19 February, 2008

Vanguard News Network Family Mourns Death of James “Yankee Jim” Leshkevich (1955-2008)

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It is with great sadness that Vanguard News Network announces the death of our friend, noted White activist and Free Talk Live host James “Yankee Jim” Leshkevich, earlier this week. Leshkevich, who organized the 2005 Kingston Rally to defend White public school students from negro predators, was 52. He leaves behind a daughter and a son.

On his weekly radio show, cohosted with Stan Sikorski, Yankee Jim frequently reminisced about his travels as a trucker, and the sights and sounds of his old Detroit, in the days it was still inhabited by civilized men. In addition to his radio duties, Yankee Jim maintained a blog called the Hudson Valley Freeman*, devoted to news from, to use Jim’s trademark phrase, “the jew-infested Catskills.”

He was a remarkable activist. An important part of multiple fundraisers to aid Chester Doles and his family, Yankee Jim was ubiquitous on the blog scene in promoting the Knoxville Rally against Genocide, in honor and memory of sex-torture-murder victims Channon Christian and Chris Newsom. Wherever you went on the web, Jim was there first – gently goading the reporter, or informing the naive as to the real meaning of the story. A longtime listener and caller in to the Hal Turner Show, Jim was a bridge builder among White nationalists who too often let their egos splinter them into hostile groups. His friendly spirit will be missed.

[Jim loved music and had an extensive record collection. If you tune in now, you can hear the sort of music Jim enjoyed and played on his show, along with reminiscences from his friends and fellow activists at VNN:
http://www.vnnforum.com:7555/listen.pls .]

Jim was nostalgic and wry, as well affable and quick to laugh. He was a kind man, and a natural storyteller. Most of all, perhaps, he was the type of good man who isn’t so common anymore – the type who built America into what it used to be. And his sickness and disgust at watching it decline into what it has become was what made him into an activist.

Rest in peace, Yankee Jim.


* Yankee Jim’s blog, The Hudson Valley Freeman


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    1. alex Says:

      1. TSman Says:
      19 February, 2008 at 9:51 pm

      I’m stunned, we lost a good one in Jim. I’ll miss his sense of humor and easy going style. I was born the same year as Jim and I too remember a much better America. RIP Jimmy, we won’t forget you.

      2. TSman Says:
      19 February, 2008 at 10:05 pm

      P.S. I believe he was born in ‘55

      3. Bret Ludwig Says:
      19 February, 2008 at 10:06 pm

      Words, now, are not sufficient, somehow not appropriate. But they are all I have now.

      I enjoyed Yankee Jim and Stan Sikorski a lot. I related to YJ because I’d driven a truck out East myself, I wanted to write him a note saying “Good Job!”, and never did. I’m sorry for that. He gave us a lot of good information and entertainment.

      Since I don’t believe in the supernatural, what is done is done. I can’t say it was the “right” thing to do but he was severely provoked. I can say he was a good man and even the best men when severely provoked do things they wouldn’t in the cold light of day. He made his decision and carried it out like a White man, with a minimum of fuss. I have little sympathy for his cheating wife and how she handled it and while I don’t think “she deserved it” I think she had something bad coming for sure. She got more than she bargained for and that’s how it goes.

      To his kids: He was a proud decent White Man. Have no shame for him, only pride in the good he did, and in his sense of honor and decency.

      Of course the anti’s and liberal cunts will have a field day and will use this to undo as much of they can of what Jim did for White people as they can get away. To hell with them. Don’t take any of their bullshit. Tell them he lived and died a proud White man and if they don’t like it to go to hell.

      4. Cowboy Zeke Says:
      19 February, 2008 at 10:20 pm

      This is making me incredibly sad. He did a great deal for whites over so many years, and being as strong in his love for his people, he emotions must have been that much deeper for his wife. He must have been driven insane by her.

      He was an awesome guy, worth more than he knew.

      Now he is gone. Fuck.

      Frank Toliver AKA Cowboy Zeke

      5. Filles du Roi’s Boi Says:
      19 February, 2008 at 10:25 pm

      Damn. I’m very sorry to hear that, he seemed like a genuinely nice guy. I don’t know what to say. You always risk paying a hell of a price if you become as attached as he apparently was to his wife, but you pay a hell of a price too if you go through life not trusting anyone. Too many crappy outside influences making it next to impossible to make these important, life enhancing, long term commitments work, I guess. It’s a damn shame.

      6. Hoosier Says:
      19 February, 2008 at 10:33 pm

      Terrible, just terrible – Rest in Peace, Yankee Jim. Rest in Peace.

      7. Hoosier Says:
      19 February, 2008 at 10:48 pm

      I hope, at some point in the near future, his blog is shut down, or at least the story is removed. It’s too personal and painful, the deepest words of a man’s soul. It’s not decent to let the whole world see something like this.

