27 June, 2008

Jewed Media: The Meaning of Grinnin’ Timmy Russert

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Q. What’s the best word to describe Tim Russert?

A. Grinner. Like the Cheshire cat, Tim Russert was of grin and nothing else compact. The rest will fade, his grin is the only thing of him that will linger in our memories. Ol’ Grinnin’ Timmy. Timmy the Grinner. Rich man’s Dennis Quaid.

Q. Was Russert our best journalist?

A. Russert wasn’t a journalist but a politician employed in media. In function he was a publicist, a secretary, a ward heel, a conveyor belt, a host. He delivered Power to peons.

Q. What do you mean he wasn’t a journalist? Did he not ask questions and record answers?

A. The traditional view is that politicians are scum, and the job of the journalist is to extend the eye and ear of the weary worker by shining a brief light on a square foot of the continent of malfeasance his taxes subsidize. Today’s journalists don’t look down on politicians, they look up to them, or they look across the table at them. We’ve gone from Mencken’s There is only one way to look at a politician – down, to jew Berezovsky’s Media is [sic] politics. In Russert’s Irish Catholic grin we see all the corruption of Tammany Hall. We see in him the big grinning friend, the ward heel, the cog in the party machine, the loyal partisan. Do we see a journalist? No. Another saying: Journalism is what people don’t want known. The rest is publicity. Russert and the people he interviewed belong to the same class. They’re a club. They don’t want to get kicked out of the club. It’s a cozy and cosseted membership of multi-millionaires.

Journalists used to be called reporters or writers. Their profession was looked down on, as something necessary but undignified, like sewering. It wasn’t even called a profession back then but a craft. Its members were drunks, reprobates or adventurers, taking one with another. At some point that changed, and after Watergate it really speeded up. Journalism became a ticket to fame and riches. It became respectable and middle class. Instead of a craft that could be learned in a few weeks, journalism became something requiring years of specialized schooling, advanced degrees. The practical effect of this professionalization was a homogenization. All journalists think alike. Is that an exaggeration? No. More like an understatment. If you’ve read one news story, you’ve read them all. There are a handful of templates. All breaking news can be grouped into one of a handful of categories. A female or fry cook can do the rest. No swashbucklers need apply.

At the same time journalists were drying out and becoming respectable and professional, the industry was consolidating and streamlining. Where a big city might have had four dailies featuring forty writers with four hundred ideas in 1900, its 2008 counterpart featured one paper, staffed by twenty humorless corporate-leftists with zero ideas, following a party line. Chances were the daily belonged to a chain, and the chain was owned by a jew. A jew dedicated to Israel and the anti-White communism known as civil rights. No one outside that matrix need apply for a job, which was redundant, because no one outside the matrix would have made it into, let alone through, the j-school pipeline.

The concentration of the media combined with the funneling of professional development through schools of journalism made mass media bland, dumb and wrong. All mass media had settled answers for questions big and small, and all these answers were wrong. Yet no one doubting these answers could be employed by a mainstream outlet. If it weren’t for the rise of the Internet, no one would know that other answers existed. Just cows and chickens as far as the eye could see.

In this safe, settled, saccharine, Semitically Correct milieu, Tim Russert lived and moved and had his pre-infarction being. He was utterly comfortable with it. He was a postal clerk’s son made good. Not to like, whatz?

So when Power came to him, in the wake of 9/11, with tales of weapons of mass destruction, it never occurred to Grinnin’ Winnin’ Tim to doubt.

Q. If Russert was not a real journalist, give an example of what a real journalist would have said or written that he did not.

A. Ok. First, let the record show that Timmy the Grinner expressed regret he was not aware of the case against the Bush administration lies about WMD. Now, Timmy was obited up as this great preparer. This guy who would come in early on Sundays and polish his questions for Meet the Press. But he’s unaware of the thousands of bloggers – those amateurs to whom the tasks of real journalism have fallen – factually documenting the lies and motives of Bush and the jews behind him. He’s never heard of a guy like Scott Ritter. A real journalist would have creamed the best of the blogosphere and used his elevated platform to grill Cheney. Would have asked something like, “Mr. Cheney, is there anyone in the Bush administration willing to put the interests of America ahead of Israel?” He might have asked, “We see in the Clean Break report the hope there will be a new Pearl Harbor to get the American public enthused about a war to reorder the Middle East. In light of the fact that a Mossad team was caught taping the attack on the twin towers, does the American public have any reason to believe the jews coin-operating Bush didn’t go ahead and produce the event themselves, as they have done in so many false flags over the course of the 20th century?” These are real questions. The thought of a secretary like Russert asking them is unimaginable. Instead, what Russert and his russet-headed peers did was use their positions to serve as black velvet fobs for the Semites’ sparkling lies.

