22 July, 2008

David Irving in the Land of Free Speech

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In America, a good historian can always enjoy free speech – as long as it’s Jew-approved. If it isn’t, then it’s tough sledding, with protesters, small audiences and canceled engagements being the norm. What if White people controlled America instead of the Jews?


  • One Response to “David Irving in the Land of Free Speech”

    1. paul maleski Says:

      ‘I disapprove of what you say, but I will deter you to your death the right to say it.’ ADL Youdare.

      Dear David Duke/Irving et al,

      Beware of the jew who rants on ad infinitum: about free speech or democracy! For if you say something truthful, the selfsame jew does not like; you will get what Rabbi S. Andhill Feinberg calls the, ‘silent treatment.’ If that does not work, they will send you to prison to shut you up (David Irving/Heretical Two?) If you still persist in being honest, they will try to make you mad (Mordechai Vanunu). If you are still compos mentis; they will crush your brain with a bulldozer! (Rachel Corrie). As for me, I am buying some asbestos! I reckon, they will do a Moloch job on me?! Best wishes Paul Maleski.