8 January, 2008

Ron Paul in New Hampshire, Part 2

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What are the odds: on the day of the important New Hampshire primary, two unflattering articles about Paul are published, one written by a “gay” Jew (Kirchick) and one written by a presumed Jew (Koffler)? [1][2][3]. Okay, Paul could have done better in this primary. But don’t forget: a) several Republicans will quit the presidential race before November; b) Paul’s name will soon be better-recognized by the public, both of which will aid his campaign.

New Hampshire primary results: [Here].

[1] the Koffler article: [Here]

[2] the Kirchick article: [Here]

[3] Kirchick mentioned as being “gay” and Jewish: [Here]

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    1. tennyson Says:

      That article was not damning…I like Paul even better now…might even get out and hang up a sign or two…TJJ (typical Jew Journalism).

    2. America First Says:

      RP has made a mistake when he said 95% of the Congoids in Wash DC 20 years ago were criminalsm now lies about it.

      What he should do now is say hey Black folk I was wrong I made a mistake it looks like the facts of 20 years show it was only about 40% of the Congoids in DC were criminals. So iI was wong on my numbers, but it was still violent and crime ridden.

      What I should also state 20 years ago when I came to Black hole in the District of Criminals is that 95% of congress are criminals and so if you vote for me I will sick a real investigation on them to fined the dirt and get them tried and convicted and no more gravy Train retirements.

    3. Ultimate White Warrior Says:

      Here, all you Elite Aryan Numbnuts –

      I hate to break Dr. Pierce’s revered tradition of accomplishing nothing, but here are two things you can do to ACTUALLY make a difference:

      1) Cancel your cable & put your TV in the closet until we’ve attained even a trajectory toward sovereignty from the kikesters.

      2) Propagate this meme to everyone personally known to you, and on every Internet forum you can think of:

      Or you can watch your family die in an Arctic death camp. Yes, I know – it *is* a wrenching choice; expecting Elite Aryan Warriors to go without “Seinfeld”, niggerball and Larry David. But be brave.

    4. apollonian Says:

      Ron Paul Truth Still Needs Hal Turner Honesty And Style–For All People
      (Apollonian, 9 Jan 08)

      Excellent info and commentary fm comrade “Vulcan” (see below-copied), published on priceless HalTurnerShow.com blogs.

      Indeed New Hampshire 2008 election vote-rig scam was most brilliant, even artistic display of two things at same time by Judeo-conspirators (see TheNewAmerican.com for expo/ref. on CFR-Bilderberg conspiracy), (a) Jew Diebold vote-rigging (see Judicial-inc.biz for expo on such Jew vote-rigging) and (b) “Jews-media” (see Natall.com, “Who Rules America?” for expo/ref. on Jew media monopoly) spin and hype to go along, covering, “spinning,” and diverting fm that incredible, truly outrageous vote-rigging, the people defrauded so grossly and crassly, once again.

      I submit further we see a serious WEAKNESS for Ron Paul–which could be remedied by taking note of HalTurnerShow.com–CUT RELIANCE UPON ABSTRACT INTELLECT and get down and GRAPHIC. We need better, more in-ur-face CONCRETE-NESS–Hal Turner shows the way.

      Speak in plainest CONCRETE terms–the way Hal Turner does. Thus we see Ron Paul ABSOLUTELY needs Christian heroes and compatriots like Hal Turner.

      To wit: Cut this stupid abstract, intellectual crap about “inflation,” “value of US Dollar,” and “printing money”; RATHER, CALL IT WHAT IT IS–COUNTERFEITING. See RealityZone.com for expo/ref. on Federal Reserve Bank (Fed) counterfeit fraud/conspiracy.

      “Counterfeiting” then is understood by all people of all races and cultures–and at all/any level of intellect for the CRIMINAL activity it is–THERE’S NOTHING MYSTERIOUS ABOUT COUNTERFEITING.

      Hal Turner rhetoric DESTROYS mystery, esp. for this crucial counterfeit scam, otherwise sublime, which contends so successfully even against such outspoken champion like Ron Paul–as we see now facing incredible story of in-ur-face New Hampshire vote-rigging.

      Note then as most of the people can indubitably understand such COUNTERFEIT activity/enterprise for crass criminality it is–VOLK CAN THEN MORE PERFECTLY GRASP CONSPIRACY. And life then becomes more real for Christian who understands Christian New Testament (NT) and its CONSPIRACY THEORY.

      And thus we see the necessary relation btwn various patriot and Christian champions–like Ron Paul on one hand, spokesman and leader. On other hand, we see the great virtue and value of hard-bitten and experienced street-activist -type, like our own Hal Turner.

      Ron Paul (-type rhetoric) is not enough, no more than sheer abstract intellect, as we see. Christian patriot task cannot be accomplished without that Hal Turner in-ur-face HONESTY and graphic sense of concreteness.

      And observe as people grasp simplest COUNTERFEIT criminality–they understand VOTE-RIGGING too more easily, necessary acompaniment, adjunt, accessory, criminality and Judaism then over-taking the entire culture, giving that putrid ZOG-Mammon character and activity, warfare evermore blatant and outright.

