10 April, 2008

CMM Responds…

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[We posted a copy of a paper letter written by CMM in November 2007.


CMM came across that letter online and postal-mailed us this response.]

Dear Mr. Linder:


On 6 November 9.55 pm, Revilo wanted to know more about Churchill’s quote about the “Unforgivable crime of Germany before WWII.” It is definitely in his memoirs but there are 12 volumes to consult and I do not have time to look for it. I have seen it in other publications as well. The Barnes Review had a good article a few months back on German Barter trade especially with Southern Europe. On November 15, 1938, King Carol of Romania arrived in London and was acclaimed by the anti-Hitlerites in Hyde Park. His purpose was to meet with the bankers of the City to combat German economic expansion in the Balkans. The goal of that visit was indirectly revealed by Robert S. Hudson, Secretary for Overseas Trade in a speech to the House of Commons on Nov. 30.

“Germany engages in no treatment unfavorable to England’s markets in Germany; that we must recognize. But what we complain of is that with its methods (barter), Germany will ruin trade in the entire world… (or rather the banksters’ profits).

Our principal problem today is to know how it will be possible for us to confront the new form of German competition in the world. We are able to say that the reason for the economic influence of Germany resided in the facts that she pays the producer countries of Central and Southern Europe MUCH HIGHER PRICES THAN THOSE PAID IN THE WORLD MARKETS…

We have examined all the procedures it would be possible for us to apply. The only means consists in organising our industries in such a way that they would be in position to oppose German industry and say to Hitler and the people: “If you are not disposed to put an end to your present manner of proceeding and come to an agreement with us according to which you promise to sell your merchandise at a price which will ensure you a reasonable profit, we will combat you and vanquish you with your own methods.”

From a financial point of view, our country is infinitely stronger than any other country in the world — in any case stronger than Germany; and for that reason we enjoy great advantages that will result in our winning the battle.”

After this speech, Hudson withdrew its grant of “most favoured nation” status from Germany. The United States did the same — a curious coincidence of timing and action. It must be remembered that Judea had declared economic war on Germany in 1933 in an effort to scuttle the German economy. Barter was the means of survival in a Germany deprived of foreign currency.

On 8 November ANZU says …he refers to the Zionist Anglo American Empire and equates America’s imperialism with Anglo Saxons, etc. The term was coined by Author Matthias Chang in his book Future fast forward – the Zionist Anglo American Empire Meltdown (American Free Press, 645 Pennsylvania Ave. SE, Ste 100, Washington D.C. 20003). When one speaks of Anglo-Saxons, it is common knowledge that one is speaking of the Anglo American, even though the Saxons were originally German. The Germans who helped build America, became Americans and lost their culture to such an extent that they went to war against their own flesh and blood. It has nothing to do about blaming Anglos for all the misdeeds. It is just a term of reference.

Germany was arming throughout the 30′ … Yes and no. What were the forces, at the time in Europe? I will leave the small countries and those who became allied with the Reich alone. The total number of soldiers under arms at the time was as follows:

France 3.000.000
UK 1.500.000
Poland 2.500.000
Csk 300.000
Russia 5.500.000

Those numbers of course include soldiers overseas in the French and British Empires.

Against that, the Versailles Treaty prevented Germany from having more than 100 000 soldiers. When Germany revoked the one-sided Versailles Treaty, it quadrupled its forces to 400 000 men. In spite of the propaganda, that cannot be called re-armament. That was a peace time army. At the same time, Germany agreed with Britain not to build warships of more than 35 000 tons to show that hit had no intention to start an arm race with the British. In fact, up till the last minute, Hitler offered peace to Britain and even offered German soldiers to guard the empire. Hitler’s enemy was Bolshevism, not France or Britain. He even sent his deputy Fuhrer Rudolf Hess to England to make peace. But Britain wanted war…and at the end British agents murdered Hess in Spandau prison as the Russians were going to release him. He could not be allowed to spill the beans.

Why were Britain and the US justified in trying to force Germany to remain within a globalised finance system? In his book THE ART OF WAR (1964), British General J.F.C. Fuller wrote: “Hitler’s political ideas were not what thrust us into war. THE CAUSE OF THE WAR WAS HIS SUCCESSFUL ATTEMPT TO BUILD A NEW ECONOMY. THE ROOTS OF THE OLD WERE ENVY, GREED AND FEAR.” Just as it is today. We are now waiting for the crash of that monstruosity: Globalism. War was caused by Hitler’s refusal to re-join the gold standard. 55 million people had to die to make the Gold Standard in Germany possible. But the irony is that once the war was over, most countries left the same Gold standard.