      8. New America Says:
      19 February, 2008 at 10:52 pm

      I am saddened to hear of the death of a man who, like the late Dr. Sam Francis, turned to the Truth when all else was revealed as less than the Truth, and the Truth can be summed up in three words – The White Race – or, for those who prefer verbs to nouns, Fourteen Words.

      I am probably going to offend a few people with what I am about to say, and I am comfortable with that.

      I realize that accepting the Truth about RACE, in general, and the White RACE, in particular, is not unlike religious conversion.

      So much of who you were seems like the crysalis used by the caterpillar: “to a caterpillar, the end of the world; to a butterfly, the beginning.”

      So much of our lives are seen as pale Shadows of what they were supposed to be, what they could have been, if only we had seen the Truth about RACE earlier.

      Relationships that weren’t in harmony with that Purpose, that great RACIAL Becoming, could be left in the past, and we would be freed up to invest our energies into a positive, new life – not an easy life, but one that is well worth it.

      In this regard, think of the examples of Pierce, and Rockwell, who lived noble lives of Holy Aryan Poverty – seen materialistically – to lay the Living Foundation for a much better future for their, and our, Posterity.

      When I had the Quickening that led to my Awakening, family members shunned me, and the woman I was deeply involved with told me she would not have anything to do with a “goddamn racist.”

      That was more than a decade ago.

      I have simplified my life, since then; my nephews are now living with me as the world in which they were raised dies, and their local economy returns to the Nineteenth Century. Thus, part of the Family that so vehemently rejected me – and I’m STILL not invited to Family Reunions – has entrusted the Future of the Family to me, and they read – DAILY – from Covignton’s “A Distant Thunder,” and consciously develop their skills for a new economy, and a new social order.

      The woman I was so deeply involved with called me last week, and was wondering what I was doing these days. A few phone calls, and I learned she was not doing well, at all…

      I have learned this, at the cost of more personal pain than I thought I could bear – if your partners do not support your philosophy in practice, then ask yourself if “Peace at any Price” is worth The Price.

      Oh, and my answer to her, when she asked what I was doing these days?

      “I’m building a homeland for my Family, and a future for my blood kin. What are YOU doing?”

      She suggested we get together, and discuss Old Times…


      My days are numbered, and I am spending every spare minute seeing my nephews have the opportunity to live the life I could only have dreamt of.

      Maybe, if so many of our Brothers had made the decision to put the RACE First, Foremost, Forever, they would all be much happier, and have a sense of spiritual fulfillment that leads to true peace, when they put their head on the pillow at night.

      As for women, well, if they do not share your Dream, all too often, you surrender your sense of Peace, to get a Piece, and then…

      You have no Peace.

      THAT is the highest price to pay, of all.

      More to follow.

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    2. Curt Maynard Says:

      RIP Jim, you’ll be missed by your friends and remembered by your enemies – may they tremble in fear.



    4. DQ Says:

      Goodbye Jim
      White pride till he died, what a great example of sticking to the cause.

      White Nationalism seems to have had a differnt effect on me than on New America. It has made me closer to my family and friends and better with women.

      One has confused displeasure with one kind of displeasure, with exhaustion; the latter does indeed represent a profound diminution and reduction of the will to power, a measurable loss of force. That is to say: there exists (a) displeasure as a means of stimulating the increase of power, and (b) displeasure following an overexpenditure of power; in the first case a stimulus, in the second the result of excessive stimulationn- Inability to resist is characteristic of the latter kind of displeasure: a challenge to that which resists belongs to the former- the only pleasure still felt in the condition of exaustion is falling asleep; victory is the pleasure in the other case-

      -Nietzsche “The Will To Power”
      Lets continue to give whites the tools(tools=truth) to resist as Yankee Jim did. We have the right tools, I have never thought of giving in since finding the truth. Whites who do give up either don’t know the truth or are just pussies. The traitors(jewish dicksuckers) don’t know that they make themselves weak by taking their thirty pieces of silver. Jews find weaklings to do their bidding and the ones who breed with them turn their blood into mud.
      Jews are slime and mud just look at how the beautiful Europeans have looked at them throughout the ages but they are smaller and more concentrated which seems to be what we are doing now. Lets continue to resist and have the jews continue to overexpend themselves because they don’t know how to stop, parasiting is what they do. I think we should start saving more money(precious metals) and give up what is useless. Why do we always talk about jews? Why do jews always talk about “white supremacists” and Nazis.

    5. Mark Says:

      Very tragic end to a good man’s life.

      Obviously he had a very dysfunctional relationship with his wife. However, I’m more disturbed by how his daughter spoke to him.

      I’ve been in bad relationships before, and the best solution is just to leave. It’s not worth the pain and suffering. She certainly wasn’t worth his life.

    6. Calorman Says:

      Oh dear Ghod, Stan, say it isn’t so. His wife looks….oh dare I say it…..nyaaaaahhh, couldn’t be.

    7. Vaultner Says:

      That’s messed up. I wish he could have handled it better sooner. I’ll miss his shows.

