26 February, 2008

JAMES: The Painfully Silent Genocide Of The German People

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The Painfully Silent Genocide Of The German People

By Michael James
On the border of Switzerland

There is a strange feeling of despair that is sweeping Germany, but as
with all things that are uniquely German, or at least address fears
that cannot be articulated lest they betray a cultural peculiarity
incompatible with politically correct European or American
sensibilities, nothing is said that makes sense to ordinary citizens.
It is only sometimes whispered.


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    1. Olde_Dutch Says:

      Although, neo-liberalism(neo-conservatism to us) has taken away some of the more generous provisions of the German social safety net. A poor, unemployed, or under-employed White American could only wish to be treated like a German!

    2. Wolf Says:

      Interesting read… but whole families starving to death in Germany?

      Why doesn’t that ring true?

      I’ve never heard of this Michael James who lives in a log cabin on the border.

    3. Booger Says:

      That the Germans are targeted by Big Jew for extermination like the rest of White Europe and the White West there can be no doubt.That the Jews have a special place of hatred in their cold,shriveled,chosenite hearts for the German People is a sure thing too.They are one of the few Goyim societies to WAKE UP and tear the hand of the Jew from their throat.The Kikes hate it when people resist their plans,however,the claims of the writer seem a bit much,at first glance.Some corraborative links to back up his theory would have been helpful.The Germans have a much better social safety net than us(in theory),unless something has gone drastically wrong.I watch DW quite a bit but take it with a big grain of salt.Their ZOG is in high anxiety of any racial re-awakening,and even the Nazi salute can get you arrested over there.Can’t have the slaves remembering the good ‘ol days can we?All it will take is ONE WHITE COUNTRY to re-awaken and throw off the politically correct chains of ZOG Slavery and we’ll be on our way to freedom.I feel a showdown is inevitable,sometime soon.What the trigger will be, i don’t know,possibly an economic meltdown due to Jew shananigans,natural catastrophy,or etc.etc.Will the noble Germans who have fought for our race against invaders so often in the past go down without a fight?If their in the plight the writer indicates there should be visible unrest.All i see is the old communist party making some new gains with a face-lift.One Euro a day seems a bit much of a big guppy.However,seeing what Big Jew has done to gut our sorry ass,i wouldn’t put anything past the bastards.Is VNN even allowed in the old Reich?I haven’t seen any posters from there on here.The internet is a mighty tool for the salvation of our people,when Big Jew figures out how to shut it down and get around that pesky,1st amendment,they will try.This cunt-try is destined to balkanize and implode.Not much we can do for the Germans,its every man for himself when the showdown with Big Jew comes.Get your guns,get your ammo,get ready.Look at how Big Jew has shut down “hate speech” and gun ownership in Canada.Be glad your not in Europe because those poor bastards don’t have half the chance we do.Most Americans are just too brain-washed and retarded,or in love with the muslim nigger or the communist whore or consumerism and sports to figure it out.Blood,and lots of it is the only thing that will break the spell.Otherwise, plan on a slow,multicultural Marxist death by strangulation.If the Fuhrer only knew!Tolerance=Genocide for the White Race.

    4. Howdy Doody Says:


      He knew it was over then.

    5. abe foxman Says:

      Michael James eh? Well two Christian names is generally the sign of a masquerading Jew especially in the jewsmedia!
      If he is in fact an Englishman, he has a lot of answering to do and the first question is why his countrymen took it upon themselves to support the international plutocracy of Jews in their war on Germany and possible the most racially aware European statesman ever?
      He needs to address his own nation for their failings. Stumbling over the Jew a blind man could do. We all know the disease!
      Without his countrymen’s complicity, there would be no Jew on the European mainland….maybe somewhere in Slavic Russia but nowhere they could do Germanic peoples any harm.

    6. abe foxman Says:

      Michael is a copout! He needs to be in the thick of it within the UK instead of on some Swiss farmyard watching the animals.
      Entertaining reading and very relevant but bleating about it only breeds depression.

    7. abe foxman Says:

      Speaking of the English, a more treacherous race I know not,,,,well maybe for the Scots.
      They have been Jewed for so long they their enemas have to be the shape of a Jew nose pr they are inadmissible.
      You are right! I don’t like them. A good healthy German hatred of these traitors is what took the Third Reich to the brink of victory over the Jew and his Goy.
      There will be a time in the near future when the great German people will redeem their honor on the carcass of this rotting excuse for race of Germanics.

    8. abe foxman Says:

      Take David Irving. Superficially he appears to be on the side of Germanic people but he is such fucking coward he can’t find the courage to admit he despises Kikes. His British inability to separate emotion from logic destroys him in more ways than one.
      English need to be acknowledged…even if the acknowledgment is ridicule. In order to achieve that, they do the self humiliating things. E.g. Irving taking that Jewess Lipshit or something like that, to court for saying the bleeding obvious!