To have refrained from this in the aftermath of the stupid and pointless blood bath of WWI (another artefact of German idiocy and belligerence would have been irresponsible) … So let us talk about WWI. The trigger was the murder of the Archduke of Austria in Sarajevo, seemingly at the behest of Serbia but in reality under the control of the Russian secret service. Austria asked Serbia to hand over the culprits and various discussions were underway whereas Austria would occupy Belgrade for a period of time. Serbia rejected the ultimatum whereas the Austrian Prime Minister in a panic ordered mobilisation AGAINST SERBIA against the express will of the emperor who was prepared to continue negotiations. As was planned before hand, Russia mobilised against both Austro Hungary and Germany. Russian troops began advancing against both countries. Churchill mobilised the fleet and sent it down the Channel. France mobilised (as agreed beforehand during the visit of the French president to St. Petersburg) and finally with the Russian army and the French advancing, Germany was forced to declare war. The German ambassador in Russia begged the Russians to reverse the mobilisation but to no avail. In tears he handed over the war declaration. The main causes of the war were the Pan-Slavism of the Russian grand Dukes who wanted to unite the Slavs and grab Constantinople, the desire of revenge of the French who wanted to grab Alsace Lorraine which they had lost in 1870. The German population of the territories had recently voted in a referendum to remain within the Reich. And of course German competition to the British in world trade. As can be seen, Germany did not invade any fellow European nations. On the contrary, it was other nations who declared war on Germany as general mobilisation was a declaration of war. To get the French nation to go to war, it was proposed to have a false-flag operation on the German border, the fiery anti-war socialist orator Jean Jaures was assassinated and Caillaux, the only opposition in the cabinet was the victim of a scandal whereas his mistress’ letters were stolen and published in a newspaper. His outraged wife shot the editor of the newspaper (paid by the Russians). Caillaux was forced to resign and the road to war was opened. President Poincare admitted nine years later that they were the first to mobilise. For more info on the subject I would suggest reading Leon Degrelle, HITLER BORN AT VERSAILLIES and Alexander Solzhenitzyn AUGUST 1914. In fact, Germany was so ill-prepared for war that the Kaiser was on holiday on his yacht in the Baltic at the time. Russian troops were already on German soil when war was declared.

Germany’s ultimate treason against Europe was allying itself with Japan … I fail to see what Japan had to do with Europe. It must be remembered that it was the US which cut oil to Japan and forced Japan into war. It must also be remembered that JAPAN WAS AN ASIAN POWER IN ASIA, whereas the French, the Dutch, the British and the U.S. were colonial powers. To most Asians, Japan was the liberator of Asia when it kicked out the British from Hong Kong and Malaya, the French from Indochina, the US from the Philippines, the Dutch from what is now Indonesia. They were also the allies of the Indian National Army, which eventually made the Brits understand that India had to be free. The leaders were trained in Germany. But that is Asia and except for the imperialists, it should have had nothing to do with Europe. The great criminals of course are the French and British who brought colonial troops to fight on European soil and the Americans who brought their own niggers. This, more than anything else, destroyed the myth of the invincibility of the White man. Seeing what we were doing to each other, they lost all respect they might have had for us.

As regards the so-called “master race” concept of the Germans, it is largely propaganda. There is only one people who think they are the master race. Read the Old Testament. For a start, the concept is rather funny. Hitler, although with blue eyes, was not tall, and he had rather dark, chestnut brown hair. Goebbels had one leg shorter than the other, was short in stature and was swarthy as a prune. Sepp Dietrich looked like the muscular proprietor of a Marseilles bar. Martin Borman was bent over like a retired bicycle champion. Apart from a few Nordic giants serving apertifs on the terrace at Berchtesgaden, big, strong men with blond hair and cornflower-blue eyes did not abound in Hitler’s entourage. Imagine the surprise of the Germans descending through Russia, at meeting nothing but blue-eyed blondes. And such blondes! the exact type of the perfect Aryans that had been held up to them as ideals. Blond men and blond women. If one held to the sacrosanct canons of Hitlerism, one could not imagine a race more typically Aryan. (Degrelle as reported in the Barnes Review, P.O. Box 15877, Washington, D.C., 20003). In fact a million Russians fought on German side including 300 000 Muslims plus 150 000 Jews or part Jews (to the highest echelon of the army and the Party), 5000 Indians and hundreds of thousands of other Europeans. They were fighting communism and for the liberation of their countries.

As to Hitler and communism, it was not possible for him to ally himself with Britain and the US in a battle against communism as those two countries were not fighting communism. They created it, financed it and made a lot of money from it. It must be remembered that a lot of Bolshevik leaders were US Jews. In fact, the first Petrograd Soviet was comprised of 354 members, including 16 Russians, two American niggers, the rest were Jews, 250 came from New York with Trotsky (Bronstein). American Jews were running Russia in 1917 and Jacob Schiff from Koen and Loeb Bank, New York, financed the entire revolution. The rulers of America did not want to fight their friends in Russia. Hitler by his pre–emptive strike against the Soviet Union, saved Europe. The Russians were secretly moving their entire army by night toward the border. They already had cleared the border of mines and other obstacles to have a clean line of attack. They would have attacked a month later at most. Hitler took them unprepared. At the time of the war in the West, only 6 divisions were facing the East. (Soviet Archives)

