11 October, 2008

GRIMM: The Three Stooges View of Jewish History

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by Patrick Grimm: [Here].

  • 3 Responses to “GRIMM: The Three Stooges View of Jewish History”

    1. TSman Says:

      YUK! YUK! YUK!

    2. Zarathustra Says:

      “Hey, Moe! The Global Zionist Conspiracy is planning to enslave the whole woild!”

      “Quiet, lamebrain, or I’ll tear your tonsils out!”

    3. Andrei Yustschinsky Says:

      The Three Stoooges were actually pioneers in Jewishness. Here’s why: A PLUMBING WE WILL GO (1940) The Stooges are on the run from the police, they steal a plumber’s truck in a get away, go to a house by mistake that needs plumbing work, the plumbing clients think that Moe, Larry & Curly are real plumbers & in the end the Stooges manage to FUCK-UP the WHOLE constitution of the house by connecting the water pipes to the electrical wire pipes, the gas pipes, etc.,just like what their fellow Jews do to every society they infiltrate. The house that the Stooges fucked-up is the Weimer or U.S. house their fellow Jew “plumbers” have fucked-up. ALL THE WORLD’s STOOGE (1941) This time “our boys” infiltrate a household as “adolesent refugees” (modern day infantilism?) & at one point Curley has a chest cold so he apply’s an “ointment” on his chest but by “accident” he apply’s a Limburger cheese spread (is there a such thing Shlomo?) from a jar next to the “Vicks Vapor Rub” jar, then he goes to a society party stinking like shit (modern day scat?) & he even sits on some high class broad’s lap stinking & wouldn’t get up until she jabbed him in his ass with a pin. In those days they had to use “Limburger cheese” instead of shit to pass the censors. In 2008 Curly would of just shit his pants without batting an eye intead of “Limburgering” his chest because some little & big babies have not been “poddy trained” yet.. Also let’s not forget the Stooges playing a strip-poker type of game with the male butler (a little homo action?). So you see Moe, Larry & Curly had it all way before the “liberated” society of the 1960’s. Were the Stooges aware of this? I don’t know, but i will say their Jew screen writers were aware & they were laughing at the goyim who were not aware. This was “stone age” inside & underground Jew humor.