13 November, 2008

Big Corporate Pilfering

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Almost as bad as the Jews is gentile plutocracy (or maybe that should read “jewntile plutocracy”) [1]. In fact, author Ivor Benson noted that supercapitalism has some Marxist features:


[1] “jewntile” = a gentile who behaves like a Jew due to the Jewing of Western culture

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    1. ZipZap McGee Says:

      The White elites have been led to the mistaken belief that they are going to share power with the Jews once the “Kingdom of David” is at hand.

      Though, truth be told, the elites don’t think about much other than how “successful” they are since x, y or z industry has been deregulated and now they’re showing how superior they are to the oh-so-expendable masses by being able to harvest the fruits of the land through their own superior ability to “add value.”

      The Jews *encourage* class war among Whites: It turns the Middle Class from an army who would defend their tribal elites to a an army of resentful Have Nots who want to destroy their elites.

      Such a deal. Tell the elites that greed is good, remove public safeguards through deregulation and let them loose to destroy their own people.

      So yeah, the White elites have sold us out and, yeah, they’ll hang too — if they’re lucky. Woe be unto collaborators, which is what they are.

    2. Patrick Says:

      Giving bailouts to corporations is not “capitalism”; it’s socialism. It’s corporate welfare. There’s nothing Marxist about capitalism.

    3. Justin Huber Says:

      Amen to that!

    4. Socrates Says:

      Patrick Says: “Giving bailouts to corporations is not “capitalism”; it’s socialism. It’s corporate welfare. There’s nothing Marxist about capitalism.”

      Not capitalism, but supercapitalism. It’s explained in the links.

    5. Waldo Starr Says:

      I always thought that the chosen would have seen to it that all the guns in the US would have been put away before they embarked on the complete “skinning” of the sheeple in the financial markets. Maybe they are relying on their brethern in the Main Street Medium to keep blaming the melt down on those minority loans going belly up. We all know black people are terrible credit risks, but to blame them for tankin’ Wall Street is quite a stretch, even for the chosen.
      Maybe President Obongo with his supposedly wealth of knowledge concerning financial matters, can you say BLING, and with his gift for Brovo Sierra we can all sleep at night knowing that “CHANGE” is the air and coming in January, I only hope it not in the form of “hey buddy, can you spare a dime”

      “We have seen the “Turd World” and it is us!”

    6. Zarathustra Says:

      There are a lot of Gentiles who think like Jews, ie, cruel, greedy, scheming, liars. Many of them wind up becoming CEOs and other top-level corporate/capitalist types. In earlier times, they would have been kicked out the village without any clothes on. Hence the terms “habilitated” and “rehabilitated”.

      Capitalism and Marxism are basically the same thing, since they both are based on Jew supremicism and control. They both stink.

    7. Patrick = Anti Troll Says:

      Why is Patrick (aka Patrick Keefe) allowed to post here?

      In case you weren’t aware, this faggot once called Alex Linder an “anti-Semitic scumbag” and some other names I won’t repeat here.

      Do we really need anti-WN trolls lecturing us about race and economics?

    8. Z.O.G. Says:

      I think we should keep in mind that there are two different capitalism’s.

      1.) Financial capitalism
      2.) Production capitalism

      Production capitalism is manufacturing. This type of capitalism actually produces something tangible and real. It creates actual wealth.

      Financial capitalism is the high finance and banking. This type of capitalism doesn’t actually produce anything tangible or real. It only creates credit, money, and financial “instruments”, all out of thin air. It does not create actual wealth.

      Production capitalism creates wealth. Financial capitalism is a parasite.

    9. Zarathustra Says:

      I think you’re putting too fine a point on it. Capitalism produces wealth for those who are already wealthy, it creates debt and bankruptcy for everyone else, eventually. Capitalism, at least in unadulterated form, also creates a massive permanent underclass of minimum-wage janitors, maids, office temps and stoop laborers. No thank you.

    10. Z.O.G. Says:

      Zarathustra, most of the problems you are talking about are due to our money system, not our manufacturing corporations. That is to say, those problems you mention are caused by something much more fundamental than any one sector of our economy, like manufacturing.

      Our privately created debt based, interested based money system is the source of pretty much all the economic and financial problems we have today.

      And you can take that to the bank! hehe :-)

    11. Jim Says:

      What do you call a Jew that acts like a Gentile? A Gew.