1 March, 2008

“War at Any Cost?”

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by Ron Paul: [Here].

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    1. SSteve Says:

      Would have been a better article if Dr. Paul had really stated that the true reason for the war is Israel’s control of Congress and the President. When it comes to naming the jew, he is a typical politician, talking in generalities, without ever placing the blame on whom it belongs. When it comes to talking about us, Dr. Paul seems to find suddenly find his balls, claiming that WNs that are “immoral” that we “muddy the water.”

    2. Olde_Dutch Says:

      The Pentagon is the center of the “kwan” welfare queen universe, and all the dee-fence contractor pimps are there too. Naturally, they all love Israel. LOL.

    3. Terrorsaurus Says:

      At the end of his article he states:

      “The welfare-warfare state must be abolished, respect for private property and individual liberties restored, and we must return to the limited-government ideals of our Founding Fathers. Any other course will doom our nation to the dustbin of history.”

      This is precisely what the Jews running our country intended. Ron Paul is too nice to see how evil some men are.

      Ruination of America is the Jews great dream. They can’t wait to buy up everything they haven’t bought up already for pennies on the dollar. Then they’ll head down to their massive land holdings in South America and laugh at the disaster they caused.