5 June, 2008

Ireland: Lisbon Treaty Vote, June 12

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Will the Irish people be fooled into giving away their sovereignty to the NWO/JWO? Ireland’s vote could ‘make-or-break’ the treaty for the whole of Europe:


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    1. confederate Says:

      Will the Irish people be fooled into giving away their sovereignty to the NWO/JWO?

      you betcha!

    2. Howdy Doody Says:

      Perhaps it will be when there is nothing left to lose it will blow.

      The elite want the bulk of the Whites sudued and deleted.

    3. Celtic Warrior Says:

      For the past decade Ireland enjoyed a welcome level of prosperity. The globalists have probably maintained this economic situation over and above Ireland’s inherent resource base in order to suck in more and more non-whites and get the Irish people to sell out to the jEwU.

      Unfortunately, the spirit of 1916 doesn’t appear to be alive and well.

    4. Marwinsing Says:

      White Suicide drives a man to drink.

    5. Stronza Says:

      What does “booshied” and “koolied” mean?

    6. Celtic Warrior Says:

      If I may be permitted to give a translation:

      ‘Booshied’, probable typo for ‘bolshied’, ie. being forced to live under jew communism.

      ‘Koolied’, ie. being turned into a SE asian coolie, as in the jew global slave state.

      My apologies to Marwinsing if these rough translations are wrong.

    7. Whitepride Says:

      Sinn Fein fuckheads like Gerry Adams will kill other Whites in order to gain independence for Northern Ireland but will gladly accept niggers from Africa into their country.

      What the fuck gives?!?!

    8. Jeewizardly Says:

      Ever listen to Sinead O’Connor? A significant part of the Irish population don’t think of themselves as White. They identify with niggers and civil rights due to the English occupation.

    9. Marwinsing Says:

      @ Celtic Warrior : – Nah bro’ no worries that’s just how ons praat hierso binne Suid-Afrika se kant want ons is mos egt waar wit mense wat gee nie ‘n vok wat ons se watmakaal sonder se onder kant want ons maak onse eie taal op wat ons so is almakaar opgat so… heh-heh…

      Brother if you cunts from the West THINK you are under pressure JUST remember YOU fellows SANCTIONED us white Saffers — you decided to kill US off YOU CUNTS! — to DIE way back in the eighties remember oh don’t you ah you fucking liars you are.

      We will haunt you Western cunts yes we will.

    10. Marwinsing Says:

      Thank you White West.


    11. Marwinsing Says:

      Okay. Let me be quite frank. We (or SOME of us) White Saffers (who are politically aware) think YOU White Westerners are a bunch of cunts.

      Can I be more explicit?

      Suck on it chinas, suck on it.

      You basically DISGUST us.


    12. Marwinsing Says:

      YOU sold us out.

    13. Marwinsing Says:

      Thank you White West, thank you – WE face genocide, NOT you. WE are LIVING through it right now, not you – get? Fucking morons!

    14. Marwinsing Says:

      Okay – let us spell it out to you sheeple quite straight. You’re 68% up. And you got cunts like Cunt-face-Obama and McInsane running for Prez!?! WHY the FUCK have you NOT revolted yet???




    15. Marwinsing Says:

      Come on… who owns a TV set here? Come on… own up.



      I bet YOU ALL DO!


    16. Marwinsing Says:

      WALK your TALK.

    17. Marwinsing Says:

      Gentlemen – one of these days we are going to have to pull the plug.


      Let us do it.

      The time has come.

    18. Arminius Says:

      please, stop this uncouth language here, will you?
      It does not do you any good and will in no way improve matters. Rest assured, the day of reckoning will come for America, and with a nigger at the helm probably much sooner than they thought.
      But how about your South Africa? If the white race in your niggerized country is much more endangered- which I believe,- why do you and you comrades do not take up the arms? You are a million or so! What are you waiting for? A sign of God? Look at Afghanistan, Iraq, Libanon etc. Or how the niggers in Africa “liberated” themselves in the sixties? With guns! O.K., the jews and commies helped them, but do we really need outside assistance? I believe we can be strong enough to take matters into our own hands.
      Marwinsing, set an example!

