30 October, 2008

HADDEN: These Are Not the Jews You’re Looking For

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These Are Not The Jews You’re Looking For

by Max Hadden

There has been so much chaos going on in the world since I wrote my last article that I scarcely know where to begin. I don’t think anyone half-awake still believes that there are “experts” in either the mass media or the government concerning the economy, the Middle East, immigration or nearly any other subject of vital importance. As many who have started asking questions have pulled back the curtain to reveal a kike wizard pulling the strings and tried to warn others, we once again hear the refrain that internet bloggers are raising the old “canard” about how the Jews control the banking system and how Jews are being “scapegoated” by evil “anti-Semites”. This “canard” refrain is not what most ignorant AmeriKwans, to be redundant, would believe. It is not that Jews are simply defending themselves from a future “Holocaust”. Instead, it is like the Jedi mind trick of STAR WARS and equivalent to them saying, “These are not the Jews you’re looking for.” I disagree.

The Ron Paul “Revolution” and Other Myths

The spectacle of the Ron Paul “Revolution” was both tragic and comic. Many Paul followers believed that because Dr Paul stood for so many right-minded planks including that AIPAC’s influence over Congress should be checked, that the US should follow a non-interventionist foreign policy, and the Federal Reserve System is a dangerous scam, were shocked to discover two facts; one, that the mass media is not “fair and balanced”, and two, that the masses of people would not simply jump in line to join their “revolution” in great numbers just because Paul is a decent man whose message rings true. Unfortunately, they’ve been listening to the wrong Dr P. Another Dr P had already told them, or tried to, about the problems with our government. And more importantly, this other Dr P told them who is responsible for our problems and how to defeat them. And he still is telling us because his broadcasts are still available on the internet. Of course, I’m speaking of Dr William Pierce.

Dr Pierce stated the following, and I’ve repeated it many times: in this age of television technology, you can NOT win an election if you don’t have equivalent mass media to the Jewish media masters. Period. You will not win an election without masses of people and you will not get masses of people unless you have media speaking as loudly and as often as the kikes. The people who work for the media today will follow the Jewish Marxist Party Line concerning all the lies that they’ve been programmed to believe: Blacks are equal to Whites, the “Holocaust” was the worst crime in history, Israel is our ally that must be defended, any White identity politics is evil and racist and neo-Nazi, and the list goes on and on in this vein. That’s why Dr Pierce advocated building our own White mass media. Media by Whites, for Whites. We must have media that provides honest, Aryan propaganda to counter the Jewish poison being blasted at us 24 hours a day from the idiot box. Listen to “Democracy and Propaganda” by Dr Pierce here. (http://natvan.com/internet-radio/ts/050402.mp3)

I’ll say it another way… no one knowledgeable of history would disagree when you mention the fact that the Communists maintained absolute control over the mass media in the countries they ruled. Many “liberals” and so-called paleoconservatives who admire Ron Paul and Pat Buchanan will agree that Zionist Jews are largely in control of our foreign policy. But everyone should also understand that the Jews were behind Communism, as well as the form it has taken in AmeriKwa, a sort of Marxist-Zionism. If the Jews controlled mass media in countries under Marxist-Communism, why wouldn’t they control the mass media under Marxist-Zionism? The answer is: they can and they do. As Herr Linder recently stated in an excellent “Radio Istina” program, they HAVE to control the media, otherwise they’d lose their power over us. Their secrets would be revealed. The cat would be out of the bag. The sad fact is that we’ve traded places with the Soviet Union. Jews do what’s good for Jews. Period.

Listen Ron Paul followers: the Constitution and the form of government that our Founding Fathers wanted has failed (more on that in another article in the future).

You can not mobilize people into a revolution if you can’t reach them and you can’t reach them without mass media, so ANY election is a waste of time at this stage.

The deprogramming of a brainwashed populace will not occur by electing someone, but by using the same method that’s keeping their minds enslaved: non-stop national television and radio programs and reforming course content in educational institutions.

The Ambiguous “Elite” Enemy

A willingness to blame “the elite” for our problems is very Communist. During the Bolshevik Revolution the Jews stirred up the masses to hate the elite because the elite are an obstacle to the Jews taking control. That fat kike Michael Moore continues this trend of blaming the “White elite” and criticizing them endlessly without offering a real solution or explaining the real root causes of our nation’s numerous problems. Many of these problems are due to racial strife brought about by mixing races that don’t belong together, like Blacks and Whites. But according to Moore, it’s the White male who is misruling AmeriKwa by not giving even more of a helping hand to “minorities”. Bullshit. This is classical Communist strategy that Dr Kevin MacDonald analyzed: criticize the opposition in order to destroy the existing system, then replace it with your own fallacious ideology, meaning Jewish rule. We would not have racial strife if we didn’t allow Jewish ideologies and fables such as the “Holocaust,” or that we murdered innocent American Indians, or that we enslaved Africans, etc., to demoralize us and prevent us from thinking straight and fighting back.