      CONCLUSION: Ron Paul Truth and facts NEEDS Hal Turner HONESTY and style–for a goodly number of volk, again, of all races and cultures which also appreciates HONESTY, in-ur-face, plainly perceptible and verifiable, even for youngest, non-intellectual child. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

      ——-below-copied fm HalTurnerShow.com blog, “New Hampshire Results….”———-

      ” Vulcan call BS on NH primary.
      “McCoon promises 100 years of war and amnesty for muds. Ron Paul wins big in NH straw polls. Diebold riggs the count. Reports coming in from NH that votes for Paul not counted. CSPAN caller claims several sutton county votes for RP, counted as ZERO votes for RP.
      “IT IS NOW TIME TO STOP CHASING THE HANNITYS DOWN THE STREET AND STORM THE FUCKING STUDIO. They will stop at nothing to keep Paul down and out. That means you too.”
      vulcan | 01.09.08 – 7:55 am | #
      * * * * *

    5. Valkyrie Says:

      In Sutton, NH – some town workers voted for Paul, even worked at the voting booths – the official State Total for Sutton: 0 Ron Paul.

      After months of straw polls where Paul was clearly winning the hearts & minds – All of NH votes for the war candidate who was essentially dead in the water a month ago.

      And we’re to ‘believe’ these results?

      Although NH uses paper ballots the ballots are then MACHINE Counted.

      Can anyone spell “Vote Fraud”?

    6. Olde Dutch Says:

      Paul’s got bigger problems than a few jewish flea bites.

      If his campaign spent $3 Million Dollars in New Hampshire, and only got 17,831 votes, he needs some professional help. That’s $168 Dollars, and change per vote. Pathetic.

      My guess is Paul, spent even more! Not counting the spending done by his “friends”.

    7. Coup d'Etat Says:

      Seems the article on Kirchick being a jewish faggot has been pulled. Looks as if the jewish faggot is very much ashamed of himself. He should be. His deviant behavior is much more disgusting that anything that RP could ever say at any time.

    8. Coup d'Etat Says:

      I take that back. I was finally able to pull up the article. The statement about Kirchick’s faggot behavior still stands. Homosexuality is a foul, disgusting behavior and it’s more disgusting than any words could ever be said, racial or not.

    9. sgruber Says:

      Hm, the comments server at TNR site seems to have crashed. Couldn’t post my comment there. (About 1300 comments before mine.)

      So, I’ll post my comment here. It will probably be read by more people – certainly by better people!

      What’s wrong with the views you quoted?

      Secession, the injustice of transfer programs, and the black crime rate are topics subject to factual discussion and verification; the quoted views are accurate and largely sensible. The use of a certain amount of colorful slangy language merely mirrors the style of Rush Limbaugh then and now.

      So this article is merely an example of the “point and sputter” school of argumentation. “He’s … against … welfare! He … he … he says the black crime rate is proportionately higher than … than …. than the white crime rate! Gasp! Gasp! -sputter- -choking with indignation!- And he says … the Civil War … was – can you believe it? – an unnecessary tragedy of historic dimensions! My God, can you believe anyone is saying these things? Can you believe it? Can you? Can you? It’s WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG!” But of course, no discussion of these topics is undertaken to show us just why Paul or his ghostwriters are wrong. Their wrongness is asserted without proof. “CRIMETHINK !” shriek his opponents, “CRIMETHINK!” What are facts, when we’re dealing with a case of crimethink, eh?

      That’s why articles like this are mindless.

      Like in high school, we’re supposed to go along with the “cool” crowd. And the cool crowd that we are supposed to conform to is saying that Dr. Paul is WRONG. End of thinking.

      Like mindless lemmings, we proceed over the cliff at the direction of our masters.

    10. S.D. Says:

      I could never convince any friends or relatives to vote for Paul here in rural Michigan. They still support the war, “support the troops”, support Bush and hate/fear “Islamic Jihadists”. I don’t think most have any problem with McCain’s wish that we stay in Iraq indefinitely.

    11. 1492 Says:

      S.D. Says: I could never convince any friends or relatives to vote for Paul here in rural Michigan. They still support the war, “support the troops”, support Bush…..


    12. 1492 Says:

      as sgruber says: “Like mindless lemmings, we proceed over the cliff at the direction of our masters.”

      Well ,THEY do, anyway.

    13. Ein Says:

      “I was finally able to pull up the article. The statement about Kirchick’s faggot behavior still stands. Homosexuality is a foul, disgusting behavior and it’s more disgusting than any words could ever be said, racial or not.” – Coup d”Etat

      Whatever you’re sexual tastes, they are your business. So are his. Apparently you’re much more interested in in his “faggot behavior” than his politics. I am the reverse. I couldn’t care less. To me, RACE is the issue here.

      What is the issue to you?

    14. Coup d'Etat Says:


      The contrast is between what RP said and the comment Kirchick said based on his character. Can you read between the lines? In other words, what is so damn holy about Kirchick trying to defame RP when Kirchick is nothing but a worthless jewish faggot? Just because he is a jew, he can get away with trying to defame RP and Kirchick’s sexual orientation/behavior does not matter?

      What is my sexual orientation? I have a clear conscience, and I’m proudly straight. Et toi?

    15. sgruber Says:

      A shit-spearing ass-sucker crying “degenerate!” at a man for using the words “lazy welfare queens” is the height of chutzpah.

      There is a solution to the jew problem.