29 April, 2008

New Buchanan Book About WWII

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His book “Churchill, Hitler, and The Unnecessary War: How Britain Lost Its Empire and the West Lost the World” will be available in May. It will be good reading for Joe Ordinary Citizen. (Now the Jews are going to have to start a campaign to reinforce the lie that WWII – i.e., the war that wrecked White culture – was a good/necessary war. Of course, Only The Jew Won World War Two):

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    1. Martin Says:

      Where the hell is Alex Linder lately?

      There haven’t been any Radio Istina broadcasts or even any forum posting from him for weeks. I hope this is not due to ill-health or any other problems. Can anyone shed any light on when Alex will be back, and when Radio Istina will resume?

      Alex – some of us out here really look forward to your words of wisdom and hope to see you back soon….

    2. mark Says:

      where is he indeed?

    3. jim donaldson Says:

      In his article “Was World War II Worth It?” Mr Buchanan makes no mention of the “Holocaust”. Does he mention it in the book? After all, in his article he talks about the communist takeover of Eastern Europe, as though that were something of importance, when, as we all have learned from school, the only thing of importance in World War II was the”Holocaust”.

    4. Celtic Warrior Says:

      We should all go ballistic when thinking of the tens of millions of fine White men and women killed in World War jEW.

      What an explosion of rage there would be if our dumbed-down brothers knew the truth.

    5. ein Says:

      Carpenter says: “After the war, the Russians killed more than two million Germans, and millions more were forced to leave their ancestral homes in the East. Millions of German and Austrian women were raped by the Russians.”

      No argument, and not to be picky, but I think you should have said “Soviets”. They weren’t just Russians; they were from everywhere. And many were non-whites (very much including the Khazar bosses), which seems to have been the general idea behind it all. (You know, “racial revenge”.)

    6. Voir Dire Says:

      Carpenter: I was just listening to the first part of Michael Hoffman’s (Part I of a four-part CD’s) of the “Judaic mentality” whereby he was talking about just those very atrocities as well as the British/American genocide bombings/burnings of German civilians all owing to the treachery of Jewish patsies Churchhill and Roosevelt.

      May we likewise never forget the true holocaust committed against the white Russians by the Jewish bolsheviks nor the ongoing Jewish orchestrated carnage against African whites and American/European whites by their black goon sqauds.

      The fury mounts with every disclosed truth which is why they are so determined to keep a lid on their Pandora’s box of collective sins so egregious to the whole of humanity with their police state mechanisms. Satan himself must look upon them with envy. It reinforces why all the now-deceased writers who tried to warn about the Jews throughout history as well as our contemporary writers, and our unjustly imprisoned revisionists languishing in jail cells and still-free revisionists are amongst our most laudable heroes.

    7. sgruber Says:

      Alex Linder posted something here on 04/28. He’s probably taking care of day-to-day business. Quit pressuring the dude like a jewish mother! :)