30 May, 2008

More About France Under the German Occupation

Posted by Socrates in historical factualism, History for newbies, holocaust racket, Nazi era, Nazis, Socrates, World War II at 8:15 pm | Permanent Link

Just after a photo exhibit about that subject comes a book about it:


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  7. 5 Responses to “More About France Under the German Occupation”

    1. John Says:

      There was no German occupation, Hitler liberated France.

    2. English Steve Says:

      He, he.

      Look at some of the comments:

      “My mother who now is 92 lived
      trough the occupation of Belgium.
      She always says that these years
      where the most fantastic years she
      had . She always said the German
      soldiers behaved very courtuously.
      It was unthinkable that a German
      soldier would harass a Belgian girl.

      Pat, Ghent, Belgium”

    3. Howdy Doody Says:

      The Frrench HIgh Command was SICK of the filthy Paris Goverment, and Hilter gave them the chance to see the light.

      The jooo’s had the French fleet sunk by their and our fellow Slaves to these monsters the British.

    4. Whitepride Says:

      I would go as far as to say that MOST of the comments on the article were pro-German. There is a real change in the zeitgeist.

      History is on the move.

    5. Edward Says:

      This follows on from a book of around fifteen years ago which claimed the French Resistance didn’t actually exist. I doubt this particular volume is a harbinbger of change to any great degree. Remember who controls what.

      Howdy Doody – why do you (and other stupid people) continually and insultingly lump together the ‘British’ (I’m sure you mean English really) elite with the ordinary men and women of this country? Anti-English prejudice is terribly flattering (I mean so long as they are talking about one, right?) but it is really part of the divide and rule ethos by which those who run our affairs stay in control. I mean really -‘Monsters’? Grow up, silly cunt.