15 October, 2008

GRIMM: The Judaic Mindset and the Jewish Spirit

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by Patrick Grimm.


“The implementation of the Judaic mindset brings with it a reductionism and a devaluation of all pursuits and it has finally reduced them to nothing more than a hunger and a grasping for profit and aggrandizement. As the Judaic mentality and the Jewish spirit have gained sway, all forms of higher life have been swept aside or crushed altogether. Where profits reign supreme, tradition dies, pragmatism displaces virtue and piety and persons become, not moral actors, but consumers, ‘eaters’ and slaves for the globalist overlords.”

The rest is [Here].

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    1. Jim Says:

      A very insightful arfticle. Unless we are able to disempower the jew and all his works, our race and our civilization is doomed. How can we who have awoken to the truth save the rest of our people who are still mesmerized by the lies of the jews?

    2. TrainKeptaRollin Says:

      To use the word ‘spirit’ as applied to judeo-whatever is a bit of an irony, as one tends to think of that word as something eternal, intangible- as well as the word being associated with the trinity – father, son and holy spirit- jews aren’t about spirit- chutzpah yes- but that’s not really the same thing is it? They are all about the here-and-now, the get-it-while-you-can, money-changers, acquisitveness, usury, this-is-all-there-is-don’t-worry-about-heaven-or-afterlife/life of the soul. Just have a hard time reconciling/associating that word with jew-anything.

    3. old_dutch Says:

      Here’s the bio of Semite John Mack of Goldman Sachs:

      The son of Lebanese parents, Mack was born John Machoul. But his father, who worked as a small-time retailer in North Carolina, changed the family name. Mack attended Duke (where he is now a trustee) on a football scholarship. He studied history and ran an after-hours snack joint from his dorm room before graduating in 1968.

      Mack joined Morgan Stanley as a bond trader in 1972, became a vice president just four years later, and was elevated to managing director in 1979. In that position, Mack made Morgan’s taxable fixed-income division one of the most profitable on Wall Street, and in 1993, he had become the company’s president.

      During his slog to the top, Mack earned his nickname for both his managerial efficiency and his ruthless manner with subordinates. “There’s blood in the water, let’s go kill,” was a favorite rallying cry, according to Wall Street lore, and Mack became notorious for holding screaming matches on the trading floor and focusing obsessively on department consolidation and cost cutting.

      Is he a jew too?

    4. old_dutch Says:

      Machoul or Makhoul is now ceo at Morgan Stanley? These greasers are slippery. LOL.

    5. will Says:

      want to know about jews — read volume 1 chapter 11, mein kampf.

      what about the federals — they have done nothing but assault the world for the last 147 years.

    6. Z.O.G. Says:

      John Mack is the CEO of Morgan Stanley, not Goldman Sachs. I don’t think he ever worked at Goldman Sachs.

    7. Zarathustra Says:

      There are literally tens of millions of Whites who think like Jews and are even worse than Jews. After all, the Jews comprise less than one half of one percent of the world’s population, so they can’t be responsible for every evil that has befallen us. Do you think John McCain is any better than your average Hebe? He’s worse than a lot of Jews are. Whitey’s worst enemy is HIMSELF.

    8. Z.O.G. Says:

      I agree, Zarathustra.

    9. gw Says:

      Zarathustra Says: “There are literally tens of millions of Whites who think like Jews and are even worse than Jews. ”

      Yes, but bad as they are, most of them are just followers. They believe whatever they have been told to believe. Whatever is currently in fashion. Followers will always be more numerous than leaders. They are the disciples, not the central ideologues. You have to look at where the ideology is coming from, and who is spreading it.

    10. gw Says:

      Well, the disciples are “spreading” it. I should have said look at “who is promoting it.”