27 February, 2008

“Conservative” Icon William F. Buckley, Jr. Dies

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What did Buckley “conserve,” anyway? In fact, he helped purge the political Right of honest men [1][2]:


[1] Buckley vs. Sobran: [Here]

[2] about Buckley’s purge (scroll 3/4 down the page): [Here]

  • 10 Responses to ““Conservative” Icon William F. Buckley, Jr. Dies”

    1. shabbos s. shabazz Says:

      Skull and Bones, like the current president.

      Yale, like Samuel Jared Taylor.

    2. Marwinsing Says:

      Good. Excellent! It would give us great pleasure to witness the slow, painful and gory death (preferably by stoning of course) of each and every white elitist existent upon this planet for it was these cunts who wished and cursed genocide upon the White Tribe of South Africa the last twenty years of this past century (and RIGHT NOW THIS VERY MOMENT) so…

      Die scum die!!!


    3. Bret Ludwig Says:

      In a couple of hundred years Buckley will be an obscure footnote as the pandering editor who kicked Dr .Revilo Oliver out of the publication he was instrumental in founding.

    4. John Says:

      Jew loving scum.

    5. saltriver Says:

      May this fat,bloated, jew loving scum rot in HELL. Not enough of his kind have gone to hell yet,but the day of the rope will fix that.

    6. lawrence dennis Says:

      The following account helps put Mr. Buckley’s role in American politics in perspective:

      Sam [Francis] mentioned a memo he had seen, actually a fatwa, issued by the Anti-Defamation League demanding that someone do something to stop his writing. The man who stepped forward to pull the trigger in that act of targeted character assassination was William F. Buckley, the godfather of modern conservatism, and a Catholic.

      Once again the dynamic of this sortie in the culture wars was ethnic/religious. Buckley volunteered to go on a mission of the sort which had characterized his entire tenure as the editor of National Review. He was going to be the goyische front man (or trigger man) for the Jewish interests that had supported him since the inception of that magazine in 1955. In case you’re interested in the details, I recommend again Murray Friedman’s book _The Neoconservative Revolution_, especially the section on the role people like Martin Liebman, and Frank Meyer and William (Willi) S. Schlamm, and other “forgotten Jewish godfathers” played in the creation of National Review. In return for the favor, Buckley acted as their goyische hit man, rubbing out whomever they found convenient. Buckley, it should be noted, didn’t just treat Southern Protestants this way. By the time he got around to rubbing out Sam Francis, he had already knifed fellow Catholics like Pat Buchanan and Joe Sobran in the back.

      from: http://www.culturewars.com/2007/Francis.htm

    7. Muckraker Says:

      He put the “con” into “conservative.”

      Good riddance. Should have happened sooner.

    8. -jc Says:

      Excellent writing by Sobran; save it. Read The CIA and the Cult of Intelligence, by Victor Marchetti before anything else about the company and then Final Judgement by Michael Collins Piper. You will understand Buckley, George Will, and others: Like the Hell’s Angels Berdoo, the only way out of the company frying pan is the exit Buckley just took. “Going down??

    9. ED! Says:

      For those who can see with a clear mind, this man taught us a great deal! He allowed us an opportunity to see into the minds of those who agree with his thinking. A look at William F. Buckley is a look at the damn arrogance of the non-jew white aristocrat; those who have sold us out to the jews. Billy-boy was never able to see the importance of the White Man working with his tools in a craft, skill, or trade. The ink from his pen was distilled from the pure hubris dripping from his inflated image of his own self worth. With a thesaurus in one hand and a lexicon of obscure terms in the other, this man did more damage to the White Race than most will ever know! There is something to be said about one who is so busy trying to sound as if they are smart, that as a consequence of that, they never consider the validity of their works. The manner in which Bill treated other writers is sad…

      With the death of William F. Buckley, we have lost a traitor, and nothing more!


    10. Anglo-Celt Says:

      Revilo Oliver mentions ” ex- communist Jews” at the founding of National Review. James Burnham is one who comes to mind, but was he Jewish ??? If anybody has any info on who these people were please pass it on. Thanks.