    9. abe foxman Says:

      Yes he and his ilk will stop at nothing to leverage the nobility of Germanic peoples to redeem some of their totally undeserving reputations….illogically brought about by calculating Jews who can read this uno numero Goyish clan like a tale from Aesop

    10. Fr. John Says:

      OK, instead of insulting other white nationalities, let’s verify this story.

    11. Tim Pennington Says:

      Foxman you airhead. how can an individual be responsible for the actions of a group unless he leads them.

    12. Campbell Crawford Clan Says:

      Abe Foxman,

      I have always understood that the English and German people were genetically very close and there were many upper class Brits who supported Hitler during the war. What do the Scots have to do with this? Why are you so divisive? Are we not all members of the great, White race?

    13. Tom Says:

      Articles like this are extremely necessary. History teaches that unless a people have a collective sense of repression, they will not revolt. After all, they have to realize that they have no power in order to realize that they need to take power, no?

      Also, I’m wondering why a white nationalist would take the name of a prominent Jew like Foxman as his handle. Abe, would you care to explain your choice of identity?

    14. America First Says:

      Tom Says:

      27 February, 2008 at 8:56 pm

      Thank you, good question

    15. abe foxman Says:

      White? White Nationalist? What is that?
      I’m Germanic! If the tribes of northern Germany, the Nordic peoples of northern Europe or those descendants of the Anglo Saxons are what is collectively called white, then maybe I’d categorize myself as white but otherwise not so.
      I’m not interested in a nation for whites! There was and will never be such a nation.

    16. abe foxman Says:

      The English and those that defend them make me laugh. They were suckered by the Jew into losing their empire, their culture, their dignity and very soon their identity. The island is all but lost to the Jew. Yet they still behave with this air of regal superiority oblivious to their doom.
      The English white? The Japanese are whiter?

    17. abe foxman Says:

      CC, you obviously don’t know any Scots. Their treachery is infamous. Didn’t you know that’s the reason they’ve been an English colony for hundreds of years with the only respite when Robert the Bruce was alive.
      And you are correct, the upper classes did initially support Hitler but they were bankrupt and not at all interested in why Hitler was popular with the German Volk. The Jews eventually bought them off by promising them wealth in return for their involvement in THEIR war. And that was why Hess’s flight there proved futile.
      Of course they deservedly ended up losing everything anyway which proves YOU CAN’T TRUST THE JEW.

    18. abe foxman Says:

      My Nom de Plume is irrelevant. My message should be the only area to address….

    19. abe foxman Says:

      Maybe it’s my blanket generalizations that some are uncomfortable with.
      Well, if we do it with Niggers and Jews, then why not with Goys?
      The fact is I DO accept that there are many racially conscious peoples throughout Europe and there are even some English and Scots. Yet their particular history has shown that when they had the opportunity if removing the yoke round their necks, they chose servitude.
      I don’t wish to offend any of the racially conscious posters here (except fucking Kikes) and if you are one of them, I apologize and add that my generalizations refer to the treacherous Goys within each of those countries that are maintaining the Jew and his power base…..just like saying Niggers, Spics, Wetbacks yet realizing they too have some racially conscious specimens amongst them.
      The term WHITE NATIONALIST is a Jew made tag by which they can conveniently identify their racially conscious enemies. It should be dumped! Anyone using it is a Jew to me!

    20. Whitepride Says:

      Abe, c’mon man. I think the term White Nationalist is descriptive and dignified and therefore apt. We are racially conscious Whites who want 100% White nations or at least to maintain hegemony over our traditional nations.

      Also, at least speaking for myself, White Nationalism implies a combination of a pan-White racial consciousness and the preservation of traditional White ethno-nations (e.g., Germany, France, and yes, even England and Scotland).

      I am not aware of the provenance of the term White Nationalism but I’m somewhat sceptical that is was the Jews who came up with it. When they refer to us its the usual intentionally dehumanizing smears such as Nazi, White supremacist, and hater.

      Besides, so what is the Jews did come up with it. I like it so I’m going to keep using it.

    21. Campbell Crawford Clan Says:

      The Duke and Duchess of Windsor were hardly bankrupt, and they supported Adolph Hitler as did many of their close friends.

      As for the Scots, they are all over the world, and quite frankly, built this country. Treachery? The Scots are for Scotland , in case you haven’t noticed, and there’s nothing wrong with that. They were outnumbered then as now, but many Scots still support a separation from England and a free Scotland.
      Oh, and I know plenty of Scots, Abe, and many of them are members of my own family.

