9 January, 2008

“What Ron Paul Must Do to Win”

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by David Duke: [Here].

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    1. New America Says:

      An off-topic topic for the Admin team:

      Why not take the Open Thread – see it on the right under “Categories” – and anchor it at the TOP of this page, as a catch-all for the comments and ideas that don’t fit in with the news topic of the moment?


      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    2. DQ Says:

      How come khazars, khazaria or false semites is not under the categories section.

      Fucking jews, they’re responsible for all the wars.
      -Mel Gibson American hero

    3. abe foxman Says:

      Ron Paul will never win…and he doesn’t deserve to. His messages are fine. Even the radical ones because they’re what this country needs.
      Sadly it’s come too late by a tired old man who should have been marching to this tune 40 years ago. Where was he?
      What America needs is a young strong white intellect who embodies the ideas of Ron Paul in a healthy mind and body. Instead we get a nice old man! Well nice old men get put in corners and ignored!

      And this just makes me think….could he be the unsuspecting sleeper the scumbag string pullers have kept in the shadows for so long for such a time as now.
      Sorry folks but the next rally should be Annie Get Yer Gun and a good dose of bloodletting on the scum that have just fucked us all again and are laughing as I write.

    4. abe foxman Says:

      And well said David Duke!

    5. Fr. John Says:

      Off topic, but Hal Turner has said ‘adios’ just less than a month and a half after going to a ‘subscription format’.

      What gives? He says he is no longer going to be involved with the “Pro-White” movement.

      On a side note ‘Snow white’ also had her webblog taken off the air about two months ago.

      these two people were going strong, and then ‘pfft’.


    6. apollonian Says:

      Ron Paul Rhetoric Too Abstract, Suffers For Concreteness–Needs Hal Turner-Style, Drama
      (Apollonian, 10 Jan 08)

      Dave Duke (DavidDuke.com), outstanding scholar and socio-biologist (see also KevinMacDonald.net), brings up worthy, interesting points, indubitably, but misses it on Ron Paul’s really strong issue, Fed COUNTERFEITING (see RealityZone.com for expo/ref. on Federal Reserve Bank [Fed] fraud/conspiracy).

      Thus, once patriots get broad people to understand such otherwise abstract (as Jews want to keep it) as Federal Reserve Bank (Fed–see RealityZone.com for expo/ref.) TO BE SIMPLY COUNTERFEIT scam of (simply) gross criminal masterminds–EVERYTHING ELSE WILL FIT for the people quite naturally–like the VOTE-RIGGING which just took place in New Hampshire against Ron Paul, etc. (see WhatReallyHappened.com).

      Otherwise note people are still so addicted, distracted, and befuddled by ZOG-Mammon “prosperity,” glitz, and Jew-lies–ALL FINANCED BY FED COUNTERFEITING–including Orwellian “perpetual war” which will be transferred soon enough fm Iraq to here in USA–yes, even more so.

      For counterfeiters will pay big time–obviously–as they have magic source of funds (limited only by “consumer confidence” of goy suckers), almost literally. How difficult is it to bribe enough local N. Hampshire Polling officials?–how much do u need?–thousands?–millions?–billions, even? Fed can EASILY counterfeit it all–simple dimple.

      Thus we see Ron Paul’s weakness–this fixation (sometimes) for keeping everything so ABSTRACT and “intellectual.” We just need a better way to dramatizing this intellectuality–BY MEANS OF more effective concreteness–as on HalTurnerShow.com (though Hal Turner seems to be taking much deserved rest/vacation right at the moment).

      Paul must drop the abstracted “inflation,” or “value of US Dollar,” and rather emphasize COUNTERFEITING, most directly–which everyone, of any race and level of intellect can understand–sheerest criminality, dressed in usual pretentious Jew fraud. Thus good, direct rhetoric and concreteness removes mystery and confusion for the volk–as unc’ Adolf Hitler was capable of doing, so hated, feared, and resented then and now still by Jews.

      CONCLUSION: Thus we see Hal Turner (radio) -style concreteness, honesty, and lucidity–even to pt. of luridity–is necessary counter-part to Ron Paul-type abstractness. Fed counterfeit conspiracy is NOT rocket-science, and common people can well understand w. right, simple, direct rhetoric. Hal Turner honesty and style then make Ron Paul’s basic Truth (and Dave Duke’s too) more dramatic, hence real, more understandable for all people, of all races. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

    7. Olde Dutch Says:

      Itz pretty obvious the Fed Chairman Bernanke will do anything to keep the war for his jew homeland going. Including destroying the American economy by inflating the currency.

      Of course this isn’t Paul’s criticism of the Federal Reserve System. That would be racist/anti-semitic to point out that Bernanke and other members are acting in favor of their jew homeland.

      Something else to kick around—all of these turd world immigrants and their children will be put ahead of White Americans in future preferences.

    8. America First Says:

      No matter who or what put a post here, is there a need to put the Man down personally? He was a Doctor working five plus days most of his work life. Dr. Paul delievered over 4200 babies. Dr. Paul Worked helping people every day. No matter what he is or is not, his actual conduct is that of man deserves respect.

      Jimmy Carter was a horrible politiician, but on a personal level a decent man, who IMO thought that by being coy with the ju’s brokering a Peace deal with Sadat and taking billons more of our TAX money to do so that he could contain the enemy aliens. In the end to protect his FAMILY, he has to go to Brandeis College and Whimper that he is sooo Sorrry for for Two sentences in his book that would be read by less than 1/2 of a percent of the US population.

