22 April, 2008

Green Marxism

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Earth Day is April 22, 2008, so this is a good time to mention how global warming activism = green Marxism. Like regular communism, it’s dogmatic, international, and a secular religion that’s bent on saving mankind (mankind and Mother Earth).

We are supposed to believe that a global temperature increase of 1 degree during the past 150 years is “proof” of global warming.

How long before Western governments make green ideas mandatory? How long before “global warming denial” laws are installed?

More about global warming: [Here].

  • 12 Responses to “Green Marxism”

    1. Stan Says:

      “Why isn’t Earth Day everyday?”

    2. Zorastro Says:

      And just after one of the coldest, longest, most brutal winters on record. I guess the actual physical evidence ofa any type, be it biological, geological, sociological, doesn’t amount to anything in the jewified liberal mindset, just the opposite, like with any religious sect: declare the mantra and repeat it endlessly until everybody’s ready to puke….and then wake up covered in snow and ice. For good.

    3. Anon Says:

      Great summary of this cleverly disguised Marxist movement Socrates.

    4. Celtic Warrior Says:

      White people, stop breathing, you’re exhaling a green house gas! That’s the ulimate motivation and bottom line of the greenies. A similar ‘movement’, animal liberation, was started by the Aussie jew Peter Singer.


      NEW ORLEANS – President Bush and the leaders of Mexico and Canada delivered a forceful message Tuesday to the next president of the United States: Don’t mess with NAFTA.

    6. Steve Says:

      We need fewer, but higher quality, people on earth. The only reason humans are more valuable than other animals is that we do more with less. Ants can crawl around in the soil and make ant hills, but we can use the same earth and sort through the minerals, accumulate knowledge to use them and manipulate them, and build a rocket to go to the moon with the very same soil. If the greenies were serious, they’d be for minimizing the world population of those who don’t contribute to the upward progress of mankind.

    7. Mike Quigley Says:

      We will just have to get the black and brown people to stop exhaling.(or inhaling). LOL Greenies



    9. ein Says:

      I’m not so sure either way. I’m not a scientist and have no fixed opinions on the subject. But I don’t know if I agree with all this scepticism on the right. Not EVERYTHING has to be a Jewish/Leftist/Marxist plot. I’ll hold off for more information.

    10. ein Says:

      To Yustschinsky: Very interesting article. Thank you.

      “Mexican President Felipe Calderón was particularly blunt, warning that weakening the 14-year-old pact would damage the Mexican economy and could cause “even greater migratory pressure” on Mexicans to cross the border to look for work in the U.S.”

      I would have liked to tell him (too bad that nobody did): “Not if we reenforce our southern border, as vigorously as Mexico reenforces its southern border!”
      What answer would he have for that?

    11. Raskolnikov Says:

      What’s wrong with ‘being green’? The National Socialist government in Germany was the progenitor of most modern environmentalist programs and ideas, though nobody wants to admit it.

      I happen to abhor the destruction of nature and the car-culture brought about by the cheap oil boom of the 20th century which is a major (though not the only) contributor to climate change and pollution. Thankfully, we will soon run out of oil and that may slow the damage Jewish supercapitalism has done has done to the environment.

    12. bruce Says:

      there is no glowbull warming caused by man this is a hoax created by anti-american commies.this is the modern piltdown man.there is no proof just a lot of shouting which is echoed by the lame stream media.commies and democrats don’t need facts as they are infallible.