Q. You don’t seem to see Russert as much of a person, rather as a function in a formula.

A. Correct. If not Russert then someone else. It was Russert and his ilk who, being bereft of principles beyond holding power, see politics as a battle of personalities. That makes sense if, as I’ve said, you’re more prone to accepting than thinking in the first place; you don’t know anybody around you who thinks; the big questions all have settled answers that seem just fine to you. If no one is allowed to point out that the System is based on farming and eating White people, White men in particular; if no one is allowed to point out that organized jews control our government and are using our blood and treasure to advance Israel’s interests against our own – then what is left? Just a battle between little dogs for scraps. Politics becomes just another mass spectator sport in which we cheer and boo for the red or blue team, even though they’re both purple.

Most of the American public thinks the nation is headed the wrong way – and that is without their having the benefits of real journalists feeding them the actual facts of the matter. The nation is going the wrong way a much faster clip than the public realizes, as the true facts of our situation are kept from us. The reader must become the journalist, today, if he wishes truly to be informed. The information is there, so long as the jews don’t control the Internet. But he must dig it up himself. System hacks like Russert provide the viewer the illusion of being informed. Which is very different from the real thing. It is good for somebody to turn a White nation into a multiracial global empire. Imagine a Russert asking of a top pol: “I notice that open borders is top on the agenda of organized jews, second only to perpetual wars for Israel. Yet the American public is overwhelmingly against the idea. How come, if we have a democracy, the jewish agenda is always carried out, while the American agenda is always ignored – or throttled by the courts?” Unthinkable, I say. If you push yourself to understand precisely why it is unthinkable that Tim Russert would conceive, let alone ask, such a question, you will come to understand the Systemic nature of things. You will see that, for all the focus on what a great guy or gal Tim or she is, it doesn’t matter. The questions are settled. Anyone with different answers need not apply for office or airspace. The farce continua… Stay low and don’t get beat!

Q. So, I take it you’d be willing to stand in line to piss on Russert’s grave?

A. You’re an idiot. You have understood nothing of what I’ve said. My entire point is that Russert, nice, ice or ridden with lice, is irrelevant. The battle of personalities distracts from the principles involved. If it’s not the IRC sycophant and party cog Timmy writing polyester crap about Big Russ, it’ll be Dakota doofus Brokaw plinking crapples about the Greatest most jew-subservient Generation. If you don’t have someone willing to buck the system, you don’t have a journalist. If you have someone concerned about how others see him, you don’t have a journalist, you have a woman. A woman who will make over her stories as carefully as she halters her bosoms and pancakes her cheeks. Everything must be in place. The right impression must be conveyed. That ain’t journalism, friend. Journalists are born, not made. They come from the congenitally disaffected. The miffsits, doubters, haters, the disgusteds, the studious, the reflective, the scoffers, the horselaughers, the side-eyed smirking few. The elect! Not the goody-goodies with Masters in Brownholing and Sob-Sister Socialism. Not from working class Irish suckers of up, grinning big cuz the invite came in.

  • 32 Responses to “Jewed Media: The Meaning of Grinnin’ Timmy Russert”

    1. Heather Blue Says:

      One of the best things I’ve read. Brilliant!

    2. Voir Dire Says:

      This is just OUTSTANDING…but WHO the hell is being interviewed and who is the interviewer?

    3. Whitepride Says:

      Linder at his best. This about says it all. Money and status is more important to race traitors like Russert that loyalty to their people.

    4. Steve B Says:

      Linder in top form.

    5. New America Says:

      Great piece, alex!

      At the end of the day, men like Russert – and Brokaw – are simply shills for the System press.

      There is no real difference between them, in so many ways.

      Russert simply did a masterful such’n’jive in dealing with such marginal half-wits as John McCain, all but offering to lick their boots every time they “interviewed” them.