    8. VONBLUVENS Says:

      Rest in Peace, Jim.

      We all love you and you will be missed.

    9. Tommy Smith Says:

      How long does it take for the account to get activated on the forum?/?

    10. grandmaster oberführer double diamond jim! Says:

      requiescat in pace Mr James Leshkevich; you will not be forgotten; you lived your life as a true white man….”one of Nature’s gentlemen”


    11. NSN Says:

      So sorry to read this sad news. America should be proud of such men. So long, Yankee Jim.

    12. Amy Says:

      I am very saddened. Thank-you for such a nice obituary. Jim was a true gentleman and an advocate for the white race. I will miss his blogs and commentary. He was one of the original white nationalist bloggers and had a big impact on my points of view.
      Quite a loss.

    13. Pony Says:

      It’s a shame that good white men like Jim were raised to keep their personal troubles to themselves. Thank you for the great stories Yankee Jim Leshkevich…..thank you for everything.

    14. Olde_Dutch Says:

      Yankee Jim was the most entertaining raconteur to come out of the Hudson Valley since Washington Irving.


    15. honkey tonk man Says:

      “Love has destroyed more men than war”

      Good-bye Yankee Jim and thanks for the memories..
      . ……you will be missed!

    16. Cormac Says:

      This is a HUGE shock and very saddening indeed.
      Yes Yankee Jim was a kindly man , I recall his kind , encouraging remarks to some of my VNN Forum posts and I had and still have a lot of respect for Yankee Jim.

      A real genuine American character , one of kind , funny guy… he made us laugh !

      He will continue to make us laugh…… see you on the other side Yankee Jim , God Bless !

    17. Dawn Landry Says:

      We’ve been listening to FTL archives with Yankee Jim featured.
      Words don’t convey this loss. Yankee Jim and Hal Turner woke
      me up to the reason behind the “problem” here in the south.
      Yankee Jim will be sorely missed and never forgotten.

    18. Davy of old England Says:

      Rest in Peace Jim…

    19. Muckraker Says:

      Being a relative newcomer to this site, I’d heretofore never been familiar with this patriot. What a tragic loss…

      Reading of his palpable pain upon learning of his wife’s betrayal is heartwrenching. And she was in her 50’s for God’s sake acting like a teenaged harlot. He was dead-on in recognizing the garbage she feasted on from the jew-produced subversive, cultural sewage that passes for “entertainment.” She was clearly no intellectual match for him and perhaps smitten by her beauty earlier on caused him to overlook such inequalities.

      Her hurtful, hateful remarks to him regarding him as “miserable” must have really been devastating. Here he is committed to a higher calling that in her selfishness and narcissism precluded her from understanding his fight being waged was the ultimate in selflessness and integrity.

      I parted from a spouse after many years of marriage because he too would engage in similar namecalling when angry. I could not relate to someone who though possessing of a high IQ and business intellegence, would not EVEN read a book dealing with the plight of what was being done to our Western countries/people. And this with having a White son.

      His daughters’ reactions to his betrayal are nothing less than despicable, and indicates that they, like his wife, had been lost to the cultural climate/wasteland that can be firmly laid at the parisitic, psychopathic jews feet.

      What a sad, sad testament to the power of their destruction. And that the jew news has the audacity to continue smearing this good man’s reputation even in death is unforegiveable. That the newspapers continue to die a slow death through declining sales is a source of immense pleasure to me, but they DESERVE a quick one.

      May he at last rest in peace from the insidious plague to Whites known as the jew. And may his children hang their heads in shame.

    20. New America Says:

      If it isn’t too early for a “Lessons Learned” discussion of Yankee Jim, his ife, and his untimely demise…

      One, too many of us put too much of their Identity from situations that are beyond their control.

      I’ve known guys who had to be talked out of suicide because they lost their jobs, and their professional identity, from which they derived so much of their personal Identity.

      I’ve known guys who lost EVERYTHING in a divorce; the divorce laws were written by our Racial Enemies, and are a source of great power and joy for the man-hating bull-dyke lawyers, and Family Court judges.

      I know one guy who lost EVERYTHING in a divorce – no pre-nups for him, as a Good Catholic Boy! He is currently working as a night shift custodian in an office building, and lives in his converted van, which looks like a beat-up van on the outside (less likely to attract attention, much less be robbed), but on the inside is a converted recreational vehicle.

      He has a Master’s in Electrical Engineering, to go with his Bachelor’s in Computer Science.

      He realized the System was totally opposed to him at all points, and his wife told him if she called the cops and accused him of hitting her, even if it wasn’t true, he would lose everything, AND have a criminal record.

      He came to the Creative Conclusion that The Game Was Rigged against him.

      So, he quit…

      In a way, he reminds me of the John Galt people in “Atlas Shrugged.”

      I discussed Covington’s Northwest Trilogy with him, and he has downloaded them. He especially like “A Distant Thunder.” (I have not seen him since “The Brigade” came out.)

