29 June, 2008

Announcement by Vincent Reynouard

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One year in prison and a 25,000 Euro fine for truth-telling:

“On June 19, 2008, section 61 of the Brussels criminal court found Siegfried Verbeke and me guilty of “disputing crimes against humanity”, sentencing us to a year’s imprisonment and ordering us to pay 25,000 euros in fines, damages and various costs… Moreover, it ordered the immediate arrest of Siegfried Verbeke and perhaps of myself as well (a friend of ours who attended the hearing says no, but the press reports state the opposite and we haven’t been able to get an answer from the Clerk’s Office).” The rest: [Here].

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  7. 7 Responses to “Announcement by Vincent Reynouard”

    1. 2050 Says:

      They keep sticking their fingers in the holes in the dike. oh look, another leak, oh, and another… itz coming.
      They hope to make it to 2050 without us getting too uppity. they figure then were done.

    2. Voir Dire Says:

      Any updates on O’ Farell’s and Sheppard’s arrests anyone?

    3. Dental Plan Says:

      If what they’re saying is bullshit then there’s no reason to treat them like they were caugh pantless in a terrified girl’s bedroom. That court is basically announcing to the entire thinking world that Jewish Imperialism’s sole justification is a bigger lie than all the Pearl Harbor-Tonkin Gulf-9/11 frauds combined.

    4. Socrates Says:

      Voir Dire: see here: http://www.heretical.com/ at the top of the page.

    5. ED! Says:

      We are born, grow up and die, that is life, I can deal with that! What I find intolerable are the problems in my life that have been caused by Jewry. What can one say about a race which goes about sucking up the wealth of others aided by their complete lack of moral scruples! Like a wolverine pissing in your food store, what they can’t eat they ruin! Life is so bad under the Jew that we cannot say anything about the rape we receive from them, without going to jail or suffering some other form of punishment!

      Any time I hear people complain I name the Jew, at the gas pump, in the supermarket line, or anywhere else I have the opportunity. I will continue to do so until they take away free speech in America at which point it is time to fight! If all White Nationals felt the way I do then we could be doing that as I type!

      There is NO political or civil solution to the Jewish Question. The only thing that the Jews and their stupid Dispensationalist enforcers and lieutenants understand is RAW, BRUTE FORCE!

      If you do not have THOR’S HAMMER then get one, and learn to use it, and properly care for it!


    6. Celtic Warrior Says:

      ED! is absolutely right.

    7. Voir Dire Says:

      Thank you much, Socrates, for the link.