      Russert is like the Lamestream “reporters,” all of whom have been made obsolete by the blogosphere; his job is to act, essentially, as a public relations man FOR THE STATUS QUO.

      All of his politician interviewees were simply two sides of the same false flag, and anyone who doubts this can see how horrifically condescending he – and NBC News – were to Ron Paul, at all point in the Paul campaign, then and now.

      Brokaw, his Master, his Mentor, his Model, is even worse.

      All of Brokaw’s proclamations about the “Self-Proclaimed ‘Greatest Generation'” – SPGG, as we refer to it on Bob Whitaker’s blog – were to a people who destroyed their Racial brethren in world war II, destroyed the one proof that an entire system can be developed without the demons-known-as-Jews controlling everything, and create a higher standard of living – from RUBBLE – as a result of simply freeing the White RACE – the carriers of the Spirit of Western Man – simply act to make the people who betrayed our RACE – and THEIR Posterity – into anything more than utterly contemptible idiots.

      For proof, just look at the forced integration – at bayonet point, by the 101st Airborne – of Little Rock’s school system in September, 1957.

      Pay close attention to that, for in that, you see what all of the CONservatives truly value, and what utterly contemptible cowards they truly are.

      All of these damn idiots who speak of the use of force against the most powerful government in the history of the world – all too many White Nationalists, in other words – just look in their own gelded souls, and see THEIR Posterity marched into the integration chambers by American soldiers.

      They did nothing then, they did nothing later, and they will never do anything of substance.

      And, for the SPGG readers of this, don’t ask yourself WHY you did nothing, and then at least fund it in your heart to send twenty bucks to Linder, and, if you don’t like Alex – too much truth? – send it to the SPU that runs Voice of Reason Radio.

      Rant Off!

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time IS HERE!

    6. shabbos s. shabazz Says:

      Forced dis-integration, IMHO.

    7. Terry Pickleford Says:

      Beautiful, Alex. God I miss your writing.

      BTW, I think you meant Randy Quaid instead of Dennis.

    8. Stan Says:

      Good to see ya buddy. Excellent piece. Cross-posted to my LJ with props.

    9. nogkiller Says:

      I’ve got to admit though, and I say this with some embarassment, Russert always seemed like a truly nice guy. He actually GENUINELY seemed like one. I don’t know if he was even shrewd enough to really understand what was going on vis a vis the Jews. It’s like Tom Brokaw, he seems like he genuinely believes his parents’ generation was “The Greatest,” even though they were really the worst. Still, Russert’s widow wrote an interesting book on the deification of celebrities, “The Importance of Being Famous,” surprisingly critical in the age of E! and Entertainment Tonight. Nothing in it denouncing kikes, though. (“Jew” is capitalized. Jew is a more offensive word than kike because it’s also a verb…)

    10. donnachaidh Says:

      Nice to see you back Alex, we’ve missed your writing. Brilliant satire.

    11. N.B. Forrest Says:

      Now, THAT’S Vintage Linder.

    12. Ernst Blofeld Says:

      everytime Alex writes or speaks we gain a deeper insight into the system and our plight but he magically does this while combining righteous anger and wit.

    13. Biff Baxter Says:

      That’s good Linder.

      If it weren’t for Alex, I wouldn’t be half as good a writer myself.

      The best sorts of people invariably end up bringing out the best in you just by proximity and osmosis. I have sincerely missed this kind of stuff from Alex, it always seems to clean out my sinuses like a powerful vermifuge of all that kosher nonsense that goes whizzing around through the air like a biblical plague of mosquitos.

    14. Olde_Dutch Says:

      This one of those classic stories, that you copy & send to opinion makers.

      All you need do is copy it to Word, or whatever you use, and print it out. A couple of stamps and an envelope, and you are a regular Eddie Bernays. Btw, a jew like Eddie Bernays changed American opinion for the cost of stamps and letters.

      Good job, Alex.

    15. StuGavin Says:

      This is classic Linder and the question and answer format that he used is a long standing tradition in the field of Philosophy. 18th century British philosopher David Hume applied this method in his book Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion. German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer used the same method in a part of his book Parega and Paralipomena in 1851.

    16. Campbell Crawford Clan Says:

      Thank you, Alex. It’s good you’re back.

