30 March, 2008

The Lisbon Treaty

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Less than a century after Europe escaped communization, another form of globalism threatens to enslave it. Let’s call it “globalism-by-treaty” or maybe just “briefcase globalism.” Whatever you want to call it, it’s still the same old One World Government agenda, which is ultimately based on Judaism. (Feel free to ignore the reference to the Battle of Britain):


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    1. Bobby Says:


      ICP opposed to Lisbon Treaty


      Other links of relevance:




    2. Anon Says:

      Yeah, Ireland is the only country in the EU (a supranational entity of 27 states) voting on this nation-destroying Lisbon Treaty. It really is the Final Curtain on the sovereign Nation State. I remember reading a Stormfront-linked article on it a few years ago; how it’s modelled on the Soviet system, how it will form dominion “regions”, and how EU law will reign supreme. It’s finally come to it though now and those points are not being heard too clearly.

      Ireland needs to defeat the Lisbon Treaty. We’ve become pretty liberal and decadent lately (a Celtic/pagan tradition?) but I do hope we’ve the balls to stop it in its tracks. There’s a good chance the EU sees us a weak link.