As to Churchill, he was an admirer of Hitler and said so: “If Britain found itself in the same position as Germany after WWI, it would have welcomed a leader of the caliber of Adolf Hitler.” Churchill loved war. Remember how he sent 300 000 Anzacs to be massacred at Gallipoli. He was also an inveterate drunk and a gambler. But the Jews realized his potential. In 1929 he lost heavily on the stock market crash. Bernard Baruch, a friend of his and head of World Jewry, told him not to worry, he had him covered. Then in the 30′, he was so in debt that he risked losing his beloved Chartwell residence. Again, another Jew, Henry Strakosh, founder member of the SA Reserve Bank, gave him 120 000 Pounds (today equivalent to $10 million) to pay his debts. He was hooked and from then on did what he was told. His most famous speech “We’ll fight them on the beaches,” etcl, was made by an actor as he was dead drunk at the time. Not a nice man at all. In fact, he lost the British and the French empires and handed half of Europe to the Soviets. Hitler offered peace, but Churchill wanted war… The rest is history.

ANZU in his 12 November blog confuses Austro Hungary with Germany. Germany had a defence treaty with Austro Hungary but had nothing to do with the Serbian debacle. It had enough problems with the aggressive mood of the French and the Russians. As to England disarming in the 30′, it is part of the propaganda. In fact Britain was arming and its production of aircraft was greater than Germany. During the battle of Britain, it had a reservoir of 1400 well trained pilots and aircraft to match. As to the territory which Germany had been “justly deprived” at Versailles, those were not colonies, they were German-populated lands. Germany was cut up against all international norms, with its population given to aliens to rule. Why shouldn’t Hitler rebuild his nation? As to the Battle of the Somme, it must be remembered again that it was not the German who mobilised first, but the French. Poincare admitted it. Therefore the blame for the battle rests on the French for starting the war. Again, in WWII, Poland was the first to mobilise and to march toward the border. The Polish president would not have commissioned a painting of himself riding through the streets of Berlin if Poland had no intention of going to war. In fact, Poland had already invaded the territory of Teschen in Czechoslovakia. The British guarantee for Poland’s border was just a sham as it was only aimed at Germany, not Russia. With that guarantee, the Poles broke negotiation with Germany over a rail/road corridor to East Prussia and started banging the war drums.


Wishing you all the best, I remain


  • 8 Responses to “CMM Responds…”

    1. FeralWhiteMale Says:

      Most of this information is old news and it’s sad that more so-called White Nationalists don’t know it, but not that surprising. There are other side issues and details some of CMM’s reply brings up such as how Gavrilo Princip was jewish and King Boris and his wife and others were pro-Hitler and were murdered by jews and other Reds.

    2. FeralWhiteMale Says:

      King Boris was from Bulgaria, and this just reminded me that the BEST movies that could possibly ever be produced based on true life could be made from the Axis point of view. Such as Skorzeny’s rescue of il Duce, etc. Some day…

    3. FeralWhiteMale Says:

      Actually, I’ll clarify one thing… that the Third Reich’s economy was a brilliant new system that did not use precious metal backed currency — which is unnecessary — was the primary reason for the asshole Allies France and the UK to bring Germany down is not true. It was A reason, not THE reason.

    4. Jahan Says:

      I have read Wolf Rüdiger Hess’s book, “Who Murdered Rudolf Hess”.

      It was terrible, the way they didn’t let him spend any time alone with his father, or let them even have more than 15 minutes of FREE UNIMPEDED, UNINTERRUPTED OR UNCONTROLLED CONVERSATION.

    5. Howdy Doody Says:

      I have read Wolf Rüdiger Hess’s book, “Who Murdered Rudolf Hess”.

      It was terrible, the way they didn’t let him spend any time alone with his father, or let them even have more than 15 minutes of FREE UNIMPEDED, UNINTERRUPTED OR UNCONTROLLED CONVERSATION.

      Its amazing really that they are so hyper paranoid and fear that the truth could get out to the addled masses, they prevented conversation with his son.

      Though when you see what they did to a gentleman Ernst Zundel and the http://www.ussliberty.org then you can understand these freaks.

    6. New America Says:

      in reply to Feral White Male:

      Your first reply dealt with the fascinating movies that could be made from the examples of the true Aryan warriors.

      I could not agree more.

      They would have to be stated in the framework of science fiction…

      Great idea!

      Your second reply dealt with the single most important reason the German Miracle had to be destroyed.

      They simply did away with ALL middlemen, as part of their tremendous gifts of economic productivity, which derives from the unique RACIAL gifts of these people.

      Remember, the “gold standard” was supported by those who favored international trade with totally superfluous financial middlemen. The historical pattern was silver for the internal currency, and gold as the basis of the external currency. Turning both to a gold “standard” simply made one and all, all but serfs.

      THAT is what the hook-nosed demons fear – the day the people realize that value is a function of perception, and requires Creation to form it from otherwise “worthless” raw materials.

      Damn these Goddamn JEWS.

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    7. Olde_Dutch Says:

      Part history. Part fairytale.

    8. Howdy Doody Says:

      Olde_Dutch Says:

      11 April, 2008 at 6:29 am

      Part history. Part fairytale.

      Since first time I read you, IMO you have showed you self as anti to me.