      I suspect Yankee Jim drew too much of his Identity from a sense of Duty that, ultimately, was misplaced.

      He could have quit what could never work, and focused on developing a new life, built on the Higher Ground of a better future for our RACE.

      We should all learn from this.

      More to follow.

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    21. Anchorage Activist Says:

      The autopsy report has been released, discussed in two separate media outlets. According to the reports, Yankee Jim struck Deborah seven times on the head with a blunt object, strangled her with his bare hands, then hung himself. The cops say that Jim left a suicide note, but would not disclose its contents. Information from both sources combined and posted on White Reference, with media links.

      What a tragedy. I think Alex’s characterization of Yankee Jim as a “bridge-builder” says it all. I wish more would adopt that attitude. I wish I could have had the time to fly down for the May rally in Knoxville and shook his hand persoanlly, and even hoisted a cold adult beverage with him.

      Rest well in Valhalla, Jim. You’ve earned it.

    22. New America Says:

      If it isn’t too early for a “Lessons Learned” discussion of Yankee Jim, his life, and his untimely demise…

      Two, the Mind is a symbol processor, and uses Words to define concepts, build linkages between concepts, and define Reality.

      The Words we use, all too often, do not have the same meanings to others that we ascribe to them.

      Take, for example, “Marriage.”

      Some of us hold to the “’til Death do us Part” model, and others have a much more flexible interpretation of that Idea. Some of us, indeed, see “marriage” as a very fluid Idea – “Open” Relationships, for example, and an ease of dissolving a marriage when a better opportunity comes along.

      I suspect Yankee Jim thoroughly believed in the “’til Death…” model of marriage, and tried to hold it together as best he could, always doing his DUTY, before all else.

      I suspect the late Mrs. Leskovich had a much more “fluid” Ideal of marriage, and saw it as a means to an end that benefited her, personally, and her concept of DUTY pretty much ended there. Perhaps I am wrong, but I doubt it.

      I suspect the late Mrs. Leskovich dealt with her anger at Yankee Jim’s failure to make her model of marriage the Shared Reality, and she decided to deal with this with passive aggression – seeking the favors of other men.

      I suspect her alienation grew as he began to grow into White Nationalism. Remember, I have described the process of converting to White Nationalism as being remarkably like religious conversion. Anyone whose partner has changed Gods in the course of a marriage usually feels a certain amount of unease at this situation.

      That is, in part, the larger issue in this, the Second of the “Lessons Learned” series.

      If your wife/husband does not share your spiritual values – and White Nationalism at its highest and best IS a spiritual value – then the future of the relationship will prove truly trying.

      Indeed, you may well end up as someone other than your partner thought they were getting involved with, and their (usually unspoken) plans for the future of The Relationship.

      How they choose to deal with this is something requiring a very open, and honest, discussion.

      And, if this discussion is anything less than very open, and very honest, then The Relationship will begin to fail in a much more open, and obvious, manner.

      Indeed, even if the discussion is totally open and honest, The Relationship may not be able to withstand the new spiritual component of at least one of the partners.

      Along these lines, sometime back VNN had a series by “Elizabeth Bennett” on ideas for how young gentlemen and young ladies might well deport themselves in the search of worthwhile companions, and “suitable life partners.”

      Making them available again might be useful.

      And, if she is still around, “Elizabeth Bennett’s” comments on the situation regarding Yankee Jim and his breathtaking unfaithful wife might be useful to one and all.

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    23. Yankee Jim - More links dedicated to him « Kentucky ANSWP Says:

      […] http://www.vanguardnewsnetwork.com/?p=2656 […]

    24. Michael Burks Says:

      One bad choice in life can lead to this. Sad Jim is no longer here. I wish he would have taken a better path. I hope all will keep his family in their prayers.

    25. Yankee Jim - More links dedicated to him « Michael Burks Says:

      […] http://www.vanguardnewsnetwork.com/?p=2656 […]

    26. America First Says:

      Ju media must have some idiots looking for a new job, for putting up Sharon’s son, as being Yankee Jim’s photo.
      Ha, talk about last laughs, I must salute you Jim for that excellent kick in the kike pants!

      Minutes after I came home and read about Yankee Jim, my phone rang and I recieved news that a dear friend only 34 years died in a freak accident, and this unique very intelligent young man was a real leader of men, a rare knight that would have been important to our survial, and he never read the net, but was lettered. Our people are poorer for these men’s passing.

    27. abe foxman Says:

      What a waste!…of an opportunity! He should have taken the bitch’s harlot friend out too. Then he should have gone to a bank, or a Jew hole and taken out a lifetime of misery on those assholes.
      Yankee Jim…you lost a great opportunity to go out in style.
      That said, travel well.