Another Jewish Communist strategy has been leading us into a war with Iran. Iran has not done anything against the United States for many years; however, Jews live by a preemptive strike doctrine, and they are making us do the same. When the kikes took over Russia, they killed the hated elite: the teachers, doctors, engineers, government officials. In other words, the leaders. They repeated this same murderous process everywhere they went: Latvia, Estonia, Poland, the Ukraine, et al. And the reason they killed the leaders was not because they had fought in some way against Jewish Bolshevism, but because they MIGHT fight against it. They were killed because they were a POTENTIAL threat. This is something quite out of place in Western civilization. We good Aryans do not and should not advocate killing people because they MIGHT do something, but because they HAVE done something. We didn’t put the Rosenbergs to death because they might be traitors, but because they had proven themselves to be traitors. But this preemptive strike doctrine is why President Hussein was murdered and why President Ahmadinejad could be next.

One way our efforts are being squandered is by the plethora of mixed messages that confuse half-awake people skirting the edges of the Jewish problem. Many that are searching for the truth are listening to neo-media moguls like Alex Jones, or even worse, charlatans and con-men such as David Icke, who say, “I know who is causing our problems,” but who never point their fingers at the guilty. Time and time again they blame “the elite” or “corporations” or some occult entity. Jones and Texe Marrs say that the Illuminati, which they claim is not a Jewish conspiracy but includes Jews, are running the world behind the scenes and that neo-Nazis, such as Bill White — who will probably be jailed for as long as Matt Hale for doing NOTHING wrong — are being run by the “elite” to stir up racial strife because “that’s what they want.” Oh, really. Seems to me that all schools and universities, all television sitcoms and dramas, and all Jewish organizations such as the ADL seem to preach that we should all just get along. The ADL wants people like White to stop fighting the niggers and spics because AmeriKwa is “no place for hate.” Confused yet, lemming?

A nameless and unidentifiable enemy can not be fought.

The real enemy is easy to identify: Paul Warburg (deceased) creator of the Federal Reserve, Greenspan and Ben “Shalom” Bernanke as chairmen, Sumner Redstone nee Murray Rothstein, Abe Foxman, Michael Chertoff… just to name a few.

The racial enemy who is continuing to cause problems not only in this country, but in fact the entire world, has a name: Jews.

Jewish Tyranny Clamps down on Free Speech

The arrest of Frederick Toeben, like the arrests of Zundel, Rudolf, and Irving before him, proves once again who has power in the West. Those who have power — the Jews — do not want either themselves or their Big Lies to be criticized. The four most important lies to shatter are: 1) the myth of racial equality, aka Marxism, 2) the Holocaust lie, which so demoralizes our people and keeps them from fighting international kikery (thanks, Craig Cobb), 3) the myth of the evilness of Hitler and National Socialism, and 4) the special holiness of Israel and the “Chosen” Jews. This latter lie is the opposite of the truth: Jews ARE a special and unique race in my opinion: they are especially evil. The Inquisition (a largely Jewish operation), the burning of heretics and witches, and the crusades of Christianity pale in comparison with Jewish Communism which killed more innocent people in the shortest time than any ideology in the history of the world. Listen to my email read on the air by Michael Collins Piper on July 2, 2008 here. (

Ted Pike, a man whom I respect, once again mixes a just cause — the defense of free speech for Frederick Toeben and other revisionists — with his slavish obedience to Jewish lies about the history of the Third Reich, by claiming that Toeben’s arrest is equivalent to “Gestapo tactics”. False. Arresting and jailing political dissidents is Jewish. Pike continues to believe a litany of falsehoods including the Jewish lie that the races are equal, the myth that Hitler and the Nazis killed innocent Jews, and that conversion to Christianity will change Jews to the point that they will no longer be problems for Aryans. Even David Irving, and I have all of his books, a few of which are signed personally to me, made a stupid remark recently to British reporters that the people who came after him and Toeben are “Nazis wearing pinstripes.” He knows better. The history of the Third Reich demonstrates that people practicing free speech, whether printed or spoken, were not arrested. Many Jews were arrested however, and rightfully so. One can only fight these false beliefs and stupid remarks that sow confusion among our own people with education and patience.

