1 July, 2008

More About the Lisbon Treaty

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Poland’s president won’t sign it, and, it’s actually being suggested by Sarkozy‘s camp that Ireland hold a second vote on the treaty, since the Irish people didn’t vote “properly” on it in June:


  • 3 Responses to “More About the Lisbon Treaty”

    1. Dental Plan Says:

      The next step is to abolish voting all together in the name of “continental unity” or similar bullshit.

    2. no surprises here Says:

      Hey, that’s how the tribe operates. It’s in their book. On a related note, someone decided to wake up the Buchananites and crew as to the tribe’s source of “behavior”. Apparentlly he used the name of one of the regular dummies to post a pile of quotes from the Talmud to show the deadheads why the tribe does what it does. Funny in that the guy whose name was used freaks out, god forbid anyone think he dislikes kikes.


    3. Booger Says:

      Vote Goyim!Vote!Until We Get The Result We Like-Vote!”Democracy” has become a dirty word in my book.Lets see if EuroZog can sit with the result.