29 October, 2008

Toben Wins Fight Against Extradition

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Some good news from Britain for a change. However, Toben is out of jail on bail and Germany will appeal the judge’s ruling:


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    1. Zarathustra Says:

      “Defaming the dead” in so-called Germany is a crime. But it’s OK to defame Hitler and he’s dead. And it’s OK to defame millions of brave German soldiers who fought and died for the Reich. But it’s not OK to defame some ugly Hebe?

      The Fuhrer was right. Any German who survived the War didn’t deserve to.

    2. Walter Says:

      I do not believe that Hitler said anything of the sort you said. I have read it before, but I do not believe it. Hitler never imagined the revolting depths the world would descend into; he did not lead war against women and children and the German soldier had a code of conduct that was honorable; Hitler could not imagine that the military conflict would be going on relentlessly as a war of defamation, calumny, blackmail and base lies even decades after the weapons fell quiet. A decent man cannot imagine such things. Read the proclamations of various field commanders on that point, as well as the Rules of conduct of the German soldier, as were printed in every soldier’s papers.
      Think of people like Hans-Ulrich Rudel, Otto Skorzeny or Leon Degrelle. They survived and remained faithful and so were many more. Hitler did say: “One day, when the hatred will have died out…., it will be seen that I was right” – he did think of a world after him and of a future.

      The Germany of today has had poison infused into its blood for almost seven decades, and it shows its effects. No day goes by without abject denunciation of anything German, and this not only so in Germany, but also in England, the US and at least every NATO country, as dissemination of the Holocaust Ideology is a condition of membership. It is only worst and most imbecillic in Germany.

      The insane distortion of justice and even common reason in Germany these days is indeed disgusting and it is getting more insane and imbecillic every year. This can only lead to disaster, but this is what might be necessary to turn things around.

    3. zoomcopter Says:

      I agree, very good post, Walter

    4. Zarathustra Says:

      Maybe what the Fuhrer said, or meant to say, was that all the best Germans in the war had already perished and that any German who survived the war was not worthy of being called a German. Wasn’t Guderian in Hitler’s presence when such words were said, around March 1945? I think Guderian could be considered a reliable source.

    5. gw Says:

      “The Fuhrer was right. Any German who survived the War didn’t deserve to.”

      Zara: Generally speaking, I find myself agreeing with everything you say. But this time I must take strong exception to your last sentence. Just that one. History is full of calamities. But no matter what happens, life must go on. Where there is life, there is always a new dawn tomorrow.

      Look at the Saxons in 804. Subjugated after a long and terrible war with the Franks (18 battles in more than 30 years), they were being forcibly converted to Christianity: be baptized or die. Their old customs and gods were gone forever. (Charlemagne’s methods were brutal and he earned the epithet, Butcher of Saxons; he had four and a half thousand pagans beheaded on one occasion alone.) At that dark hour, the Saxon’s world must have seemed at an end . However, Germans are adaptable. Though a crushed and defeated people, they survived and even prevailed. Within a century, there were Saxon emperors of the Frankish empire!

      Hitler (allegedly) uttered those despondent words in MARCH of 1945? A terrible time in Berlin. It was the end of his world. Berlin was surrounded. He would be dead in another month. That was an emotional moment and he was under intense pressure. We all say rash things under stress, things that we don’t really mean and that we regret in calmer moments. Whether he said it or not, I take it lightly. (I suspect you didn’t really mean it either.)

    6. gw Says:

      Walter says: “The Germany of today has had poison infused into its blood for almost seven decades. No day goes by without abject denunciation of anything German. This not only so in Germany, but also in England, the US, and at least every NATO country, as dissemination of the Holocaust Ideology is a condition of membership.”

      The Saxon War(s) that I referred to are classified by historians as a religious war. The Saxons were resisting the imposition of an alien, Semitic religion that would replace their own indigenous one. The Saxons’ defeat would lead in turn to the conversion of the rest of Central, Eastern, and Northern Europe: Poland, Lithuania, Scandinavia — some of it peacefully, some militarily. (The Old Prussians, for instance, and many Lithuanians, were simply exterminated.)

      I see an interesting parallel to 1945. WW 2 was really a “religious” war too: a war fought between conflicting ideologies. Those are the most vicious kind. Another new (Marxist) ideology was about to be imposed on Europe, an ideology springing from the same source as Christianity. It too would be imposed by governmental fiat backed by military force. No opposition would be tolerated. We are still seeing scattered resistance to it among the subjugated populations, just as there was lingering resistance to the Christian (Frankish) conquest long after 804. Even in the 1600’s, suspected “witches” (followers of the old religion) were still being hunted and burned alive.

    7. Zarathustra Says:

      gw, I gladly defer to your arguments on the subjects being discussed here. Yes, those March 1945 comments by the Fuhrer, IF he said them, were probably made in despair. There’s a lot of it going around these days.

      Charlegmagne was crowned first Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire by the Pope in 800 and his first order of business as Holy Roman Emperor was apparently to subjugate and convert all remaining pagans in his Empire, like the Saxons, to the religion of Rome. But somehow, over a thousand years later, us Whites are still here and some of us are even a little concious about what’s really going on, so like you say, where there’s life there’s a tomorrow.

    8. gw Says:

      No politico-religious establishment (that is to say, allied to or based on an ideology, which means all modern ones) which is in power tolerates any challenge to its legitimacy. Nor any challenge to its fundamental tenets (which are the foundations of that legitimacy). And no regime that’s in power relinquishes that power peacefully or willingly.

      Traditionally, both by psychological control (via religion) and physical compulsion (police/military), they function together in coordination as two hands on the same body. And add to that, in the modern world, the media — which have largely replaced religion as a more effective means of mind control.

