31 March, 2008

KAMINSKI: Kol Nidre: the Lie That Told the Truth

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by John Kaminski: [Here].

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    2. New America Says:

      A quick note about Kaminski:

      I think he is begin to realize that Judaism is the EXACT opposite of Christianity. He’s not there yet, but he’s sneaking up on it, as fast as he can.

      Accepting the Truth – that we have been lied to on a scale that is absolutely beyond comprehension – is something that few of us are ready to do, and fewer still are the ones prepared to do anything at all about it, except try to go back to Sleep, and hope for mercy.

      The Fundamental Error one and all make is this:

      We are trying to be rational, with the irrational.

      We are assuming they are “just like us,” and can be brought to see the light under which we work.


      The Asiatic Hive Consciousness that is at the foundation of temporal Judaism is our relentless, implacable, Enemy.

      I am fond of showing my nephews a clip from the first Terminator movie, where the guy from the future says, “YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND! IT CAN NOT BE REASONED WITH! IT IS RUTHLESS, RELENTLESS, IMPLACABLE, AND LIVES SOLELY TO DESTROY YOU!”

      Kaminski is just beginning to understand this.

      In time, he will have to learn to accept and deal with the anger he feels, which I think he still can not do – that’s why I refer him to several viewings of the great Masculinist movie, “Fight Club.”

      It’s still intellectual, for John.

      One day, it will become Real.

      That will be, well, exciting…

      New America

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