There is also the case of the “Heretical Two”, Simon Sheppard and Stephen Whittle. These two great British men are rotting in a jail in California at the moment thanks to Jewish tyranny imposed by brainwashed Whites who don’t even realize they’ve incarcerated men who were fighting for their own race. The satire and sarcasm of Luke O’Farrell’s articles are great fun to read, but the issues he addressed were ones that those of us who are awakened to the real enemy in occupied AmeriKwa know all too well. He spoke out against bureaucratic hypocrisy, the overrepresentation of the kikes in both the government and the mass media in the UK, and numerous disgustingly violent crimes committed by African immigrants living in formerly all White England. Many of us in the US are well aware of this death by chocolate that is always the result of having an overabundance of Negroes in any geographical area. Blacks will kill innocent Whites when they are among us or they will kill each other on the Dark Continent. They are stupid and violent and nothing we say or do will ever change that. Everything Herr Whittle wrote was accurate and true, yet today it is “heretical.”

The arrest of Toeben, the persecution of Sheppard and Whittle, are expression of who rules in White countries: Jews.

By persecuting revisionists, Germany is not employing Gestapo or Nazi behavior, but anti-Nazi, Jewish behavior.

Real National Socialists, like me, are FOR protecting Frederick Toeben and others, because we put race and truth above all else.

The Myth that Racists Want to Assassinate a Black President

It appears that FBI and Homeland Security, run by the Jew Michael Chertoff, are deploying their preemptive strike ideology by going after so-called White Supremacists such as Bill White, Tom Metzger and Craig Cobb in anticipation of a “nigger who only sounds smart because half his genes are Caucasian” becoming President of the United States. Our White brethren in law enforcement are laboring under the delusion of Jewish lies. Recall that nearly ALL law enforcement agencies in this country must receive mandatory “training” by the ADL about “hate” groups. They brainwash the law enforcement goyim to believe that the Ku Klux Klan lynched wholly blameless and innocent niggers and that evil Nazis killed innocent kikes in homicidal gas chambers. Along with these falsehoods they believe that White racists and “supremacists” want to kill ALL non-Whites simply because of the color of their skin, and therefore, the mulatto Barack Obama is a prime target. Wrong. What’s true is that the fallacy of democracy will be demonstrated again: any brainwashed White lemming of college age will vote for Obongo to prove he or she is not “racist”. Bravo, moron.

Let me state our general position clearly for all you law enforcement folks who have been demoralized by ADL agitprop as well as deeply indoctrinated with Marxism. We want to rule the nations created by our ancestors so that we can prosper and seek our destiny without the presence or interference of non-Whites, especially parasitical and genocidal Jews. We don’t want to interfere with them and they shouldn’t want to interfere with us. This does not mean that the non-Whites currently occupying our lands will be killed. The final solution to the Jewish, Black, Yellow, and Brown problems in AmeriKwa does not mean mass murder. The Africans were brought here by ships, they can be returned by ships. And planes. And if you think that those of us who are “neo-Nazis” want to assassinate President Obongo, you’re not giving us much credit. Murdering that coon will only provide a strong catalyst for you all to imprison our leaders and clamp down on our internet presence, which is the only mass media, or rather neo-media, that we have at the moment. Further, such an action does not do anything to advance our goals, rather it would reinforce the Jewish Hollywood “evil Nazi” stereotype that we want to murder nogs because of their skin color.

With the likely possibility that AmeriKwa will get its first Black (actually mulatto) president, there are several things that will be the natural result; the first thing is that the brainwashed and demoralized White women, will by even more likely to follow the kikes’ mass media programming that bedding down with Black males is the fashionable and cool thing to do. They already believe this thanks to Murray Rothstein’s MTV and Jew-produced Hollywood films, but having a half-breed president will dramatically increase the rate of miscegenation, meaning less White people will be brought into this world where we are only 10% of the earth’s population. Further, there will be more television “programming” about the greatness of Blacks, both in commercials and in alleged historical documentaries. They will endlessly praise Martin Luther Coon and other Black non-achievers in disgusted and misguided homage to the mythical greatness of AmeriKwa, the nation wherein anyone can become president. And there will be unprecedented governmental costs — which means more bills for Whitey — led by the Secret Service and other protection services to keep our first half-African president breathing air, all for fear of the bogeyman known as “the angry evil white racist who kills niggers because of their skin color”.

Law enforcement is being controlled either by Jews directly, e.g. Chertoff, or by psychological means via “training” conducted by the ADL.

We do not want to assassinate Barack Obama, and if anyone does, it’ll probably be a Mossad operation that will attempt to frame evil, White “extremists”.

The election of a half-African president is another step down the spiral staircase leading to the extinction of the White race.


