30 July, 2008

Former Mayor Going to Prison

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Black ex-mayor Sharpe James has been sentenced to 27 months in prison:


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    1. im Says:

      vnnforum.com is not working.

      Don’t forget, the Last Hal Turnershow Broadcast tonight 9pm eastern.


    2. im Says:

      Senate passing 94% of bills in secert


    3. sgruber Says:

      “Black ex-mayor sentenced to prison.”

      In other news,

      “Dog bites man.”

      “Bee stings a beekeeper.”

      “Bear takes massive shit in woods.”

      TOB – Typical Obama Behavior

      The time has come to get rid of the jew.

    4. confederate Says:

      the nigger made a “mistake”. translation the nigger bastard got caught.

    5. sgruber Says:

      Another very similar story:


    6. ein Says:

      Carpenter said: “there is no ideology in Africa. It is all about interest groups. It seems the abstract concept of ideology doesn’t fit well in the African mind.”
      – – – – – – – –
      What an interesting observation. I suppose ideology is too abstract, too mental. Instead, all they can see is personal advantage. “What’s in it for me?”

      It’s not really far-removed from the old criterion: “Is it good for the … [my own special group]?”