7 October, 2008

James Watson’s Most Inconvenient Truth: Race Realism and the Moralistic Fallacy

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by J. P. Rushton and A. R. Jensen:

(a .pdf file): [Here].

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    1. fat loss for idiots Says:

      Hey more pics please, you must balance the text and the pictures :D

    2. apollonian Says:

      “Moralistic Fallacy”–Mere Guise Of Recurrent Pelagianism Plaguing Civilization, Humanity
      (Apollonian, 8 Oct 08)

      I just read the abstract of blog-topical work, and I agree w. the last sentence thereof to effect science must not conform to some idiot moralistic presumption–“it’s true because it should be true, and we all believe it should be true, so u’re out-voted, so there.” Thus we suffer the reign of collectivized subjectivism–this on pretext of moralism.

      Note then this moralism just becomes WHATEVER someone WANTS to be true. It’s true because it’s moral–and what’s “moral”?–whatever we WANT to be true. One only needs now to recruit enough voters–the art of lobbying and persuasion by all the various means.

      Thus Jews insist holohoax is true because they WANT it to be true, as it serves their interests, an excuse for self-righteousness–to then exterminate and remove Palestinians, for example–after all, think about the holohoax (see Codoh.com, Ihr.org, and Zundelsite.org).

      For what is “moral” anyway?–logic btwn ends and means. Hence “morality” then depends simply on chosen ends. For means are only “immoral,” according to our definition, if such means precludes the desired ends. So whatever is consistent w. ends then is automatically “moral”–according to our necessary definition.

      Note fm history we had Plato who equated the first great “trinity”–(a) truth, (b) beauty, (c) “good.”

      Then we have magnificent Christianity and Gosp. JOHN who places TRUTH above all, as in 14:6 whence Christ is equated with Truth, they being the ONLY way to God and Godliness.

      Then there was Pelagian heresy of St. Augustine’s day and later St. Martin Luther whence “good works” pretended to achieving such Godliness–regardless of mere truth.

      Finally, we have the present era which began fm Rousseau, Eng. Utilitarians, and esp. Immanuel Kant who presented a rationalist-styled Pelagianism, and elevated “good” ABOVE ALL, even truth. And this “good” has now come to dominate our culture for law, politics, and socio-biology. Science?–well, we just won’t think about that anymore than we have to.

      But then note science is made to serve moralism-Pharisaism, especially in socio-biology, law, and politics, the truth of science so reluctantly tolerated with such effort. And science and logic are surely not much respected by queers, Jews little lickspittles among the gentiles–rather science is feared and hated by these queers and Jews.

      So who falls for such moralist fallacy?–aside fm queers?–answer: anyone who wants to be accepted or liked by anyone else–anyone who wants to be accepted in society which is evermore dominated by queers and Jews as that society becomes evermore degenerate and over-populated with weaklings and inferiors.

      And why do Jews dominate society?–money. For how do Jews acquire that money?–COUNTERFEITING (see RealityZone.com for expo/ref. on Federal Reserve Bank [Fed]) and fraud (mere form of lying).

      So then what’s the basic mechanism at work?–simple, the CYCLIC over-population of a given society or nation, formerly successful and victorious, which created now too many people who now are subjectivistic–persuaded that reality is WHATEVER u want it to be–as in the COUNTERFEIT scam/fraud which arises at behest of suckers, losers, weaklings, and inferiors–who tolerate and eventually worship Jews, the ultimate subjectivists (see RevisionistHistory.org, TruthTellers.org, and Come-and-hear.com for best expo on Talmud). Observe US Federal Reserve Bank has thrived now, so gloriously, for no less than 95 years.

      Thus we see when people are HONEST, Jews are hated–quite rightfully. But when people become hubristic and moralistic, they become tolerant of Jews, who preach moralism, who come in and immediately begin their scams and, soon enough after, killing of the people–but especially the weaker sort who are so prevalent, the general culture so degenerate now, so over-populated.

      Thus we see the great socio-biologic function in history for all its CYCLIC characteristics as it entails Jews, lies, fraud, and the great “moralistic fallacy”–and we see further the great significance of Pelagian heresy as it has so much replaced and eaten out the real Christianity which was originally so ANTI-SEMITIC, which anti-semitic Christianity had so well guarded the people and culture against lies, fraud, and fallacy–like the present “moralistic fallacy.”

      For money (now COUNTERFEITED) and lies have now replaced the original Christianity with the present hereticalist goons, called “Judeo-Christians” (JCs–see Whtt.org and TruthTellers.org for expo/ref.) who think and insist they’re supposed to worship Jews.

      What can possibly reverse the process?–nothing, as like a forest-fire, the fallacy can only burn itself out–for such is the nature of CYCLIC history, according to “Decline of the West,” by Oswald Spengler. Weaklings must be exterminated, the purpose of Orwellian “perpetual war for perp. peace.”

      The only instance in history when the “decline” process was reversed–for only a brief time, however–was 4th cent. Roman Empire, when Christians resurged on inspiration of Christian honesty, and there was epochal Jew-expulsion. Thus the only “good” that was understood was predicated upon truth and honesty–such as it was understood, much as the people were capable.

      CONCLUSION: Presently today, Christian patriots like Apollonian exhort the people to embrace HONESTY (thus objectivity and determinism founded upon strict cause-effect) as the only criterion for rule-of-law, this in rejection of present reigning neo-Pelagianism founded upon Kant, Rousseau, Eng. utilitarianism, etc. But the Jews are still strong and insist the people must not allow another holohoax. Such is the state of present-day historic drama, heroic Apollonian a mere voice in the wilderness. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian