24 July, 2008

The Desegregation of the U.S. Military

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It began 60 years ago. How are you going to “celebrate” the anniversary of it? By the way, a Jewess named Anna M. Rosenberg was a key player in that desegregation project:


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    1. Luek Says:

      Has anyone else noticed that the US has not won a war since it was desegregated by Presidential decree? Korea 1950-53 (cease fire truce, technically still at war) Vietnam 1959-75 (an obvious defeat for the US) Iraq One 1991 (wouldn’t have Iraq/Afghanistan Two if the US had won Iraq One; now the upcoming second nigger President *Clinton was the first* will basically surrender and retreat.). Yeah, niggers infesting the military and soon the Executive Branch is something to celebrate….NOT!

    2. Jim Says:

      The integration of niggers into the military meant the end of any sort of racial unity or sense of White National consciousness among the service members. The morale went downhill from that point on. Even the kike loving FDR didn’t have the chutzpa to infest the White military with savage coons. Thanks a lot “Hairy Ass” Truman.

    3. MB Says:

      Good. The more the US military retracts, the better. It is, after all, just an arm of Judaism.

      Btw, I thought Anna Rosenberg was executed along with her husband Julius, at Sing Sing in the fifties.???

    4. Booger Says:

      A giant leap for mankind in the wrong direction.After having served with them in the military,i will say SOME of them make ok soldiers,but thats only 10-15%(at most) of the total.Most are worthless and continously scammed at getting out of work to be done.In a combat situation tho,i wouldn’t trust them at all-the lower ranks are conditioned to hate “whitey” and your as likely to be shot by them,(from behind) as from the enemy.City Niggers were the worst,country coons were more relaxed.Integrating our military,like our society was a HUGE MISTAKE.I’ve heard several stories of negroes being waxed by their own squaddies in Vietnam for f*cking up and dereliction of duty.Colin Powell is “almost white” and speaks fluent hebrew.Any wonder he ass-kissed his way to chief of staff.Our brain-washed military is now just muscle for Big Jew-its sad.

    5. Socrates Says:

      MB: I think it was Ethel, not Anna, Rosenberg.

    6. MB Says:

      Thanks, Soc. The picture is what threw me. They looked somewhat alike.

    7. ein Says:

      Luek Says: Has anyone else noticed that the US has not won a war since it was desegregated by Presidential decree?

      That is a fascinating observation! Yet undeniable. I confess I had not thought of that (although it’s so glaringly obvious). Nor have I heard it mentioned elsewhere. I wonder if anybody else has thought it. Obviously, it’s a forbidden thought, closely guarded by the PC police, totally at odds with The Agenda. Speak it at your risk.

      [PS. Such excellent comments here!]

    8. VladTheImpaler Says:

      The niggers began showing their true selves in the Army long before desegregation; in WWII they were so guilty of TNB against innocent French,Italian, and German people ,naturally against Women; assault,rape, murder – hell, against Japanese. The difference was We still had the power and freedom to deal out true justice( No, racist nigger devils, not “juuuust uuuuuuuus”, one of your favorite racist catch phrases ) and rightfully punish them for their pathological/sub-animal behavior( Which even the Japs dealt out, luring a bunch of the gulity niggs to their village, slaughtering them, then burying all the evidence.As hideous as they were to White POW’s , you gotta give them big time respect for that. )

      But after WWII, you’re right, it’s been all downhill, and in no other war did the niggers have the freedom( No matter what they still crow about “racism” and “oppression” and “the man keepin’ us doooooooown” ) to be their true pathologically savage, sub-animal selves,legally, with full Jew/White Lefty protection, than in Vietnam; the term “Fragging”, is all you need to know. Just think of all the good White company and squad leaders ,slaughtered by crybaby,racist niggers, because they had to do all the same sort of hard work involved with being in a war, as generations of White soldiers had to. ( But, of course, in niggers’ childish, delusional minds, Whitey never had to do any such hard,back-breaking work involved with being in combat. They really believe Whitey always has a magic carpet ride in everything ) They childishly believed they were deliberately being pushed waaaaaay too haaaaaaaaard by Whitey,deliberately being put in harder,more dangerous battles than Whitey was,( jus’ cus deys wuz Black n’ sheeeeit ) and therefore ,had perfect right to kill their White leaders.

      None of that would have happened had those troops,squads,companys,etc, been 100% WHITE.

    9. VladTheImpaler Says:

      And since then, the same Politically Correct/Quota/Affirmative Action/Speech Codes/ Tolerance/ “Equality”,etc,etc, Marxist evil that has rotted Our system/institutions, so has it rotted away Our Armed Forces, with the same disastrous results, and( The few times We are able to win anymore ) Black racist (n)ignoramuses getting glorified by the Marxist press, where,and when, they are anything but worthy of it.

    10. Howdy Doody Says:

      Anna Rosenburg

      How many retired military know this ? None knew that I ever talked to.

    11. shabbos s. shabazz Says:

      Ethel and Julius, creators of delicious drink, Red Julius.