14 May, 2008

Blog: Rob Chapman

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A rather new blog that debuted in February: [Here].

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    1. Rush Limbaugh Warmed Over Says:

      There are way too many patriotards and neocons on this guy’s blogroll.

      I notice under the “Links Of Interest To Whites” category he has Tammy Bruce’s name listed (she’s an openly lesbian jew and a rabid Israel Firster).

      Why would any self-respecting white person give a shit what Tammy the kosher kike dike has to say?

    2. FeralWhiteMale Says:

      He’s posted writers who wax nostalgic about the “Republic” that America was created as and is supposed to be. Spare me. I don’t weep over that old heap that has been so easily corrupted by the jews and greedy white assholes. No amount of repeating what great men like Patrick Henry said or did is going to justify the structure of a government that failed its own people.

      What Whites should be upset about is the destruction of the only governments organized for its own people — German National Socialism and to a lesser extent Italian Fascism. National Socialism proved it was the best structure by its phenomenal success in ALL areas of human life from 1933 to 1939 and even through the war years. National Socialism did not fail in any aspect whatsoever except one — it was destroyed militarily by the goddamn “republics” and “democracies” of the jew-infested West.

      Good job… you “greatest generation” of fucking morons.

    3. sgruber Says:

      It could go either way. Maybe he’s just a recovering patriotard. Maybe he’s a beard. We’ll see.

    4. Rob Chapman Says:

      It is my opinion that one would do well to read as widely as possible, from differing points of view and from all sides, and make up ones mind for one’s self.

      You see, I am not afraid to read other’s materials that don’t conform exactly 100% to the what some may see as pure WN-ism.

      In fact, I see it as a strength. Through reading and researching every possible source I can, it allows a wide breath of knowledge and differing perspectives on any given issue.

      That is why I am so secure in my viewpoints as a WN and know that they are right. I’ve seen the other side, and I reject it. I stand quite firm in my beliefs and wish to promote them to as wide as an audience as possible.

      As far as being a Jew-loving apologist Rush Limbo? Please. I can’t stand that MF-er. I consider him part of the problem and what is so very wrong with our government today.

      Tammy Bruce a WN? No. Does she have something interesting, truthful and relevant to say regarding issues relevant to our struggle, at least on occasion? Yes.

      A Partiotard? Not sure what that is, but if that means I beleive in what the Founding Fathers and the original Constitution stood for, then, I guess I’m a tard. Defending the original intent of the Founders is hardly something I would consider a negative.

      If I may make a respectful critique to your earlier dialog, it seems that some are quite intent on finding fault and criticism. Perhaps it would be more useful to OUR Movement if you look for the similarities instead of the differences.

      If you would have taken an actual in-depth look at the articles and opinions presented, and not a cursory perusal of a link that you didn’t approve of, you may not have come to the conclusion you did.

      Although I may be a bit more on the “moderate”side for your tastes,
      take a real good look and you may realize that I’m actually on your side.

      I use my real name, paid for my own site, and post on SF, NewsNet14, anti-immigration sites, anti-Zionist and pro-White sites every single day. Check them out. My user name is always Rob Chapman.

      Instead of criticizing and finding fault with fellow Whites, I actually try to support, defend and encourage.

      Perhaps you would do well to do the same.

    5. Rush Limbaugh Warmed Over Says:

      “You see, I am not afraid to read other’s materials…”

      Just because you read them doesn’t mean you have to put them on your blogroll.

      A blogroll link is tantamount to an endorsement.

      In Tammy Bruce’s case, the last thing any sane WN ought to do is to give the impression that they endorse this vile jew bitch.

      Besides being a neocon shitbag, she’s also a radical feminist of the Lorena Bobbitt variety who advocates legal discrimination against men.

      In fact, all of her political positions seem to derive in some way from her burning hatred of the male gender.

      Even her supposedly patriotic anti-immigration rhetoric appears to come from her belief that Mexicans and other third worlders are inherently chauvinistic and misogynistic.

      BTW, my view of her is not based on a “cursory perusal of a link”.

      I’ve listened to her nauseating radio show plenty of times and I know whereof I speak.