13 July, 2008

Water in Lebanon: Israel Wants It

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Here’s a major reason for Israel’s multiple invasions of Lebanon:


More about Israel using Lebanese river water: [Here].

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  7. 2 Responses to “Water in Lebanon: Israel Wants It”

    1. Olde_Dutch Says:

      Water has been one of the problems all along. The arabs contend the jews use too much of it.

      In the early 1980’s there were a number of TV documentaries showing that the jews had spent the money they raised in the US for water projects & reforestation on military hardware instead.

    2. Vaultner Says:

      As far as I can tell the jew wants for Islam what Armenijad has said for the occupiers of Palestine. “Wiped off the face of the map”, the only real muscle they have is the U.S. & unfortunately AIPAC has bought our government for the jew.
      Keep in mind the kike is a very patient & cunning rat it wouldn’t surprise me if they take on Lebanon now that half of the rest of Islam is tied down. One little parcel at a time they’ll try to expand their lands by stealing from others under the whiney guise of “everyone hates us for no reason”.
      I’d be surprised if Egypt will be much help to the Lebanese, but maybe they’ll all end up in the valley of Megiddo & play out the little scenario the jew cooked up all those years ago.