    28. Hoosier Says:

      An interesting comment on “The Daily Freemen” – signed by a “Skip Salmi,” claiming to be the son of the guy YJ’s wife was seeing behind his back:


      Nice Man

      Anyone that follows James Leshkevich please remember that the “nice man” had no idea of the “relationship” Deb may have still been in. He met a girl, fell in love and hoped for a future. He did not ask for this nor was he out to hurt anyone. He was blind to anything beyond his love for her. Those who are reading this know who you are. Seeking the “nice man” is seeking for nothing. No one should have died, no one should be suffuring, but we all know it’s too late. My dad fell in love and still loves with all his heart.
      Skip Salmi, Saugerties,?NY

      Is this is true, and I don’t know if it is, then his wonderful wife was having an affair with a guy who thought she was not married. I’ve seen it happen a time or two, so I think it may be possible.

    29. Hoosier Says:

      adding: from Jim’s blog:

      “I will not name the “nice guy” here (maybe later) as he was led to believe (by my wife) that we are legally separated, but still living together under the same roof for economic reasons, and “each doing our own things”…so I can’t really blame the “nice man” for any of this.”

      This corroborates my previous post. What a “wonderful woman,” who mangled two guys lives for the price of one. If the other guy was such a “nice man,” why did she want to destroy his life too?

      Compare that to this “hit piece,” about a woman who practically walked on water:


    30. Hoosier Says:

      I’ve seen it twice, now three times now, including Jim’s story. A married woman goes out and tells a guy she is “single” or available” and the guy gets involved.

      The first guy I heard about, who got involved with a married woman like this, got shot and now walks with a permanent limp. The second guy had a shotgun pointed at him, but he was lucky and was able to walk away with just a case of unrequited love. Still, it seemed to fuck up his head badly, and from what I can tell, for a long time, if not permanently.

      Jim’s case is the third case, and we know how that ended. If Jim’s wife cared so much for the “nice man” why did she put him in such a position where HE could get mangled? It seems to blow the whole story of “racist monster Jim” and the “wonderful wife.” If she is so “wonderful” why did she set out to destroy the life of the “nice man” by not telling him she was married? It doesn’t add up, does it.

    31. saltriver Says:

      I have listened to Jim for a long time. He and Stan’s show was one of my favorites. I never talked to or met the man,but I knew him. His take on the situation of the White Man’ peril was realistic and spot on. His voice and humor will always be in my memories. RIP Friend

    32. New America Says:

      in reply to Hoosier:

      Television is aimed at selling advertising, and advertising is aimed at getting people to DO SOMETHING, to change their values, and thus, their behaviors.


      Television is the most perfect thought control mechanism ever created; simply stated, you can NOT NOT watch television.

      The advertising is aimed at manipulating the consumers – there is NO television aimed at PRODUCERS, they are out dealing with the Real World – and creates a Synthetic Reality that overpowers the Real Reality.

      Bob Whitaker has done the best analysis of Wordism as a social control technique you will see; television goes one step better, offering pictures – COLOR pictures – that are more vivid than any words can describe.

      And those pictures are the best tool for mind control you can imagine.

      Don’t laugh.

      Now that the Chinese have decided to occupy and control Tibet, for the first time in history, there is a television broadcast studio in Tibet, and the Chinese are offering televisions at very low costs.

      Consider America; the widespread introduction of color television, starting in 1964, led to the rapid transformation of American values, and there is no turning back.

      (As we all know, the television now watches back; with two-way cable, someone can know what you are watching, and even keep an eye on the place while you are gone. An eye on the place, today, and an eye on you, tomorrow.)

      Now, look at the image of women – as consumers! – on television, and know this – marketing tells us that women control EIGHTY-FIVE PERCENT of all purchases in the economy.

      Control the wishes of women, and you will capture EIGHTY-FIVE PERCENT of all consumption.

      Make their desires change with the seasons, and a market is churning like you can not imagine.

      Make ever-cheaper (until now) “credit” (DEBT!) available, and suddenly, they feel – quite subconsciously, and quite due to the influence of television – that they are ENTITLED to what historically has been an upper-middle class lifestyle, regardless of what their husband earns.

      Worse, if they want their financial independence, and their “own” job, they consider their paycheck to be theirs, and their husband’s paycheck to be theirs, as well – his, for the family, and hers, just for her.

      An artificially developed and enhanced sense of entitlement pervades their thoughts, and they really have no concern about actually paying for the bills- that’s HIS responsibility.

      So, we have an exaggerated sense of entitlement, based on a Synthetic Reality, and this sense of entitlement includes indiscriminate sex, which is also glorified…

      She is holding all of the cards.

      And, if he doesn’t see things her way, there is Divorce Court, where The Game Is Rigged against him…

      A personal story:

      I went through a trying period a few decades back, where The Woman I Loved, essentially, cleaned me out, closed out our joint accounts (guess whose money was in them?), maxed out my credit cards, hid the bills from me, and then, moved out – after selling all of our furniture when I was away on business…

      I came home to an empty apartment, empty bank accounts, closed out credit cards, and then came the Bad News from my employer, telling us work was going away…

      I decided the use of the sense of pure, unadulterated rage as a source of Energy, not wasting it in the impotence of helpless anger, or trying to change someone’s behavior.

