29 April, 2008

Iran Rejects Westoxication

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The very nerve of the Iranians. It seems that they want to preserve their culture. Don’t they know that preserving your culture isn’t allowed anymore – unless you get special permission? Don’t they know that there is only a one world culture now, which is based on Jewish-produced entertainment? Can you imagine an Iran with no movies that push multiculturalism and materialism? No magazines that push feminism and faggotry? The unmitigated gall of the Persians…


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  7. 5 Responses to “Iran Rejects Westoxication”

    1. John Says:

      I wish that there was some way in which we could express our support for Iran.
      If Jewmerikwa attacks Iran there should be public demonstrations by WN/NS patriots all over the white world.

    2. Arch Stanton Says:

      That’s it, now I’m pissed! I was Ok with the Mullah-turbine-head thing and all that, but ban the Barbie!? The Chutzpa of these . . . oh wait, that won’t work. The next thing you know they’ll want to ban those slutty looking Bratz dolls and if they do that then it’s Katie-bar-the-door, no telling how far they’ll go. They must be stopped – now!!! Why wait? Now is as good a time as any. Let’s move on in there for Barbie, Bratz, apple pie and the American rag -uh – flag. I don’t care if Barbie and Bratz were Jewish ideas designed to sexualize prepubescent girls. I don’t care if the Jews destroy cultures with their “Westoxication”. All women have a right to look and act like washed out, two-bit, shiksa, whores and if those damn rag heads can’t accept that, then I say kill them all and let Yahweh sort them out – Oh wait that won’t work Yahweh is our God, he won’t want to sort them out. Kill them all and let Allah sort them out!!! No that doesn’t seem to fit either, Allah would probably want to kill us all, sans sorting. Wait a minute, is it actually a rule that if we kill them all some god or other has to sort them out? Can’t we just kill them all and forget about the tracking logistics of mass murder? Maybe we can go back to the nonexistent nuclear weapons now? Please?

    3. -jc Says:

      Last night, I changed a gas water heater thermocouple for a young Russian woman I know. She said that, in summer, her apartment owner in Russia would turn-off the hot water for months at a time– said he was replacing pipes, etc. And the tap water was cold as only those who live in the mountains or North country understand. She was very grateful to be able to take a shower once again, after only a ten dollar investment.

      We discussed Russia and the standard of living to which many Russians became accustomed due to the ravages and priorities under communism. She let me know that it degraded much in the culture and brought out the worst in young women, who were desperate for what they actually needed, not just were convinced they needed by the media.

      A friend pointed-out the apparent nationality of the majority of women on what he describes as the softest porn sites, e.g., http://www.domai.com. Seems many are White, with an admixture of mongol blood, and apparently were at least FROM Russia. He claims that much of this comes from left-liberal Skandanavia.

      This would coincide with the reports I hear of Russian women representing a large proportion of those who emigrate looking for work and ending-up sex slaves.

      My guess is that devout Muslims would rather fight than see this happen to their women. We should have had similar concerns long ago but would seem to have been gradually accustomed to “tolerance,” by the usual suspects, probably starting with Vaudeville, which degenerated into television, Hollywood, and print media today. When William Pierce was the National Alliance, he wrote much on this, e.g., The Nature of the Beast and Who Rules America, which is good review.

      Writers like Charlie Reese have done much toward expressing sympathy if not solidarity with the Muslim world toward resisting this, while naming Israel nationalism rather than Jews as a race. Forwarding links to important, well-read sites like VNN and Podblanc are a good strategy to increase awareness at this point.

      The high cost of living, not only in dollars but death, destruction, and cultural destruction is beginning to insinuate itself into a lot of formerly contented American lives. Those uncomfortable but still relatively unaware need to have sources of information that help them connect the dots. Building various WN media sources that insure against the network being subject to sabotage, leader incarceration or assassination, etc., not to mention unhealthy competition, is essential. And, finally, in my opinion, we must not put all of our eggs in the Internet basket. Copying DVDs, print media, and at least possessing micro-FM transmission equipment to be used in the event of an Internet blackout, are good alternatives to develop enough to have ready if necessary if the net essentially goes down. The mass media and the Postal Service are simply too controlled presently and the prospects for control of the Internet loom large on the horizon, given how effective it is already.

    4. Sri Sreggin Das, Mystic Yogi of the Kali Yuga Says:

      People said, “Oh, it’s just the Twist–a harmless dance.”

      Others said, “Well, what harm can a doll do?”

      Some said, “It’s just a comic book!”

      All true.

      What they did not see is those who would take these things and push them even further, not only to make money, but to express their undying hatred of the West.

      The Nazis saw this with the Frankfort School and made short work of it, using force to remove it, much as a farmer must use force to remove ever-growing weeds.

      Iran is not going to let the weeds take root.

    5. ein Says:

      I wish that there were some way in which we could express our support for Iran.
      If Jewmerikwa attacks Iran, there should be public demonstrations by WN/NS patriots all over the white world.

      Within limits, I can feel some sympathy for Iran; but I am also leery. A fundamentalist Moslem state is not the best, most desireable ally. I view it with caution. Is this what we would want to support? We have to choose our friends and alies more carefully. Historically, America has not shown wisdom in choosing its allies, most of whom have done us more harm than good. In a squabble between two other parties, both drunk or unreasonable, sometimes you don’t want to get involved with either side.

      PS. Very good comments and sensible advice from JC.