On the heels of the tragic death of Joerg Haider we have the possible election of a Black president of AmeriKwa. How embarrassing. If anyone of our awakened comrades does not at least suspect foul play in Herr Haider’s death, then he doesn’t really know the Jews. Haider’s death could have been an accident, but it could just as well been made to look that way by the Mossad who loves to execute murder by deception using staged auto accidents. I know from personal experience that in Austria as well as in Germany there is a large National Socialist underground. Haider was a link to the past and to the real “Greatest Generation” of Aryans that our race has ever produced. However, their greatness did not die with the death of Herr Haider. His spirit, like those who died in a Berlin bunker, or on a battlefield in eastern Europe, will live forever, but the White race must put a stop to our dispossession and ultimate destruction at the hands of the Jews. Monuments and memorials will be raised for all the heroes of our race once this chapter is put behind us. Watch the excellent Finnish film THE WINTER WAR for a riveting and visceral example of a WWII battle.

The way to defeat Jewish lies is to fight fire with fire. We need our own mass media. David Duke and Don Black keep saying “we’re broadcasting to the world via the internet”. Wrong. Having internet neo-media does not mean having mass media. An internet website is like stacking newspapers and videos in your basement: the only people who will ever see them are those who drop by. Internet sites must be visited by the person behind the keyboard who has a desire to find them. On the other hand, lying Jewish viewpoints are emitted non-stop on every channel on every television in every home 24 hours a day without the need for any effort other than turning it on. Craig Cobb has gone as far as anyone can go with providing his excellent “Deprogram” video broadcasts. While I applaud Craig’s work, persistence and dedication, even if I disagree with his occasional bashing of Christianity for reasons that I’ll explain at a later date, we must not fool ourselves into thinking that we’ve somehow become more popular than we really are. The goal should be: national radio and television. And I wish Craig and VNN and others the best of luck at achieving this goal.

The great Otto von Bismarck, father of American education and unifier of Germany, once said that at a high enough altitude, political party colors blend together. He meant that in the big picture, Germans, or rather Whites, are one people and that is how they should think of themselves instead of constantly bickering. Yet we will not think of ourselves in the proper way until Jewish lies are refuted on a massive scale. We are not individuals who are equal regardless of race solely looking out for our own interests in a mad grab for the spoils of a capitalist society. This mindset can only lead to our destruction. We know who the troublemakers are, and to Bismarck’s point, we must look at them and ourselves as a group instead of just separate individuals. The kikes Wolfowitz and Perle, were responsible for the Iraq War. Murray Rothstein and Abe Foxman, are responsible for race-mixing propaganda, nigger worship, hate speech laws, and law enforcement brainwashing. Chertoff: responsible for persecution of truthtellers Zundel, Rudolf, White and probably Metzger and the Heretical Two. Emanuel Celler: unrestricted non-White immigration. Greenspan, Bernanke: economic crisis. We know the enemy: and it is the Jews. So I urge you all to never believe the claim, “These are not the Jews you’re looking for.” Because they are.

  • 35 Responses to “HADDEN: These Are Not the Jews You’re Looking For”

    1. Zarathustra Says:

      You can claim to be a non-violent, pro-White activist or organization who is operating within legal frameworks until you are blue in the face, ZOG will get you anyway if they get enough pressure from the Jews. No one is going to be impressed with you when you make claims of being legal or nonviolent. Did such claims protect Matt Hale?

      Trying to educate the goy masses with a pro-White media network would be unworkable at this point, to say the very least. Why should anyone care about educating the White masses, anyway? They don’t want to be lectured and they’re too dumb, passive or indifferent to understand. All that’s needed is 5 or 10 percent of the White population to get on board and the rest will sheepishly follow.

      Why not criticize Christianity? I hope you are not advocating Pastor Butler/Pete Peters Identity Christianity, are you? No one is intererested in that.

      Finally, the ones responsible for the present situation are not Murray Rothstein or Michael Chertoff, the ones responsible are the White Race for letting these bloodsuckers in and letting them take over without a fight. Whitey’s last real chance to fight back came in 1957, when Federal troops were sent by Eisenhower to forcibly integrate southern public schools. The Arkansas National Guard should have been mobilized to drive out the Federal invaders. But even back then it was too late, apparently.

    2. Stephen Says:

      Alex,Zara I think the us getting its second half balck president is a great thing. who was the first? (“Ike” black mother and a jew dad)When they march white people to the gulag maybe then Americans might wake up. I doubt it.