      So, I did what I had been doing since I was sixteen.

      I went to work, and worked two full-time jobs. When I wasn’t working I was at the gym, or at the library, rebuilding my world from damn near scratch. (Did I live in my car? Yes.)

      A year later, The Woman I Loved contacted my mom, and asked how I was doing.

      My mom called me, and – are you ready? – TOOK HER SIDE!

      My mom said she realized it was a “chemical imbalance” in the brain that was responsible for my former Nearest and Dearest’s behavior.

      I asked my mom what set of chemical receptors said, “Max out the credit cards, and hide the bills.” I guess I missed that one in the biochemistry class.

      I asked my mom what set of chemical receptors said, “Sell all of the furniture.” I recalled what little I knew of enzymes, and must have missed that particular sequence.

      Simply stated, the sense of entitlement she shared with all othe women was supported by my mom – who suggested I might want to meet and talk with her.

      In the interim, I had lost weight, got into shape, and had made a few dollars…

      That’s right.

      The Predator saw The Prey had become worthy of another attack.

      I did not see her, and, as I became a better man, with better financial power, more and more of my “friends” wanted to “introduce” me to their wives and girlfriend’s girlfriends.

      I also saw how the affections of their wives and girlfriends dimmed as their jobs, their careers, went away; with those, of course, went their potential to fulfill their wives and girlfirend’s Dreams, and, all too often, the wives and girlfriends…

      Painfully, brutally, in an environment without television, I developed One and Only One Rule for all relationships with women, and it has served me in excellent stead.

      Here is the One and Only One Rule For All Relationships With Women:


      Television all but forces them to live lies that are lies, by seeing the life they ARE living as a lie compared to the life they DESERVE to be living.

      I suspect this is what stunned Yankee Jim; his wife, for all I can see, felt he had failed her by not creating the life she wanted to live, on her terms, without any responsibility on her part.

      In his wife’s Mind, he was simply a supporting player in her Fantasy World – away on the road for weeks and months at a time, buthis paycheck check comes to her.

      Then, work went away, and with it, such affections as she feigned, for him….

      Without his money, he had to go…

      So, she was now making a Wonderful New Life for herself, but he still had value, if only as someone to help keep the house going, until she could fulfill her delusional fantasies…

      She lied to herself, and she lied to him, as well as (apparently) lying to at least one other poor bastard.

      I’m sorry Yankee Jim is not here today.

      I’m sorry he had more faith in her than she deserved.

      I’m sorry he did not have – and brutally practice – the One and Only One Rule For All Relationships With Women:


      He undoubtedly overlooked many small lies, until he faced the lie that he could not overlook.

      It is a shame Yankee Jim did not join Club DTB, and simply “DUMP THAT BITCH!”

      More to follow…

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    33. Muckraker Says:

      New America:

      Love your thoughtfull, intelligent posts.

    34. angrygoy Says:

      Very sorry to hear about Yankee Jim. He was a great man, and he will be missed.

    35. Hoosier Says:

      Yeah, I know about the power of TV, New America. I don’t even have one in my home. But I got away from the computer and had a chance to think about this, since my last post. Deb was a victim in her own way too. She was taught that “she could have it all.”

      She could be a “pillar of the community” even a “religious leader” I think it said in the piece about her. At the same time, she could lie to her husband, and have an affair with another man, and apparently, lie to him about her husband too! After all, women on TV do it, and nothing bad ever happens to them, does it?

      Then again, I’m brain-dead tired, and could be full of it. I can’t even think straight. So it’s a snack for ol’ Hoosier, and then off to bed. We’ll talk later, NA.

    36. New America Says:

      in reply to Muckraker:


      I believe we need to try to learn something positive from this tragic experience; Yankee Jim’s life should not have ended in vain.

      I think the idea that adopting White Nationalism as a spiritual Ideal, and, in some part, as the functional equivalent of a religion, gives us the duty to make the best of all situations, and try to see the Light in the Darkness.

      I believe the very relationship of marriage will be changing, dramatically, in the decades ahead, one way or another, and we all have the duty to not be victims.

      In the cases of my friends who have been married, and divorced, I found that all parties tolerated “little white lies,” and then accepted, if only be default, much greater lies.

      In time, the “marriage” -as it had been defined by them when they were married – became one sustainable lie.

      That’s why I practice The One Rule ruthlessly.

      Getting very clear on all of this, in the beginning, makes life a lot easier on all parties…

      Especially me.

      I am also very clear about this.

      When I tell them, “IF YOU EVER LIE TO ME, NO MATTER HOW TRIVIAL IT MAY SEEM, WE ARE THROUGH – RIGHT THEN, RIGHT THERE – FOREVER,” I mean what I say, and there aren’t any exceptions.

      It does force a great moral clarity on The Relationship.

