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29 February, 2008

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Linder will be sitting in for Dietrich tonight, as he was called away on an urgent mission.We’ll be discussing a number of things including William F. Buckley, man and meaning; the poor persecuted Max Karson, an opinion writer out in Boulder, being persecuted by the slant-eyed and right-thinkers alike for an innocent satire. Talk begins […]

29 February, 2008

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Arguments in the landmark goy-control case District of Columbia v. Heller – which was formerly known as Parker v. District of Columbia – will begin at the U.S. Supreme Court on March 18, 2008. The case will probably decide, once and for all, whether the Second Amendment applies to private citizens or not: [Article].

28 February, 2008

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“Fascist” (note: fascism was created/solidified by Mussolini in Italy in 1921 as an anti-Bolshevik/anti-communist movement) is now considered to be a slur. But nonetheless, fascism is the only political system able to curb the Jews and the egalitarians. Under laissez-faire capitalism they both thrive, and communism itself is Jewish – although granted, Stalin was able […]

27 February, 2008

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Discussion:- corrections: missed point in australian article re jews: mixing the race out of existence It also reignited the so-called “history wars” between those who believe the Stolen Generations were kidnapped in a sinister attempt to breed out their Aboriginality and others who say it was a benevolent attempt to save half-caste children from the […]

27 February, 2008

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What did Buckley “conserve,” anyway? In fact, he helped purge the political Right of honest men [1][2]: [Article]. [1] Buckley vs. Sobran: [Here] [2] about Buckley’s purge (scroll 3/4 down the page): [Here]

27 February, 2008

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by Patrick Grimm. (Two additional points: 1. Jewish leaders always lie about the Jewish/gentile intermarriage rate. They say that the rate is high, but it isn’t. 2. A little intermarriage is actually good for the Jewish tribe, since it “weeds out” the less-committed, fence-sitting Jews, making the tribe more cohesive): [Article].

27 February, 2008

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Any mention of nationalism without a mention of the world’s reigning nationalist agitators – i.e., the Jews – is pretty much a waste of ink. For example, this column mentions Hitler’s ethnonationalism. But Hitler was merely reacting to certain global forces. Who tinkered with the meeting at Versailles, which later forced Germany to invade Poland? […]

26 February, 2008

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The Painfully Silent Genocide Of The German People By Michael James On the border of Switzerland 2-26-8 There is a strange feeling of despair that is sweeping Germany, but as with all things that are uniquely German, or at least address fears that cannot be articulated lest they betray a cultural peculiarity incompatible with politically […]

26 February, 2008

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This will be a more casual show, with more music. Probably not any close text readings. A little more of The Secret Life of Bill Clinton, ATF lies re OKC… Topics: feminism and language abuse, upgrades at VNNF, homeschooling and its enemies. Starting precisely at 2 p.m. ON AIR NOW, PLAYING MUSIC…TALK BEGINS 2:00 PM

25 February, 2008

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Dr. William Pierce noted that most of the super-swindlers – i.e., businessmen and financiers who steal huge sums of money – have been Jews. The “Wolf” is Jewish, too: [Article]. Belfort mentioned as being Jewish: [Here]. Dr. William Pierce on super-swindlers: [Here] and [Here].