      The ju’s have sicced proffessional defective’s and sophisticated trolls to every White Web site in the Nation as they will not let one bit of opposition to their insane tyranny go un checked.

    9. bob D Says:

      Abe Foxman:

      Two interesting facts about early Ron Paul, a subject I know something about.

      (1) He has always fought the same fight he is fighting now. He has been shut down by the MSM for 30 years. He was even more inspirational 30 years ago when he ran in 1980 than he is now. I was there in his district. I won’t go into it here but look up his writings and political history if you are sincere.

      (2) Ron Paul has a life. And he is not rich. What else do you expect?
      There is no one else on the horizon with his courage and brains.

      But you are right. He is old. It’s now or never. And no he is not going to win. And you know what? We don’t deserve him.

    10. appollnoian answer Says:

      Cyrano De Bergerac judged a man’s worth by the enemies he made -ie- if you are not the enemy of a bad man you must be a bad man.

      David Duke has made an enemy of AIPAC and it was all downhill for him from there on out. But to me it puts Ron Paul in a rather positive light.

    11. sgruber Says:

      I agree that Paul is too old. Soon to be 75. That’s older than Reagan was.

      A soft-spoken elderly man.

      Not electable, sadly.

      I think he is the last gasp of Whiteness in America, before it goes down for the last time. I predict Obama will win. If so, sell your stocks short and leave the country. (We can join Chain in Estonia…)

    12. DQ Says:

      Some of the people above sound like dicksuckers. I don’t even call them traitors anymore I call them dicksuckers because they suck jewish dick and if they they are jewish they are still cocksucking commie faggets. Did you not here Duke and Don Black’s broadcast just a few hours ago? This is NOT our last hope. As long as Europeans are still alive we have hope(and there are a shitload still alive), they struggle will still be going on. The people who say they are semites but are not have been minorities within other countries since the fall of Khazaria. Man becomes strong through struggle and we have been too comfortable for too long . If many of us die off by adopting and marrying muds then so be it they are not bridges to the overman. We need ideas to keep us together besides a white nation, a compilation of books held together in one like the bible. We already many authors who have ritten a book or two to add into our new bible. We also need to start learning their language. We have in advantage in that we know they are commie fagget kikes but they might not know that we are racially aware.

      Fucking jews, they’re responsible for all the wars.
      -Mel Gibson American hero

    13. abe foxman Says:

      I didn’t wish to denigrate Dr Paul in any way. That said I entirely agree with Duke.
      Platforming to return to the Constitution is a fine argument but who in hell wants to?
      Not the blacks. The majority are on handouts or stealing for a living. Many more getting full board and three meals a day at their local penitentiary. Same goes for Hispanics. Most just want to get their family over here or get about building a min Mexico. The Asians? They couldn’t give a rat’s ass for that piece of paper and we sure as hell know the Jews aren’t interested in it either! They are smart though…just like the Jew, they know it can be used against the descendants of it’s originators.
      Then there’s the dumbed down whitey pack! Yeah the ones both male and female at the ball park each week or in front of the TV all day….the same ones watching Oprah or Dr Phil and eating at fast food restaurants.
      Alongside them there’s the ‘me’ crowd who give a fuck about no one but themselves. The Mammonites from each race but mostly made up of treacherous goys….the same goys playing Honest Joe but who deceive all, themselves the most.
      And lets not forget the religious fundamentalists! Those self serving ass wipes praying for a Rapture!
      Lastly you have the rest and I put Ron Paul supporters amongst these. Mostly genuine people but would have to include many who have an agenda of one kind or another and look to him to gain it.
      Really…. the majority of people involved in this election couldn’t even spell the word CONSTITUTION.
      That said, I would really like Dr Paul to prove me wrong!

    14. Revilo Says:

      New America, on the open thread idea. There should be a new open thread at least once a month. That one is from almost eight months ago.

    15. abe foxman Says:

      Diversity has destroyed America! It’s what will prevent any return to Constitutional government including the election of Dr Paul.
      The time to declare your position based on race was in 1939.

    16. New America Says:

      in reply to Revilo:

      you wrote:

      New America, on the open thread idea. There should be a new open thread at least once a month. That one is from almost eight months ago.

      in reply;
      An excellent idea!

      At the top of the page, for a month, an “Open Thread,” would be an excellent idea.

      There are a lot of good ideas available, but they won’t make any headway on the fast-moving, unmoderated, VNN Forum.

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    17. Eric Says:

      Does anyone here know that in a recent interview Ron Paul said Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, Gahndi are his heroes?

      It looks like us white nationalists have been fooled by Ron Paul.

    18. Socrates Says:

      Eric Says: “Does anyone here know that in a recent interview Ron Paul said Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, Gahndi are his heroes?

      It looks like us white nationalists have been fooled by Ron Paul.”

      No one has been fooled. There are certain reasons why White nationalists support Ron Paul.

    19. DMS Says:


      “Bring cell phone cameras into the booth, take screen shots where their ID cards are clearly visible along with their vote choices, and then have them send the images to an independent website in the form of JPG image files. After the ballot counting this can be used as verification to challenge the electronic tabulation of these machines. If a county has zero votes for Ron Paul but you have 50 screen shots with photo IDs visible as JPGs saying otherwise, this is proof the election was rigged

      this site http://www.rys2sense.com/hub will count pictures or videos just use the contact button. ”

      cameras are not allowed so sneak one in don’t show pollsters your phone.