21 October, 2008

Radio Istina – Tuesday Special Late Night Edition – Midnight Tonight (CST)

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TODAY’S SHOW WILL BEGIN AT MIDNIGHT… (back to regular time next week)

Will discuss:

– Bill White (arrested by FBI)

– Simon Sheppard and Luke Whittle (denied bail hearing)

– Fredrick Toeben (update on his arrest in Britain at behest of Germany)

– music producers in Denmark (facing extradition to Germany)

– why it is better for niggers to live in fear of White than vice versa

– Wachovia ad (White man steals she-nigger’s identity)

– Pacman Jones (no amount of money can turn a nigger into a human)


– conclusion of our discussion of Culture Wars article (September 08) on the late Tom Herron, and the subversion of the American branch of the Catholic church in the sixties and seventies

Music might precede.

  • 19 Responses to “Radio Istina – Tuesday Special Late Night Edition – Midnight Tonight (CST)”

    1. smitty Says:

      Wouldn’t it be better to discuss Jews living in fear of whites instead? I mean blacks wouldn’t even be a topic if not for the “self appointed” chosen.

    2. Wolf Says:

      It could be argued that Jews do live in fear as evidenced by their non stop lobbying to establish laws that result in the imprisonment of the likes of Bill White, Simon Sheppard, Fredrick Toeben, Ernst Zundle, et al.

    3. Martin Says:

      The Occidental Observer are seeking a name for Jewish anti-gentile hatred (as they point out, there is no name for this in the English language).


      I just e mailed the editors and suggested that they use Alex Linder’s term “Loxism”. This is an original and excellent word for this phenomenon. Check out the article (it’s a good read) and send them a message suggesting they use the term “Loxism”. It’s a word who’s time has come….

    4. old_dutch Says:

      I think the word “asshole” pretty much fits all jews. LOL.

      Seriously, for academics, “radical jew”, “radical jews” or “jewish radical” covers almost all of the efforts of the jews or their shabbos goyim.

    5. exalted grand-master oberführer double diamond jim! Says:

      every white revolutionary will be compelled to obliterate 1000 ZOG scum……jewz, niggaz, faggotz, feminists, free-masons, gun-grabbers, ‘liberals’, neo-cohens, abortionists, main-stream media maggotz, most cops, politicians & ‘judges’ & common or garden variety race-traitors;…..that’s gunna mean a nice little pyramid of ZOG skulls in every white revolutionary warrior’s back-yard! :-|

      (i might just make “an early start” on mine!)

    6. Helmut Says:

      To: exalted grand-master oberfuhrer doppel diamond Jim
      Ah, finally, a man of action!

    7. inthenorthwest Says:

      fuck, 7 hours?

    8. shabbos s. shabazz Says:

      Who shall defeat Mr. Kyke, a man of steal!


    9. Igor Alexander Says:

      “I just e mailed the editors and suggested that they use Alex Linder’s term ‘Loxism’.”

      I don’t like the term. It reminds me of eating smoked salmon, and I happen to like smoked salmon.

    10. Igor Alexander Says:

      “fuck, 7 hours?”

      Yeah. That put me off too. 2 or 3 hours I can handle but 7 is a bit much. That’s one of the differences between Podcasting and radio; radio forces you to be succinct since you’re paying a lot for air time and have to fit your show into a time slot.

    11. sgruber Says:

      The rebuffering is irritating in proportion the content is valuable. So it’s pretty darn irritating. If you have a clean copy of this Istina, please post it. If not, no worries.

      The time has come to get rid of the jews.

    12. sgruber Says:

      Seven hours puts more of a strain on the host than on the listeners.

    13. wagner Says:

      Seven hours is fantastic! What is wrong with you guys? I can’t get enough of Radio Istina. You can’t find this kind of education anywhere. If you have problems with the length, hit the pause button but don’t complain.

    14. shabbos s. shabazz Says:

      Seven hours puts more of a strain on the parasite than on the host.

    15. Chris Says:

      So I’m listening on my Ipod since I had to go to bed early that night and Alex Mentions the Niggs in Utah all gathered around the fire alarm in wonder and astonishment.

      I couldn’t help but chuckle and think of those snuggley little Ewoks in Return of the Jedi who were worshiping C-3P0 as a god…..then I was hit with the thought that Ewoks wouldn’t gang rape some poor little Mormon girl.

      I was also reminded of the situation in “Born in East L.A.” with Cheech marin where his wetback cousin heard Cheech’s voice on the answering machine and he thought that the painting of jesus was talking to him. So cheech’s cousin starts lighting candles and laying all these voodoo type offerings in front of the painting.

    16. Stu Gavin Says:

      7 hours is awesome! Anyone complaining about it isn’t a true WN.

    17. Igor Alexander Says:

      It’s much easier to be a cheerleader than to be the “bad guy” and say what’s actually on your mind. My comments were offered in the spirit of constructive criticism, not out of petty spite or spoiled insensitivity.

      I’ve hosted radio shows. I used to design websites for a living. I understand what’s involved in these efforts. Grown-ups take reasonable criticism as an opportunity to learn and improve the quality of their work, not as a personal attack.

      The bottom line is that I just don’t have the time to listen to a 7 hour broadcast. Many people who have jobs or other obligations like school or a family don’t either.

      I don’t listen to these broadcasts on my computer. I have a CD player that plays mp3’s and a portable mp3 player. Neither of these have a bookmarking function. That means that if I turn the machine off, I have to fastforward to the point where I left off. That can take a really long time, and I wouldn’t even bother with a 7 hour file.

      As for the comment about parasites, well, I can hardly be accused of parasitism since I didn’t bother downloading the file.

    18. shabbos s. shabazz Says:

      I meant jewish parasites. . .

    19. Stu Gavin Says:

      You don’t have time to listen to it? You have all weekend, nobody says you have to listen to it right away.