      I think this is part and parcel of what went wrong with Yankee Jim and his wife; she saw a chance to rebuild her life on different terms, and he didn’t see it coming.

      I suspect this – she got the job at the school, lost the weight, and began top have fantasies of the life she thought she deserved. Thus, Yankee Jim saw her job as a means to their end – paying the bills. She saw her job as a means to HER end – a new life, in the body she deserved, with an old fool in her sights as Yankee Jim’s replacement.

      Too bad Yankee Jim didn’t join Club DTB, “DITCH THAT BITCH,” and buy a motorcycle…

      He would have been freed up to spend the rest of his life on HIS terms, doing more good for the RACE in a day than most of us do in a lifetime.

      And, for those who feel remorse over the loss of Yankee Jim, might I suggest a monthly contribution of at least twenty dollars to Alex Linder, whose address is at the top and bottom of this page, for doing what we can’t, and what our children, and grandchildren, NEED to have done…

      While we can.

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    37. New America Says:

      If it isn’t too early for a “Lessons Learned” discussion of Yankee Jim, his life, and his untimely demise…

      Three, a lot of us have become very frustrated that we SEE, so clearly, the primacy of RACE as the proper foundation for a social order, and all of those who are so near and dear to us not only reject this understanding, but reject us, as well.

      I’ve been thinking about the framing of the conversion to White Nationalism in a religious context, and I think part of the difficulty is, like religious conversion, it is all but impossible to use Words as the tools to spark the Quickening, from which follows the Awakening – a process that never ends…

      I remember “Phil from Omaha” telling one and all he could not continue a a radio host, because of family pressures. We might reasonably speculate that certain of his family members saw a New Man coming forth, and the other caterpillars feared the coming forth of the butterfly, which could traverse new Realms unthought of by the other caterpillars.

      The externally supplied Analytical Framework simply does not define the issues forming the Greater Reality any more, whereas placing RACE – First, Foremost, Forever, as a defining Value for all social choices defines all conflicts to growth, and shows the clearest, cleanest Path to the soul’s growth.

      “Around the obstacle, is possible, and through the obstacle, if necessary.”

      THROUGH the obstacle solutions, like Alexander facing the Gordian Knot, and using not-linear thinking, forcefully applied, cuts through the Illusions supplied to us by our Racial Enemies. Simply stated, Alexander rejected the Analytical Framework he was given, and formed his own, unique solution. (In this case, by the way, “Violence Solves Everything.”)

      Yet, the process of moral, intellectual and Cultural subversion continues apace, as the marketers recognize the importance of manipulating women, and refine their tools of manipulation ever more acutely, ever more accurately.

      The purpose of the entire Mass Media System is CONTROL; the tool is pictures, and words, and, especially for the children, music.

      It works – with a literally hypnotic force, it works.

      And the cost of the Awakening is, all too often, a horrific SHOCK, where so much of what they thought was true is revealed as a lie.

      That’s where we come in – we supply the AFTERSHOCK.

      We come in AFTER the SHOCK, and tell them, as much by our example as anything else, that we have the Analytical Framework for the Solution, and are working diligently on the Solution.

      One hint – the best Solution for you will be part and parcel of the best Solution for the RACE, with the Family, as a microcosm of the RACE, and the RACE, as a macrocosm of the Family, and RACE as the Living Bridge between Family and Culture.

      Covington’s Northwest Republic series of books might be an excellent place for further discussions; I have found “A Distant Thunder” to be an excellent introduction to this Framework, and these issues.

      Imagine if Yankee Jim, for example, had said “This is Hell. I must leave while I can,” sold the property, and moved to, say, Kalispell, Montana, in the Northwest Republic.

      He would be alive today, and living a better life, for the RACE.

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    38. NSN Says:

      This is pure speculation on this terrible crime of passion. But reading between the lines of Jim’s blog, the “nice man” could well have turned out to be a nigger.

      That would twist the knife. Work the rest out for yourselves.

    39. New America Says:

      If it isn’t too early for a “Lessons Learned” discussion of Yankee Jim, his life, and his untimely demise…

      Four, it seems, in the case of “Phil from Omaha,” and certainly in the case of Yankee Jim, that they were most alive when they were acting on behalf of our RACE.

      Listen to the VNN FTL’s, and you will realize Yankee Jim was so alive, so damn happy, when he was on the radio doing commentary and analysis.

      I have argued that converting to White nationalism is not unlike religious conversion; after a Long, Dark, Night of the Soul, you realize The Answer is very simple, very clean, very clear.

      In doing so, you identify with something much greater than you will ever be, but which is a part of you as much as you are a part of it; the drop FROM the ocean is one WITH the ocean, in essence.

      I suspect that Yankee Jim’s greatest problem was that, in part, he wanted to go back to the world he knew, but better. That meant moving forward, and being what he wanted the world to become.

      Yet, he did so in an environment that was so incredibly hostile to his being better, and to him.