      Zara I don’t know about pastor Butler, but I do know about Pastor Peter John Peters and he is corect in keeping with the Scriptures. where do white people come from anyway? Funny how neither of you unbelievers mentioned that. All acording to Jesus’ plan. Have you studied it seeking wisdom knowledge and understanding? Or are you leading on your own? Jesus’ NWO=no jews just right!

    3. Vaultner Says:

      If ever we have a mass media outlet, it should not start with Tom Metzger for instance sitting in front of a NAZI flag stating fact, I’d watch it but most of America would run like hell. It has to be as the jew propaganda machine is, camouflaged. Start out slow so as not to shock the masses in the way they’ve been preconditioned to react.

      My take on the current election scheme is that it’s orchestrated by the jew much as their television programming. Put out some bait & see how we react.

      They truly had all the bases covered in the primaries; the fact that few responded to Dr. Paul let them off the hook a bit. Don’t mistake the jew for only their want of power, the are primarily survivors. If they had to step back to avoid the gas chambers that might actually occur this time they would be more than happy to give up the FED if they had to.

      I love nostalgia & history as much as the next but forgive me when I say Pierce is dead. Hitler also, who said, “National Socialism cannot be exported”. If & when an American awakening comes to play it will be an American invention. Not Brown Shirts or also as unfortunately unlikely the SS.

      If we as a so-called movement can play by the rules a little better. Be more cautious, creative, ingenious, stop putting ourselves so far on the outer edge of society & to our own discredit for some of us lawlessness, perhaps we can turn the tide in our favor.

      Understand that what grew in Germany in the thirties was uniquely German & tantamount to the times. The image that worked for them then can only attract the very few in America today. It certainly would not have worked without the support of the German Military.

      We need to be the Aryan image, intelligent from birth of course, but educated, upstanding, well-mannered clean-cut, hard working, noble. Fit the bill & like dominoes the jew castle will fall at our feet.

    4. Coup d'Etat Says:

      The jews came into this country as a secret, underground society who disguised themselves as part of the elitist Republicans back in the early 1900’s. The populace of the Republicans were the very rich Whites at the time, but soon the Freemason jews climbed to power. They knew where the money was and they knew where the power was. Now, they are manipulating the Democratic party after they have done their damage to the political process.

      By the way, Michael Moore is a typical Psychopath trying to persuade and confuse the public about the elitists. The elitists are no longer the Whites, they are jews. In these current times, the jews lead well over half as being the most wealthy over the Whites. Remember, the jews swindled the wealthy Whites back in 1929 and continue to do so in the stock market. The fools today believe they can make a lot of money in the stock market. Actually, this what the jews advertise. In reality, the jews watch the market very carefully and withdraw their stocks when they know they can make a profit. The fools in the 401k are the losers also and will continue to lose before they retire. In the meantime, the jews are swindling them out of their money right under their noses. In essence, anyone who has a 401k are blindly robbed. It’s smart to put your excess cash into savings while drawing interest or invest in Certificates of Deposit. I have made more money investing into savings in a day or week or month than I ever have with any 401k. What a joke 401k is. It is a jewish system established by the jews just to rob the public even more while they become wealthier and more powerful. But the idiots don’t see it and they don’t see that the stock market is another place where the jews will rob you.

      Back to the topic about the Founding Fathers failing. I disagree. What the Founding Fathers put into place worked well over 100 years. What was in place worked. Unfortunately, what they didn’t have into place was a counter-terrorism organization. An organization that secretly spied on possible foreign enemies, which at the time were the rising underground jews. Instead, many of our Forefathers were fooled by these smooth talking enemies which they were led to believe they were of no harm. They knew they were around somewhere, but the jews hid themselves so well they went about undetected. JEWS ARE PSYCHOPATHS! They have persuaded others with their illicit twisted words and crocodile tears which fooled even the most intelligent of all the Forefathers.

      Instead of establishing a counter-terrorism organization against the jews, the jews helped establish the FBI and have established themselves as strong ties with the FBI. This is why we have very little prosecution against the jews by the FBI, but instead the FBI goes after harmless Whites who have no political ties with anything. This is where the failure is, not what the Founding Fathers had in place.

    5. Zarathustra Says:

      Stephen, according to anthropological evidence, White people are descended from Cro-Magnons, a prehistoric, cave-dwelling, ice-age people who appeared in the Caucuses around 50,000 years ago and gradually migrated into Europe and Russia, replacing the earlier Neanderthal populations. That’s where White people come from, since you asked.

    6. Jurgen Says:

      Too much writing
      Too little shooting.

    7. Terrorsaurus Says:


      & The West Lost the World…

    8. Truthteller Says:

      It’s great to have Max Hadden back. Ha, he could of titled his article “These are not the Lizards we are looking for”, as this is the river we seem to be swimming in of late. Alex Jones, David Icke, Tex Mars, and all the rest of the ‘Patriotard movement’ refuse to NAME THE JEW.