    17. Zoroastro Says:

      Alex, welcome back! Brilliant, irrefutable and always to the point in the manner that even the most tragically impaired lemming can understand something’s seriously fucked up in the system in which he is being used as food, even though he’s the only one capable of growing/producing food. Strange.
      Twain, Mencken, move on, here comes Linder!

    18. Jim Says:

      In my opinion there is no one in the WN movement today that understands the real issues facing our race better than Alex Linder. Alex has a unique way of cutting through the jewish fog that has enveloped our people for the last sixty years. Welcome back Alex. We love ya.

    19. AB Says:

      Whatever happened to a book you were planning to write? I think it was supposed to be called Televitz. You should compile some of your writings and publish them via print-on-demand.

    20. sgruber Says:

      Print-on-demand costs a few hundred to set up, and one has to find a non-pussy p-o-d publisher. But IF it consists of new or freshened material not freely available on the net, “The” Linder Book could make its money back. The not negligible number of people interested in our issues know who he is; and they get something tangible for their money. Besides, it might be fun to put together a book. And, if the jews jew the net, the future will have that something tangible. Books can be worked on at one’s own pace, now and again, as interests permit (esp anthologies with linking prefaces). If I weren’t somebody else, I’d write it myself.

    21. Olde_Dutch Says:

      I’ve suggested Linder publish a little literary magazine, a quarterly review of his and others writings.

      Btw, H.L.Mencken had his literary magazine, the American Mercury:

    22. Trey Cruz Says:


      pure genius.

    23. -jc Says:

      Hopefully I’ll find the VHS tape of Russert’s interview by David Duke on Russet’s show. David Duke at his best. I’m surprised Russert allowed it to be aired.

    24. John Says:

      Classic stuff!!!

      Alex makes David Duke look like an amateur. He needs to run for office.

    25. StuGavin Says:

      Would Noontidepress be willing to publish an Alex Linder book?

    26. abe foxman Says:

      Oivey orl ready!

      Alex, someone got out the right side of the bed! What’s more, I reckon your titillating vocabulary has the jewish VNN monitoring fraternity reaching for their Websters and scratching their yamulkas.

    27. -jc Says:

      That’s because Duke was/is a professional– someone who undoubted makes a living at it. On the other hand, Mr. Linder contributes his time, no charge.

      Giving the devil his due however, I’ve never seen anyone wipe the grin of the grinner and set him sputtering like Duke did that day.

    28. Limey Says:

      Linder’s writing style attracted me to VNN 8yrs ago. The way Linder puts words together is unique. He is a master of English. Shame about the Forum in recent months though.

    29. sgruber Says:

      Appy is back, too!

    30. -jc Says:

      Tim Russert’s passing has most national media singing his praises by pointing out his over-the-top, ineffective attack on David Duke on Meet the Press in 1991…

      In fact, even Tim Russert himself in his book admitted that he thought he showed up badly in that same interview of David Duke. That he came off not like a professional journalist but a “prosecutor.” To quote newsman Alan Pergament, “He (Russert)told me in 1997 he felt he only lost his objectivity once, during a program in which he interrogated David Duke…”

      In 2003 David Duke appeared on Meet the Press again and so thoroughly out-debated Russert that people used Duke’s masterful appearance on Meet the Press as the best guide of how to defeat Tim Russert! In the anti-Duke fervor of the controlled media, the remembrances of Tim Russert don’t seem to remember the worst loss of Russert’s career as a journalist…

      One-time grand wizard of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan and permanent white-supremacist nut job David Duke beat Russert badly in March 1999, when he appeared on Meet the Press during his Louisiana campaign for a seat in the House of Representatives. Unable to stick it to Duke with his time-proven techniques, Russert sputtered, steamed, and almost boiled over.

      Audio: David Duke remembers Tim Russert June 16, 2008

      I’m still looking for the VHS tape of the show.

    31. -jc Says:

      The only Russet-Duke video on YouTube is a short sound byte from the 1997 interview, when Duke was having an extraordinarily bad hair day, but the 2003 interview is the real killer.

      This Phil Donahue interview is pretty good; the opening and closing theme music is right out of Rowen & Martin’s Laugh In: http://tw.youtube.com/watch?v=fowCMENOeb0&feature=related

    32. M. Kraus Says:

      Excellent piece. Inventive and biting, as always.