19 April, 2008

America, Russia and Abkhazia/South Ossetia

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America is really, really interested in the former Soviet states, including Georgia and her breakaway republics Abkhazia and South Ossetia. Why the interest? America and her allies plan to surround Russia with NATO-member countries, just in case Russia doesn’t follow NWO/JWO guidelines. The Jews don’t trust Russia, so neither does America/her allies. (Russia is full of gentiles who remember all too well what the Jews did to their country from 1917 onward):


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  7. 3 Responses to “America, Russia and Abkhazia/South Ossetia”

    1. Stan Says:

      Georgia and other ‘breakaway’ republics feel themselves to be separate tribes that have no ties to ‘Mother Russia’ and want their own autonomy. They seek NATO protection from Russia, though that might especially be the post-1917 group you speak of.

    2. John Says:

      If they feel themselves to be separate tribes {which they are as they are non white for the most part} then why do their immigrants flood Russia just as Mexican filth floods the US. The scum from Georgia, Chechnya and other Caucases shit holes are the target of Russian NS Skins who attack and even kill them on the streets of Moscow and other Russian cities. These people ate not white and are not needed in Russia, the vast majority of white Russians want them deported.

    3. -jc Says:

      Jews were ubiquitous in Russia, the Balkans, and so called Eastern Europe. Pavel Sudoplatov was raised among them– as I was, apparently thought they were nothing dramatically different about them, and he even married one who bore him children.

      Hitler was not all about ethnic cleansing so much as he didn’t want those minorities, including homosexuals, who were ripe for exploitation by foreign intelligence, to turn sources and saboteurs against the German people and that was at least a major reason he concentrated them behind a fence– arguably not the healthiest environment during a war-ravaged economy. Would that America had the collective brains to eliminate treasonous politicians and bureaucrats, not to mention uncountable non-Whites in every human resources department from the federal Office of Personnel Management to every little corporation that apparently actually takes Affirmative Action seriously, in which Whites struggle to manage to keep afloat.

      Like Alex, I encourage everyone with a strong constitution, not inclined to nightmares or insomnia, to read Special Tasks, by Pavel Sudoplatov. I grew up on Cold War propaganda (the “ducks flying”) and am convinced first and foremost that you have no idea what trouble-is, until you’ve read about the Soviet Union under Stalin. My parent’s generation, gone for all practical purposes, was fed the Uncle Joe line, while the Jew York-Washington media cranked-out “news” reel after newsreel of anti-Hitler agitprop.

      For all his apparently relative decency (no one writes an autobiography painting themselves as a bad guy) the man, who was tasked with the assassination of Trotsky, is obviously White, while others calling the shots under Stalin are obviously Jews.

      For the Jew-aware, this is a fascinating if an emotionally-exhausting read. Your education and your library are not complete without this shortcut to the understanding of current history. The full text needs to be on-line. Someone better heeled than me should send Kevin MacDonald a copy and let others know he has done so; he would know what to do with an extra loaner-copy or two as well.