      Hadden is right, this brings a lot of confusion, and sends people off on wrong tangents. Just like Jones’ rant that Hitler and the National Socialist’s are a “nazi death cult” and part of the NWO, what nonsense. Those who know nothing about National Socialism, should not be talking and writing about National Socialism, because they show their utter ignorance by doing so.

      I don’t believe for one moment that ‘the Jones cabal’ is ‘doing the enemies work’, I believe that they are just GD STUPID! Yet their supidity helps and continues to CONFUSE our people, in pinning the yellow star of blame on those who need blaming, THE JEWS!
      In AmeriKwa, we cannot hope to bring our people “into the light”, if we cannot reach them. Hadden is right on the mark, when he states, that our people have to come FIND OUR MESSAGE, unlike the kike-box, which sits festering in the family room, pouring out it’s jewish pollution every second of every day. Therefore, if we cannot reach OUR people, how can we hope to CHANGE their minds and awaken them to the danger of the JEW?

      In conclusion, we need more writers to set forward for VNN. Where are Arch Stanton, N.B. Forest, and the other stellar writers and movie reviewers which once graced this fine stage? We have to get back making VNN the MAIN STAGE in shinning the light on the problem that faces the whole world THE JEWS!

    9. old_dutch Says:

      Michael Moore a jew? Almost as bad as the guy who said that the judge in the Obama citizenship case is a jew. Let’s not get sloopy!

    10. Donald E. Pauly Says:

      We Rastafarians are proud to welcome Max Hadden as one of us who wants to send the Negroes back to Africa.

    11. 13colonies Says:

      For years, I’ve been advocating that we buy shares in the major media corporations and form a voting block. When the shareholders meet, we vote. The shares will soon be cheap with the economy sucking. If the Jews “in charge” don’t own enough shares to control the vote, then their propaganda will be no more. We need Nationalists with money to buy the shares. This may seem like a challenging project, but with enough people and enough money on board, it could be done.

    12. ZipZap McGee Says:

      This Madden piece makes my ass tired.

      For the four hundred and eleventy billionth time a White “acivist” has bemoaned a lack of White mass media. This whining has been going on for what – 50 years?

      Yet all you ignorant sons of bitches are still sending a hundred bucks a month to the Jews and have been for years and years. For entertainment. Gotta have my Jew entertainment.

      Has it occured to you to NOT send money to the Jews. Do you really need to be “entertained”. Did all of your great Aryan heroes spend their personal and financial endowments sitting around rocking their heads to entertaining Jew ditties?

      Zero material progress in 50 years. That’s pretty fucked up, Brothers & Sisters. I hereby deem and confer upon the lot of you the title of “Honorary Whiggers” and bestow upon you an honorarium of lotion and Kleenex. Your motto henceforth shall be “Jew Entertainment Before All.”

      This the deal kids: You will NEVER be liberated nor will you ever even be on a course to liberation as long as you have a TV in you home. There’s a genocidal war going on (actually, it’s over and we lost — we’re at Dunkirk, while you were watching “Seinfeld”)

      Nobody has time or money for TV. For what you spend on Jew entertainments (and ancillaries like alcohol, etc.) you could not only support national orgs but also save a whole PLATOON of local White kids who are being herded into nihilism, anarchy and whiggerism.

      You all have been so spectacularly SELF-marginalized for so long that making material progress is an ALIEN concept to you. All you have to do is get off your dead asses, put your TV in the closet and start helping your fellow Whites (and conducting your own personal war against enemies of our civilization; use your imagination). Your head will clear and you will see what needs to be done, and how you can do it.

    13. gw Says:

      13colonies Says: “For years, I’ve been advocating that we buy shares in the major media corporations and form a voting block. …This may seem like a challenging project, but with enough people and enough money on board, it could be done.”

      Far more easily said than done! They will find some way to block you or outmaneuver you. (Didn’t they with Ted Turner?) And they will have far more money with which to do it. Control of the media (and thus of the public mind) is the main weapon in their arsenal. They will NEVER give it up willingly. NEVER.

    14. DMS Says:

      If the jews “find some way to block you or outmaneuver you”, study how they did so and make sure they don’t get away with the same trick twice. Don’t mistake the battle for the war.

    15. DMS Says:

      Much of jew success is the result of crypsis and perseverance. Get yourself an alias like “Lenny Sheinberg” with ID to match. Take an acting class. Learn the art of stage makeup so you can craft yourself a six-beak in a matter of minutes.