    19. Marwinsing Says:


    20. Marwinsing Says:

      @ Arminius – language ain’t my forté. And I am not here to set ANY example. I am here TO DO.

    21. exalted grand-master oberführer double diamond jim! Says:

      ‘Arminius’…. But how about your South Africa? If the white race in your niggerized country is much more endangered- which I believe,- why do you and you comrades do not take up the arms? You are a million or so!….. …or how the niggers in Africa “liberated” themselves in the sixties? With guns! OK, the jews and commies helped them but do we really need outside assistance? I believe we can be strong enough to take matters into our own hands. Marwinsing, set an example!

      we need to be helping the white Sth Africans….not asking them to “help them-selves”….they’re “under siege”….a small population of white people on the verge of a genocidal extinction!…..Sth Africa now has 0zz-style-gun-laws…(‘Marwinsing’ can correct me on that if i am wrong)……the only “plus” is that, because most of their police force there are now “mudz”, the ‘gun-laws’ are not competently & rigorously enforced…like they, un-fortunately, are in Australia!……what-ever: the Sth African whites are out-gunned @ least 10-to-1 if not more…..youse ‘Kwans, OTOH, (i’m assuming yr a ‘Kwan, right?) have fckn shit-loads of guns AND EXPLOSIVES! (you can very easily make IEDs, too, if “pushed”…..even that, in 0zz, is now stuffed….you can’t even buy ‘pre-cursor’ chemicals!)….the ball’s in YOUR court, champ!….get out there on the fckn streets & start RUNNING AMOK agin’ niggz, jewz & spicz!…WTF’s it gunna take to get youse cunts “up & running”…..?……..a nigga Prez’ declaring “open season” on white people?!?

    22. Luek Says:

      Sure they will! Ireland is filling up with niggers galore! They can’t get enough of non-Whites!

      And why not? The Whites in America will probably turn over the sovereignty of the USA over to the third world this November by electing a nigger as their President.

    23. Anon Says:

      And McCain is better?

    24. Celtic Warrior Says:

      Marwinsing, vnners understand the desparate situation White South Africans are facing.

      About 2 years ago I had a stop-over in Johannesburg, so decided to visit the ‘show case’ city of Pretoria. As it is the state capital I expected it to be a quiet, orderly mostly White city. Well, I was wrong! There were hardly any Whites on the streets and nigger kids were scrambling all over the Vortrekker monument in the central square.

      It is then I realised that this is the scenario jews and globalists have in mind for the whole white world. Let’s not kid ourselves, we are in a battle for survival.

    25. Voir Dire Says:

      Since the Jews have a vested interest in seeing the Whites in Africa exterminated which is precisely why no attention has been given to their horrific plight or offers of refugee asylum forthcoming from the Western world, why not do what the third-world transplants have been doing forever: green card them in and then through chain migration their entire families.

    26. Howdy Doody Says:

      Chicom’s are in Rhodesia now, and in other parts of Afreaka right now.

      LONDON and NYC instigated treason against ALL Western Nations with their Media and puppets over throwing Ian Smith and Whtie rule.

      Hell the Rhodesian Blacks did not want Black rule.


    27. Howdy Doody Says:

      I was 22 when I enlisted in the Rhodie Army in 1979. I will be 52 this September. There were many in the Rhodesian Forces who were 16-17yrs of age – they considered me an old guy. They would be in their late 40’s now – old enough to soldier. The war started in 1965 and there were many serving in the Rhodesian Army in 1979 who took part in those early skirmishes. FYI there are grave markers of Canadian soldiers at Vimy in France who were plus 50 years of age at the time of their death in WW1.