      He could be “Jim Leskovich,” to all of his neighbors, as that is who he WAS, seen materialistically.

      He really WAS “Yankee Jim.”

      He was so damn happy; at least, the name and what he was doing were congruent.

      I suspect his marital difficulties shifted into high gear when he identified more and more with White Nationalism as a philosophy.

      At THAT point, White Nationalism becomes something more than the moaning and bitching of the self-selected subpotent; it becomes a positive force they move TOWARDS, transforming themselves as they transform the world around them, into Something Better.

      When I was starting out, my Mentor took me aside and gave me a quick “heads-up” for the Facts of Life.

      It was really simple, to him.

      Here it is:

      “At all times, in all places, simplify your life. Most conflicts are due to conflicting values; make sure yours are right, and make choices that simplify your life.”

      I think Yankee Jim would have had a wonderful, quiet, peaceful, happy life if he had simply told his wife, “It’s not going to work out. The kids are grown. Let’s sell the house, split the net, and move on. I’m moving to somewhere in the Northwest Republic, maybe Kalispell, Montana, for a while. Good luck with the teaching job.”

      THAT would have required a Clarity of Purpose that Jim Leskovich didn’t have, but Yankee Jim was developing.

      I don’t know what “Phil from Omaha” is doing these days, but I hope he is learning from all of this…

      I know I am, and I am sorry it took such a horrific sacrifice from Yankee Jim to FORCE these moments of Moral Clarity.

      And, to all who DO miss him, what better way to support HIS Dream, and OURS, than by sending at least a twenty – more would be better – to Linder, each and every month?

      While we can…

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    40. New America Says:

      If it isn’t too early for a “Lessons Learned” discussion of Yankee Jim, his life, and his untimely demise…

      Five, this bothers me a lot more than I thought it would, for I see a tremendous amount of potential that has been lost to us, with no hope of recovery.

      I have long believed you can not control anyone; you can simply lead by your example, and set limits of relationships.

      Obviously, the late Mrs. Leskovich dealt with her anger at her marital situation in one manner, which represented passive aggression at pretty much its worst.

      Obviously, Yankee Jim allowed himself to be manipulated as well, all too often, all too easily.

      Harold Covington argued that the straightforward pursuit of a path of RACIAL development required stronger sacrifices than many of us were ready for. Wives, friends, families, all refuse to accept this choice for your life, failing to recognize that it is not unlike religious conversion.

      Thus, it is not something as simple as switching from Democrat to Republican.

      It is much more challenging, and requires a very clear Focus on the Goal, stated in succinct terms.

      Simply stated, I want to see the children of my nephews set foot on our Lunar Colony, as preparation for their children living in our Mars Colony.

      THAT, of necessity, requires a White Nation, a White Homeland, and an alternative focus in all of our activities, particularly economic, that are only possible in a White Homeland.

      Anything that does not support that Goal is not supported by me; it is a cost to be minimized, and an obstacle to be overcome.


      We must be what we want the world to become, and we must pursue this Goal with a sense of ruthless discipline guiding ourselves in all we think, say, and do.

      Yankee Jim got the direction right, in that he knew for sure what he wanted to move away FROM.

      He simply could not conceive of a model of personal development, with personal choices leading to personal growth, that could lead him to what he wanted to move TO.

      As a result, he accepted his Enemy’s framing of the situation before him; tragically, he accepted his Enemy’s framing of HIMSELF, and THAT is the deeper tragedy here.

      Yankee Jim paid a horrific price; perhaps we can see that his tragic death was not completely in vain, by learning some simple lessons, and unlearning some of the wrong lessons we have accepted unwisely, and inappropriately.

      I’ve made no secret of the fact that my nephews, recent high school graduates from a hillbilly town, are living with me, and are building their lives anew, with an explicit RACIAL focus to their activities. These have included relearning how to read, using Covington’s “A Distant Thunder” as their primer.

      The lesson Yankee Jim’s death taught me is one I am actively passing on to them, and this lesson is best stated as a Frame of Mind to be used in facing ALL obstacles, of whatever kind, of whatever nature.

    41. New America Says:

      finishing the above…

      My Gift to my nephews is a simple lesson, a basic Frame of Mind:


      Simple as that.

      Placing your answer in the Positive Analytic Context offered by the explicit RACIAL Focus of White Nationalism offers THE POWER OF CHOICE, in that we can CHOOSE how to react in the situations we face.

      For instance, Yankee Jim COULD have, literally, Started Over – a very challenging state of affairs, to be sure, but one that all too many of us will be facing all too soon.

      He COULD have filed for partition, sold the property, and left Mrs. Leskovich to start a new life on her terms, and he could start over, on his terms.

      Adopting a philosophy of Voluntary Simplicity, he could have Started Over in a saloon in Kalispell, Montana, where he could run an Internet (for now) radio show seven nights a week…

      Better for him, better for us, both individually, and as a RACE.

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!