    16. The Red Skull Says:

      These ARE the jews we’re looking for.The giant swindle might have helped wake some of the sheeple.Overall i thought was an exellent article.I agree with several points he makes,1. I like his “jedi mind trick ” analogy. Thats Exactly what they do.2. His assessment of the Dr.Paul “Revolution is dead on.The jews will NEVER Give up Their Jew-Party System.The Fed!?!Abolished??!!3.He’s correct about the Kike Kontrol of the media.This is another absolute MUST in their evil triad of Media,Money,and Politicians paid in Kike Slavery Notes.4.The cat is starting to get out of the bag-Thanx to”MIGHTY INTERNET” as one of our more colorful members would say.5.”Blaming the elite is another good point he makes-being marxist/class struggle in nature.6.The Feds ARE brainwashed by the Jews,this is thru 2 tenets of the triad-media and money.7.His analysis of the “Jewish Pre-Imptive Sneaky-Strike -Doctrine”- to be henceforth known as “J-PISSeD” is entirely correct and is being carried out on a political level as well.9.The myth of the Obama assasination,Probably another false-flag as the negroes diefication would result along with ZOG slave crackdown.10.The Winter War is a great movie,but the Cross of Iron is the best East Front Movie Ever.11.I disagree we need mass media to de-program the hopeless masses,we need OUR OWN media tho,that is correct.Herr GW is correct,the jews will never give up control of THAT(Media) or in my opinion, ANY of the Triad legs willingly,as a collapse of ONE,will lead to the the collapse of the 2,And the Great Jew Wizards Illusion of OZ for the goyim would come crashing down.Herr GW-I award you 2 Death’s Head Brownie Points for your insightful observation!Hiel!TRUTH IS AN ANTI-SEMITE.

    17. Zarathustra Says:

      Following the likes of Alex Jones and Tex Marrs will get you nowhere. They do not have any solutions, they are just entertainers who are trying to sell you their latest book or DVD. They never praise the White Race, never complain about the niggers or wetbacks and of course they never complain about the Jews or mention the word Zionism. They just talk about some vague New World Order Conspiracy. And of course, Jones NEVER, EVER passes up a chance to compare everything bad to “Nazi Germany”. So go f*ck yourself, Alex Jones(Jacobson).

    18. Z.O.G. Says:

      The reason that Alex Jones won’t mention the Jews or Zionism is because he is married to a filthy Jewess, and he has two children with her.

      Oh, and Texe Marrs, who is a preacher, performed their wedding ceremony when they married each other.

    19. Z.O.G. Says:


      Where did you get the name ‘Jacobson’ from? Are you saying that ‘Jacobson’ is Alex Jones’ mother’s maiden name or something?

    20. Zarathustra Says:

      Adding “Jacobson” was just a clumsy attempt at humor on my part. I doubt Jones is Jewish (although his kids will doubtless be raised as Jews), it’s just that the name “Alex Jones” sounds like a psuedonym or an alias. I suspect there are a lot of guys in the “patriot” movement who use phony names for one reason or another.

    21. Cpt. Candor Says:

      A few years back I checked through a couple of Jones’ websites (I think he’s running like six of them now) and arrived at the conclusion that he was just another loudmoth a-hole trying to sell some junk while leading people down blind alleyways. I’ve noted that many of his fans seem to be incapable of objective or even rational thought and regard him much in the same way that devout Muslims regard Muhammad. The fact that he’s kosherized himself as much as possible only reinforces my opinion of him.

    22. Zarathustra Says:

      Jones’ fans are real simpletons who parrot whatever Jones tells them to say. I once called the guy and told him that his fans were “rubes”. Jones doesn’t take criticism well, so he hung up on me. Oh well. His loss, not mine.

    23. Z.O.G. Says:

      Nice job, Zarathustra. I’ve thought about calling his radio show and asking him point blank if his wife is Jewish. His reaction would be priceless, because he has never mentioned anything on the air about his wife being Jewish, and none of the phone callers have ever asked him about it either, to my knowledge.

    24. Igor Alexander Says:

      “That fat kike Michael Moore…”

      Michael Moore is a Jew?

    25. Zarathustra Says:

      I don’t think Moore is a Jew. He looks like an anglo-irish, corn-fed midwestern porker to me. And I don’t think he is as uncouth or scatological as most Jews are. But even though Moore is a gun-grabbing, San Fransisco limo- lib, not everything he stands for is bad or wrong.

    26. Vaultner Says:

      Pretty sure Moore’s a jew.

