23 June, 2008

The Why of It

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There’s an excuse for everything, international treaties included: [Here].

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    1. Booger Says:

      The Euro-Zog will just force the peasants to vote and vote like they’ve done in the past until they get the result they want.A bit off-topic but i need to vent.On Chronicles there was an exellent article by Craig Roberts about our shitty overall economy.I posted a response and mentioned “jewish-marxist” policies,and wouldn’t you know my post was deleted.They must have a jew-censor or something because no criticizing of the jew seems to be allowed.All of their postulating seems for nought,and can be compared to rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic,without addressing the “jewish question”,there is NO solution.Also,if you believe the “republicans” or “democrats” are going to solve something,you probably still put change under your pillow for the tooth fairy!Thank God(and the Fuehrer) for VNN!Go Alex!P.s.-i still want a VNN t-shirt.