18 October, 2008

GRIMM: Your Shylock Eyes Will Tell On You

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by Patrick Grimm (notice the new URL; please update your links if needed).

“Every single time you turn on the television and watch the spectacle of President Bush flanked by his Jewish financial handlers, you can see these powerbrokers attempting to look serious and sober-minded, but they just can’t keep the smirk out of their eyes. They are glowing with pride and an insouciant mischievousness that can’t be disguised. It’s a game to them, a game they’ve been playing and winning for probably 4,000 years of human history. The Tribe, these desert nomads who slithered their way into Egypt and plundered its treasures and made one last steal when they escaped with the gold and silver, are good at theft. This time, however, it’s not quite as flagrant.”

The rest is [Here].

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    1. Olde Douche Sucks Says:

      The best damn essay I’ve read in a long time.

      Patrick Grimm hits the nail on the head.

      Unlike Ed Steele.

    2. Zarathustra Says:

      The Jews hate it whenever “The Merchant of Venice” is staged anywhere(my favorite Shakespeare play), because it hits too close to home. However, they are always encouraging productions of “Othello”. That is also a great play, of course, but the Hebes make damn sure they get a Spade actor to play the title role (although there is some dispute about just how dark The Bard really intended this character to be) and a real White-looking actress to play Desdemona.

      Olde Douche, “Edgar Steele” is just about the phoniest nom-de-plume I’ve ever seen. Is he related to the hack romance novelist “Danielle Steele”?

      The Jews have made their illicit and obscene fortunes by taking control of the most unsavory occupations around, jobs that no self-respecting Gentile would want anything to do with, like pimping, arms smuggling, drug peddling and money lending. The Jew has no scruples about anything. Have you EVER heard of a situation where a Jew had pangs of conscience and took mercy on his victim? Neither have I.

    3. Zarathustra Says:

      Grimm makes a good point about those damn CON spiracy theorist troublemakers with their “Black Pope” and Bohemian Grove/Trilateral Commission baloney. Those CON spiracy types are just trying to confuse WNs and divert their attention from the real problems that are plaguing us. ALEX JONES is chief among them, that loud mouthed, self-promoting jerk. What’s his wife’s name? Violet? Peppermint Patty? Is she a Jewess, by any chance? I didn’t know there were any women named Violet who were under 86 years of age.

    4. gw Says:

      today we are enslaved by a Jewish-run system and are being bankrupted…the Jewish Mammon empire is enslaving us with debt, with inflation and with the theft of our wealth and our property….the centralized, Judaized system has stacked the odds against us from the beginning.  The power that has stifled us is fueled by nothing more complicated than usury, and the control that only money can buy.

      Every mode of communication, every newspaper, every publishing company, every government official and politician, every TV network, every phony conservative talk show host, every movie on the Silver Screen, every journal, magazine and periodical, every televangelist, every university, and every word that is allowed to be consumed by the public has been bought and paid for …and the highest bidder is always the Jew. 

      Who can compete with that? No one.

      Yet we think that simply creating a white media is the answer to our problems.  Nonsense.  We are up against a Jewish [power structure, based on money], so all-encompassing as to make the most powerful men tremble ….  Only the bravest, or most foolish, dare to mention this… There is not a whisper of it in the public square.

      Excellent observations! To which I would like to add that Joerg Haider spoke on Austrian TV only several weeks ago about the “banking mafia” operating out of America which is out to enslave the world and which ought to be put on trial and in prison. (It’s on YouTube.) Now, you can believe in conspiracy theories or you can poo-poo them — whichever you like — but the bottom line which cannot be denied is that within a couple of weeks of saying that, Haider is now dead. A mysterious accident; alone; late at night; odd circumstances; no witnesses. Makes you think.

    5. Z.O.G. Says:


      Yes, Alex Jones’ wife IS in fact a Jewess. Her maiden name is ‘Violet Nichols’.

    6. ? Says:

      Now Grimm’s blog is banned on WordPress?

    7. Antagonistes Says:

      Yes, ?, I think he is gone.

      Too bad. I wrote him two emails (no reply) and then posted on his blog, asking him (or anyone) for more info on the pre-Christian Greeks kicking out the Jews.

      Anyone who does not give me even the time of day gets none of my support, financial or otherwise.

      VNN will get some from me very shortly . . .

    8. Zarathustra Says:

      I know the pagan Greeks didn’t like the Jews and the pagan Romans did kick the buggers out of Rome a few times. It’s too bad the Persians and Arabs put up with those ungrateful troublemakers as long as they did.

    9. Silversurfer Says:

      I have always suspected that Grimm is a sockpuppet of Curt Maynard. They have the same style of writing and the same ideas. Curt Maynard has stopped his blog recently and suprise, suprise, Grimm reappears. Am I wrong? Is Grimm a real person? Has anybody seen him? Please let me know.

    10. shabbos s. shabazz Says:

      Well, 6/9 months ago, perusing the jewish site AMREN, I encountered some atrocious spelling from a poster. I e-mailed her, and she informed me that she was a great speller. Anyway we exchanged mail for a while- she was enthusiastic about Maynard. (I had turned this lady on to the jew issue.) Anyway she is ahem associated with Grimm recently (romance). She told me not to tell anyone- so I won’t reveal her name(s).