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30 May, 2008

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Just after a photo exhibit about that subject comes a book about it: [Article].

30 May, 2008

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“But I was able to steal from TWELVE goyim today!” That’s right, Bud White, Mark Faust and Mishko Novosel are back on Friday nights at 9pm on the Voice of Reason radio network: Join us as we cover the past week in Jewish news. Broadcasting in cd quality stereo.Again, the new url for shows […]

29 May, 2008

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Two White men will go on trial for their honesty about non-Whites who shouldn’t even be in England in the first place. Note: Jews such as Frank Soskice played key roles in the creation of Britain’s “anti-racism” laws: [Article]. More about Sheppard and O’Farrell: [Here], [Here] and [Here].

27 May, 2008

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This information may be of interest to some White Christians: [Article].

27 May, 2008

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by Charley Reese: [Here].

26 May, 2008

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Newbies, notice that a “sex-change” operation doesn’t change a person’s sex. If you were born with an “X” and a “Y” chromosome, you’re a male, now and forever, no matter how much make-up you pile on. The word “she” cannot ever apply to you. Also, the word “gender” – which has today been co-opted by […]

26 May, 2008

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A negro is the suspect in that stabbing death: [Article].

25 May, 2008

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He’s the Nationalist Coalition’s candidate in Florida’s District 46: [Article].

25 May, 2008

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by Eustace Mullins. “Ask any American college graduate – ‘What is the greatest evil which has ever existed upon this earth?’ He will reply very promptly, and energetically, ‘Nazism!’ He gives this answer because it is what he has been taught. In fact, it is all he has been taught, and it is the sole […]

24 May, 2008

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This is a good topic for new readers, especially with a presidential election coming up in November. America wasn’t regularly called a “democracy” until F.D. Roosevelt – with help from his heavily-Jewish staff – began tossing the word around in the 1930s [1]. Before that time, democracy was generally considered to be a bad thing […]