      Nowadays, we no longer burn witches. We like to flatter ourselves that we’re wiser, more advanced and more tolerant today. I suspect, more likely, that it’s because there are no witches to burn — none to speak of anyway. (Has anybody ever met a witch? We see them only in trashy magazines at the supermarket checkout or on TV sitcoms.) Such actual witches as maybe do exist, are so scarce and so bizarre that they are regarded merely as amusing freaks. They have absolutely no power, no numbers, and (unlike during the Age of Belief) present no threat whatsover to The Establishment. I submit that if they gained numbers and became seen as a potential threat, somehow, to whatever ideology is in power (as in taking a racial position), that the tolerance they presently enjoy would quickly run out and ways would be found to get them outlawed. But they’re not a problem to the authorities today. They and their magic are merely laughable.

      The Age of Belief and trust in the spirit world are past us. Ideological “deviants” today, who threaten society’s basic assumptions are more likely to be clapped away somethere as insane. That, or some pretext will be found to put them in prison and out of the way for a long time.

      I see comtemporary analogies to witches in people who write posts to right-wing racial Internet sites. They, too, are regarded with horror. They, too, are viewed as bizarre but isolated freaks who present no real threat. They are disliked, but tolerated. Some are even considered amusing and are laughed at. But if they gained in numbers and became a threat, they would quickly be suppressed by whatever means necessary.

      The Powers That Be have no intention of losing their control. And down through history, in EVERY case, they have shown that they can be utterly ruthless in dealing with challengers to their authority.

    9. Walter Says:

      True, qw, no power tolerates challenges to its legitimacy.
      This legitimacy was (e.g. in the US) not long ago based (and I believe earnestly so by many) on Democracy, the free self-rule of the people.
      Something has gone wrong with that, since legitimacy is now based on the press cry NEVER AGAIN! as a histrionic production of the horror required to exhibit against the so-called Nazis. An emotional ideology consisting of the moronic philosophizing about movies, “memoirs” (because they are all frauds, even the first of them were re-written in 1945 to accommodate the Jewish self-adulation of “suffering”), even plain novels and works of fiction (e.g. Schindler’s List), has replaced levelheadedness and plain calm. Questions raised by movie script writers and novelists are used as a base for national policy. So it is not proper to say that England and France declared war on Germany and that Germany had no choice but to defend itself; it is not proper to show the propaganda lies of Sefton Delmer, it is not proper to say that the dead bodies shown again and again were those of victims of Typhus epidemics, breaking out in spring of 1945 when due to the immense destruction of the German infrastructure adequate supply of the camps was impossible. There is even a new movie about the epidemic in Bergen-Belsen out, I think made by Burroughs-Wellcome of England, which gives an account of the epidemic and the dead thereof. No matter, the pictures prove all the same the point of the NEVER AGAIN faction.
      It is now possible for seemingly normally-gifted people to draw conclusions contrary to the facts in front of them soleley based upon an ideological requirement.
      Question pertaining to the chain of events, or even the reality of occurrences in the 2nd War may not be asked anymore without fear of personal ruination or in some countries, imprisonment.
      Those who denounce the loudest events which never occurred have now the most legitimacy.
      It looks like the childish replay of a past which should not be repeated. The belief in and proof of witches shows indeed many parallels to the present state of the Western Holocaust World.
      The Jewish self-idolatrous narrative of suffering and the logical impossibilities, as are obvious to those who think about the whole thing, seems to be widely accepted now, but how long before this infantile thinking will seep into engineering and science, namely a turning away from rationality and back to a magic-based world view? A sickness affects always the whole organism.

      Now the goal of everything is to be against something, while at some earlier point it was to be f o r something.

      I think that this is the logical outcome of (parliamentary) Democracy, as it will always be subverted by external interest, putting to its own use the resources of this wonderfully manipulable system.
      The National Socialist State would have not allowed such a subversion. It was a democracy, but based upon the principles of personality, leadership, responsibility and ability. The press was in German hands and the vast majority acclaimed a leadership that was capable and representing their interests.
      That was a good example of legitimate power.

    10. Walter Says:

      I meant to say to your earlier post that Charlemagne is a saint in the Catholic Church, I suppose for his services he rendered in spreading the Faith. Yes, we remember him as “Sachsenschlächter”, the butcher of Saxons. His name day is just about now, in early November.
      There is a second Saint Charles, Carlo Borromeo, or Karl Borromäus, former bishop of Milan. That was my father’s name. A catholic with the name Charles or Karl is either Karl der Grosse or Karl Borromäus with two different name days.

    11. Zarathustra Says:

      Every time I see a cop nowadays I think of him as little more than the muscle used by the Man(the System) to keep the poor and weak in their places. You never see any millionaires, politicians or celebrities do more than a few days in the hoosegow, if that, and then it’s only done to promote the illusion of justice. How many wealthy yid criminals are in America’s overcrowded prison-gulag system now? Any at all?

    12. gw Says:

      Zarathustra Says: “Every time I see a cop nowadays, I think of him as little more than the muscle used by the Man (the System) to keep the poor and weak in their places.”

      The police are there to protect The Establishment. That’s what they’re paid for. That’s who signs their paychecks. They are footsoldiers at the disposal of the politicians.

      I’ve heard NYC cops say, cynically, that the main and real purpose of the NYPD is to serve as the mayor’s body guard. It was a cynical joke, but as with all jokes, there’s truth in it. By slight extension of that comment, their purpose is to protect the mayor and all his circle of cronies, the movers and shakers who own and control everything – including us.