31 January, 2008

Ron Paul’s New Book

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The book will be released April 30, 2008: [Here].

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    1. James T Says:

      Ron Paul-

      Great foreign policy, but it’s too bad he’s pro-immigration.

    2. Muckraker Says:

      Ron Paul’s statements to Peter Brimelow was, as I understood them, that ANY legal immigration/Visas should be tied to the economic health of our nation. Ron Paul KNOWS that our picked over carcass of a nation is in the graveyard. He is one of the few American friends we have who actually voted against the phony bill of goods GATT, and NAFTA. There is NO justifiable reason to bring immigrants in to take American jobs, thus it wouldn’t be done if his vision were to prevail.

      Is his position not a remarkable departure/improvement from the current crop of traitors infesting our Congress who bring in 1.75 million foreigners each year (and of course, filthy-rich and greedy to the core like all his fellow pillagers, Gates wants NO limits) through 15 assorted Visa programs to take American jobs when our economy has been in decline for decades since our elites engineered its failure. Not to mention the insanity of bringing in over a million legal immigrants to add to the welfare roles of a beyond bankrupted nation.

      The lies of the international globalists who so touted our glorious service economy and the wholesale sellout of our industrial base is FINALLY coming home to roost. Atlas has shrugged under the weight of her crooks and unsustainable debt, and we are in the beginnings of a total financial collapse. A country that manufactures no desirable goods IS a third-world country. Let us never forget this was intentionally DONE and by WHOM. We will have our vengeance.

      The most critical part of our engineered decline was the inverse relationship between the poorer and more indebted our nation became, the wealthier the robber barons got. That was the whole idea from the beginning.

    3. Bret Ludwig Says:

      Ron Paul is way better than the other alternatives but I think WNs at this point would be better putting their money in to Congress and state candidates. I think Paul needed to win New Hampshire and do better than he has elsewhere to have even an outside shot.

      Arthur Jones, despite his faults (or perhaps what would be his faults anywhere but white South Chicago-I know that area, I had an uncle who before he left the priesthood and the Church was pastor of St. Florian’s in Hegewisch) is the best use of time and effort we have right now.