    22. shabbos s. shabazz Says:

      Fully half of major industrial inventions came from Scots.

      See How the Scots Invented the Modern World by Arthur Herman.

    23. abe foxman Says:

      Well to all who posted, as I made clear I certainly do not wish to denigrate any nationalists…least of all the Scottish nationalists who reside in Scotland and fight to keep it Scottish. The best place for a Scotsman is in Scotland.
      A greater example to the contrary are sellouts Gordon Brown and that other Jew lover George Galloway? No they don’t like the Israelis but the love the Jew and their dirty lie on which 50 years of guilt has been piled high on the noble but defeated Germans.

      There are many paper nationalists however who live overseas and do nothing to help their own country. One such person is Michael James and their nationalism merely extends to a rather large Jew induced chip on their shoulder that betrays their interfering masquerade.
      Germany doesn’t need an Englishman to fight its battles. It needs an Englishman to mind his own fucking business, go home and kick the Kike’s ass there!
      The problem is they can’t! They’ve been Jewed to the point that they think they have a right to interfere. That same disease affects the US and shows how far this country has led away from the founding father’s guidance.

      Finally, I say Scots in general are treacherous for the simple reason it is well documented throughout their history…just like the English.
      In addition, their trechery extended to defeating the greatest nationalist statemen of all time in his fight to rid the world of the Jew.
      They can never be forgiven. The sins of the fathers……etc
      I can only celebrate whatever misfortune befalls all of them.

    24. abe foxman Says:

      The term White Nationalist is defeatist! It settles for a little corner of the world were displaced whites can end their days. White homeland? What a crock! Take a lesson from the Fins….! although I admit the cold weather helps in keeping parasite activity to a minimum.

    25. abe foxman Says:

      The Scots didn’t invent the modern world…..just like the English, they helped the Jew subjugate those who fought to contain the blight!

    26. abe foxman Says:

      They are cowards who look to the courage and strength of others to solve their deficiencies. When they are back on top, they give a fuck about no one! Greedy little corner shop vultures!
      Don’t believe me? Look at the English/Scottish/French Premier Leagues. Full of Darkies, Mullatos and other Wops and Wogs who can spin a ball but wouldn’t gave the brains to build a wheelbarrow.
      They are paid millions and drive around in engineered machines that would take their genetic disposition a thousand years to even conceive.
      Its the Jew who gives it to them and what do they do? Kick his ass? No, they pay half their weekly wage to go and see these overpaid apes do jungle tricks with a ball.
      Got to love it! I bet Uncle Adolf his chuckling his ass off!

    27. abe foxman Says:

      Just watched a DVD documentary on the Battle of the River Plate. There was some beautiful film of this great ship and her crew.
      Also shown were the stupid Goy survivors whining and wailing like Jews over the dead on board their ship that the Graf Spee (incidentally with a crew having an average age of 19) had hammered. Great Jew impersonations!
      These Goys called Langsdorf a hero because he scuttled his ship!
      Langsdorf was a cunt! A traitor to his Volk! He dishonored those who died by not taking his ship out and sinking the remaining two English tugboats.
      And what he fuck were NZers doing in the south Atlantic fighting for a bunch of Jews? Because they like their English and Scottish cousins had sold their soul for a handful of shekels!
      What makes me laugh is with all the information at their fingertips on the Jews and their English Goys who plotted to send then into a fight to the death, these antipodean geriatrics still hold a grudge against the Germans. Well there’s no fool like an old fool!
      Now we see their fucking asshole whiney descendants becoming all nationalistic and looking to Germans to stand up and sacrifice themselves again because they now realize their stupid fucking parents betrayed them….sold their future for a handful of gold.
      Yes Uncle Adolf certainly is getting the last laugh!

    28. Campbell Crawford Clan Says:

      You’ve made a point or two that makes sense to me, and that I agree with, especially the “English/Scottish/French Premier Leagues” that are full of darkies driving Porche and ‘Benz. Insane, just like here in the US.

      What I don’t agree with is being divisive. If I were in a dangerous situation and needed help, I wouldn’t ask that White man next to me who was offering his assistance whether he was English, French, German, or Italian. I’d accept him as my brother, and be grateful for his support.

      Today we’re faced with the world wide demise of our people. Whites from all European ethnicities should unite, and cease the divisiness that separates us, atleast temporarily, in order to defeat the beast that is the jew.

    29. abe foxman Says:

      What is required CC is for each Germanic entity to identify the disease and take the appropriate action. And when a national of the particular country howls at the treatment of this disease by his neighbors with outrage and calls for his country to unite in defending the disease, his compatriots should be the first to step in silence him.