    27. Cpt. Candor Says:

      What does it matter whether or not Moore’s a racial jew? He’s anti-White, and Kosher enough to get his movies released in major theaters all across the country. Like Alex Jones, though he probably isn’t a jew, he might as well be at this point.

      I recall laughing out loud when Farenheit 9/11 either backfired or failed to have an effect on the 2004 election. Seems Mickey didn’t learn that the truth, or at least half of it in this case, won’t set people free.

    28. Coup d'Etat Says:

      Any radio host, any person who fancies himself in public view who not only avoids talking about the REAL problem or avoids using the word “jew” to describe the problems we have or talks about who has control over our media or avoids describing the jewish investment companies swindling America out of billions, etc., but instead talks about how bad Hitler was and how bad Nazies are or were, are either moles or psychopaths.

      Either one of the two, they are distractors. They intentionally distract people from the real truth. What these people do is have listeners focus in on the host — that they are great and wonderful and a hero for talking about such issues as the NWO. The radio hosts talk about the NWO vaguely, for example, which distracts the listeners away from learning about the details in order to solve the problem(s), and instead puffing the subject bigger than what anyone can do to solve the problem as just one of those things that occur eventually in a society, while the number of listeners are being monitored.

      Like I wrote in my first paragraph, they are either moles or psychopaths. So, some may wonder what the end result is? This is how the socialists or jews monitor the popularity of a subject and monitor how many people are concerned. This or these things gauges their agenda to determine how much tightening they need to do on a nation, whether its through economic terms or political terms or encourage the FBI to increase their monitoring efforts on the far right or White-minded individuals or groups.

      So the end result is: These people/radio hosts who talk vaguely about the problems we have in our nation and who do not talk in detail about who is who or who the group is that is behind a fiasco or downturn in the economic system or who controls the media are in essence harming the efforts of those who are trying to counter or tackle these problems.

      This is just a tip of the iceberg how the psychopaths think and how they maneuver themselves in a society.

      And, no, I’m not John D.

    29. gw Says:

      Cpt. Candor Says: “What does it matter whether or not Moore’s a racial jew? He’s anti-White, and Kosher enough to get his movies released in major theaters all across the country. Like Alex Jones, though he probably isn’t a jew, he might as well be at this point.”

      I do think it matters. It helps explain his underlying motives, even his subconscious life-long conditioning that makes him lean the way he does, whether he’s even aware of it or not. It would come from the atmosphere he was raised in.

      I don’t claim to know whether he’s a Jew or not, and won’t try to say, but I recall reading somewhere that he is partly a Jew —- his mother’s side, I think. Unfortunately, I can’t cite where I read that (nor its accuracy), so take it for whatever it’s worth. But actually, part-Jews are always the most difficult to identify and the most dangerous (for that reason). And – just like mulattoes (see Obama) – they almost always identify with their “minority” side, while infiltrating and undermining the hated majority side.

    30. Z.O.G. Says:

      Alex Jones’ wife is Jewish. Her name is Violet Nichols.

    31. shabbos s. shabazz Says:

      Violent Nickels.

    32. Cpt. Candor Says:

      Well, gw, your claim would explain his ugliness, and I think it’s fairly obvious that the nignog component of the offspring of any Black and White couple is essentially guaranteed to override the White component, the mongrel’s self-perception includeed, like a turd dropped into a glass of milk.

    33. alex Says:

      Michael Moore is not a jew.

      We will implement here the same standards as on our forum. Only intelligent posts will get through. If you’re wrong, dumb, or here to make trouble, expect your post to be erased. That goes for stupid names too.

    34. gw Says:

      “Well, gw, your claim would explain his ugliness.”

      Please note that I did NOT “claim” anything. I specifically and carefully said, “I don’t claim to know [whether he’s a Jew] and I won’t try to say”.

      The real point of my message was that – at least in my own experience – hybrids almost always seem to identify with their “minority” side, the “other” side. But that was only a general statement, and not addressed at anybody specific. The only specific ones I can think of (but won’t name) are those that I have known personally. In Brazil it may be the reverse, so they say, but not here.

    35. Zarathustra Says:

      I’d like to pitch a new game show to the Jews at ABC Daytime…..”Name that Jew”, with your host Regis Philbin (suspected by many to be a Jew himself, but more likely a Lebonese or Eye-talian)! Yessir, a guaranteed ratings-grabber for all those unemployed Negroes and dumpy White hausfraus who watch TV on weekday mornings.

      Suspected Jew guest-stars will include:

      Joy Behar

      The Donald

      Martha Stewart

      Bruce Springsteen

      Ruth Buzzi

      Jamie Farr

      The Late Charles Nelson Reilly

      And more!

      Check your local Talmudvison listings.