      Main article: Sirhan Sirhan
      Wikisource has original text related to this article:
      Sirhan Sirhan’s diarySirhan Sirhan was strongly anti-Zionist.[34][35] A diary found during a search of Sirhan’s home stated, “My determination to eliminate RFK is becoming more and more of an unshakable obsession. RFK must die. RFK must be killed. Robert F. Kennedy must be assassinated. …. Robert F. Kennedy must be assassinated before 5 June 1968.” It has been suggested that the date of the assassination is significant, because it was the first anniversary of the first day of the Six Day War between Israel and its Arab neighbors.[36][37] When Sirhan was booked by police, they found in his pocket a newspaper article that discussed Kennedy’s support for Israel.[38] At his trial, Sirhan testified that he began to hate Kennedy after learning of Kennedy’s support for Israel.[39]

      During his trial, Sirhan’s lawyers attempted to use a defense of diminished responsibility,[34] while their client tried to confess to the crime and change his plea to guilty on several occasions.[40] Sirhan testified that he had killed Kennedy “with 20 years of malice aforethought,” although he has maintained since being convicted that he has no memory of the crime. The judge did not accept this confession and it was later withdrawn.[40][41]

      Sirhan was convicted on April 17, 1969 and six days later was sentenced to death.[42] The sentence was commuted to life in prison in 1972 after the California Supreme Court, in its decision in California v. Anderson, invalidated all pending death sentences imposed in California prior to 1972. In 2006, he was denied parole for the thirteenth time and is currently confined at the California State Prison in Corcoran.[43]

    29. saveireland Says:

      We have been running our own No campaign.The rest of the No campaign from the right wing pull their punches and are rather too defensive.

      We noticed a Paki and an Irish queer out destroying our posters and putting up antiracist stickers on them.


    30. Celtic Warrior Says:

      If only Irish people would remember the words of a 17th century folk song written at a time when Ireland was on the receiving end of Talmudic fury.

      “Grief shall come to our heartless foes and their thrones in the dust be seen.
      For Irish maids love none but those who wear the jackets green*”

      If only 21st century Irish women followed the sound instincts of their ancestors!

      *refers to General Sarsfield’s men.

    31. Anonymous Says:

      Irish women are just like any other Western women; virtually indistinguishable. Always looking for new and innovative ways to sell out their countrymen.

    32. Max laine Says:

      Vote no and help us save Finland. We can`t do it because of our politicians.

      Max from Finland

    33. Anonymous Says:

      Very wimped out politicians they are indeed. Isn’t it a little strange that these formerly warrior Scandanavian countries have become the biggest feminist bastions around in today?

    34. Stephan Mannstaedt Says:

      You are the only country in Europe who is still fighting for the democracy. About all other countries are trying to fight democracy by denying people the right to decide for themselves what they want.

      I want anEU where people are permitted to decide their own lives, a place where the governments are enlightening, and encourage people to participate in the democratic institution. An EU which uses knowledge as the basis for their decisions,and not religious believes.

      Denmark is for instance “ruled” by a primeminister, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, who openly has lied about the Iraq war, has created the Muhammad crisis by refusing to talk with not less than 11 ambassadors. The leader of a government which obviously don’t care aboutknowledge, but believe it has a god given right to tamper with scientific reports about the environment, because the results of the scientists don’t agree with political view of the government.

      Our “ruler” is a person who acts more like a religious leader than a statesman, as he is refusing to let independent persons examine how he and his government openly are misleading the Danish people.

      By voting NO to the treaty of Lisbon, the Irish people can help, not only the Danes, but most likely the entire EU, by forcing the governments to discuss the evolution of the EU with the voters, and not just try to rule the EU as a bunch of religious leaders who believe they have a god-given right to decide over other peoples lives!

    35. as Says:

      Whether Ireland will fulfil the ‘yes men’ part for the Lisbon treaty again??

      Whether fanatics UE will make them believe: “do it for your children”? And they will be looking with tears thereafter. They will be look on how these children are seeking employment abroad. Abroad of UE. As that from East of Europe now.