23 September, 2008

Radio Istina 1pm CST TODAY

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Conclusion of “The Nameless War” by Capt. Ramsay, a loyal Briton.


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    1. shabbos s. shabazz Says:

      I understand that Europe did not use the polio vaccines- rather they solved the problem with cleanliness (especially clean water) and nutrition.


    2. Olde_Dutch Says:

      If you haven’t noticed, just about every jew in the US is on TV screaming for a bailout!

    3. Veritas Says:

      Get back to Jones. You started an exegesis on his book then went to Ramsay’s book.

    4. exalted grand-master oberf├╝hrer double diamond jim! Says:

      Alex…. “Hansard” refers to the official record of parliamentary proceedings/debate in common law nations under the West-minster system….the same ‘term’ is used in the UK, Australia, New Zealand &, i think, maybe, Canada!

    5. TrainKeptaRollin Says:

      Nice. Makes the standard 3 hour night-class say on history or current issues in politics- and not only those subjects, but many others as well- seem not only uninteresting- but inaccurate and inane.
      So much is built on the premise of the jew infrastructure- when that structure built on lies, deceit, usury and predation begins to crack and eventually implode, it is destroyed in a chain reaction, like dominos falling, or a brushfire. Sort of like cancer, but in reverse.

    6. Mark Faust Says:

      The past 4 shows have really been a great education for the Jew wise and non-Jew wise alike. You are doing a great show Alex. Istina has come along nicely.

      Mark Faust

    7. Ned Says:

      Another fantastic show. Required listening.

    8. rob Says:

      Burn this to cd and pass it around to your friends.Alex knows the “ins and outs” of jews,and Radio Istina is a must listen to.

    9. George Says:

      Very educational.

    10. Marwinsing Says:

      Radio Istina should be compulsory listening for WN children, when homeschooling them in History. Salute to you, Alex.