      Again you and other VNNers seem to be promoting a ‘white’ government for ‘white ‘ peoples when there never was and should never ever be one!
      What IS requires is for each people to adopt National Socialism and develop bonds through separation!

    30. Booger Says:

      Hey Abe-how the hell do you develop “bonds” through “separation”?I’ll be the first to admit i have no love for the English,but they are victims of the JEW too.None of us have any bragging rights right now as all our countries are under the grip of big JEW.The Scots are sometimes unintelligable but a great people,study your history a little more.As for the term White Nationalist,there’s nothing wrong with it,and as Campell Crawford Clan says,being divisive does nobody any good,especially when your enemy is holding a knife to your throat.If you don’t believe in an all WHITE country,just what the hell do you believe or hope our people will achieve?I’ll accept any white mans help in the struggle against our genocide-even an arrrogant German asshole like yourself-get with the program dude.

    31. Booger Says:

      Hey Abe-how the hell do you develop “bonds” through “separation”?I’ll be the first to admit i have no love for the English,but they are victims of the JEW too.None of us have any bragging rights right now as all our countries are under the grip of big JEW.The Scots are sometimes unintelligable but a great people,study your history a little more.As for the term White Nationalist,there’s nothing wrong with it,and as Campell Crawford Clan says,being divisive does nobody any good,especially when your enemy is holding a knife to your throat.If you don’t believe in an all WHITE country,just what the hell do you believe or hope our people will achieve?I’ll accept any white mans help in the struggle against our genocide-even an arrogant German asshole like yourself-get with the program dude.

    32. Booger Says:

      oops on the double post!

    33. abe foxman Says:

      And just what IS your country Booger? And how do you propose to make it ‘all white’? Or maybe you propose a ‘brand new’ country just for whites? Will it be called Whitelandia? Will negroid and Asian albinos allowed in? What about darked skinned Mediterraneans? Some consider them Caucasian and Iranians even claim to be of Aryan descent. I guess you have all these answers and I’d really find it interesting if you shared them.

      As to developing bonds through separation, if you think about it in a broader sense rather than the current puckered-sphincter approach you exhibit, I’m sure you’d get it!…..Dude!
      And in categorizing Germans so, you Jewily mistake arrogance for efficiency!

    34. Booger Says:

      Hello,Abe,lets be civil,shall we?My country is the US now,when it falls apart i or anyone else for that matter will be men without a country,until we form one.Personally the ressurection of the old Confederacy would make me happy.I dont run anything right now,but i’m sure you don’t either.Unless we have our own geographical territory to reproduce and defend our borders we will disappear as a biological entity.That much i do know.As far as making our new home all white,there are several options ranging from nice to nasty.I know it won’t happen “democratically” thats for damn sure.All nations and empires have been built with force and blood.It will probably take both of those to secure a place for our people.A guerilla campaign of attrition is our best action against ZOG,as shown in Vietnam and Iraq.Elements of our own military and police will join us.And if i’m appointed Fuhrer for life,you can bet no non-whites,homos,and especially jews allowed.Criteria determined by the advisory council.Any white person from anywhere in the world would on approval,be welcome.That includes the more swarthy varieties as the meds,and there are whites in iran,mexico,and spread throughout south america,and south africa-especially boers.What to call our new homeland is a darn good question,why not ask other posters here.Now my questions for you.If your not a WN,how would you define your views?If you don’t want to cooperate with other pro-white movements,where are you going to get help?If you think an all white nation is a pipe dream,why are you involved in the movement?Your hymie insinuation,is a joke.I’m German,French and Scots-Irish.Religious freedom and Aryan free market enterprise should also be cornerstones unless you worship Satan.No Freemasons either,as they worship the devil. Point is,we’re roughly 10% of the world population,and people who think like us are an even smaller amount.You critisize easily,but lets hear your plan and outline einstein.If my sphincter is puckered,its because of big JEW and their nefarious plans for us,like the real I.D. act,not anything you’ll say.There will always be those of us who disagree on fine points,but in the larger picture,i consider everyone here my brothers and sisters,even you.A Southerner by birth and inclination,i’ll even make room for Yankees.Sectional and religious differences must be set aside if we are to survive.

    35. Ein Says:

      abe foxman Says:
      My Nom de Plume is irrelevant. My message should be the only area to address….

      I don’t like your message either. (Often I do, but not today.) I have to agree with the other posters. I see no point in this divisiveness. No healthy or desirable point, that is. So what is your point?

      They can never be forgiven. The sins of the fathers……etc
      I can only celebrate whatever misfortune befalls all of them.

      Now you’ve gone completely over the edge! If you’re not a deliberate troll, you’d make a good one.

      The others here are all speaking sense, however. As one of them said, ” I’ll accept any white man’s help. Get with the program .”