonic fucking Khazar Jew rats. These pigs are overrated. Can’t understand how anyone could be afraid of these gutless whining subhumans.

      They were just upset (and jealous) that Hitler’s economy, based on goods and services (bartering), was far more successful than an economy based on the value of Jew gold or now worthless paper bills. See what happened to Saddam Hussein and watch what happens with Iran and Venzuela as they cease doing business with the now worthless Jew dollar. How long does it take to figure out what these filthy subhumans are?

    10. abe foxman Says:

      Why do posters continue to submit quotes from Jews and their disgusting little Goys? It seems you are trying to always emphasize the dominance they supposedly hold over gentiles. Is this intentional?
      Forget it! It’s about time all Germanic peoples and those who aspire to cultural independence adopt the doctrine of ignoring the Jew because by talking about the Jew, one becomes preoccupied with hating the little fuckers rather than focusing on living a content Jew free existence.
      I say celebrate everything Jews hate and ignore the fuckers. I don’t want to visit VNN to read about Jews or have them subconciously implanted in my head so that everything I think about has a Jew angle. This merely serves their purpose. I’m not interested in what they think, eat, fuck or love.
      I visit to be filled with pride at the achievements of Germanic peoples however small. So let’s post positive thoughts about our race. We have so many redeeming things to offer. Let’s ignore the Jew….eventually the fucks will leave for without attention, the Jew is nothing!
      My challenge goes out to one and all including Alex. You all have too much to offer in directing people’s energy. Don’t waste it on the Jew. To be a great leader requires promoting your excellences rather than preoccupation with the pedantic ravings of a insecure gang of misfits.
      Here’s a start

    11. Amy Says:

      I agree with Lutjen. Both HRD and MLK in January are a preface to the month of February. Jewish History Month and Black History Month combined.
      Christians have Thanksgiving Day in November, to thank our creator for all he has given us. That is followed by a month long celebration of the birth of Christ, culminating in Christmas in December.
      It is a mockery.
      They have a day of thanks to their supreme ‘gods’, (jews-holocaust, blacks- MLK) followed by a month long celebration to remember the ‘birth’ of their current movement.

    12. Ein Says:

      Abe says: “Why do posters continue to submit quotes from Jews and their disgusting little Goys?
      Let’s ignore the Jew….eventually the fucks will leave for without attention, the Jew is nothing!”

      You have a valid point. But on the other hand, many people need to be told about the Jews, as a great many of them just don’t know. This is a good place for them to learn. It’s important to know, and understand, what they’re up to.

      No, the Jews won’t leave without attention. I suspect that ignoring them would fit in more neatly with their designs, as it was never in the Jews’ interest to attract attention.