8 December, 2008


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About Hitler’s “insane” attack on the Soviet Union in 1941:

[Article]. More [Here].

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    1. Arch Stanton Says:

      I read this book about seven years ago and the light came on. I have written about this book numerous times on past occasions. This book answers the question of why a student of history would knowingly make the exact same tactical error as Napoleon had a scant one hundred and thirty years before. It explains perfectly why Hitler would commit his forces to the grave strategic error of opening up a second front, especially considering he held a winning hand up until that point. The idea that Hitler was a carpet chewing madman as an explanation for these actions simply did not pass the smell test. But when one knows that The Russian planned to cut off the Romanian oil fields and stage their own blitzkrieg into Germany, it all makes perfect sense. In fact the effects of the loss of the Romanian oil fields were later seen in the concentrated attacks on Ploesti by the American bombardment groups. Of course since it was only white boys and their labor dying in these raids, the Wall Street jews could well afford the tremendous losses incurred by those raids. The fact that five Medals of Honor were awarded are an excellent indicator of just how steep the losses were. No doubt Madeline Albright would have summed it up best by saying, “We think it was worth it.” http://orbat.com/site/history/historical/usa/operationtidalwave.html. One can only wonder if the white race will finally stand up and make the jew pay the price. It’s about time the white man collects his due for the destruction of his race, his culture and the debasement of his women to that of common whores. This time no phony bullshit Hollowhoax. This time the price needs to paid in full for real. One can only wonder if the words “we think it’s worth it” will sound the same gurgling from the foaming lips of those jews who finally do pay the price. Perhaps another Asian described the jew’s mindset best when he said:

      “The greatest happiness is to vanquish your enemies, to chase them before you, to rob them of their wealth, to see those dear to them bathed in tears, to clasp to your bosom their wives and daughters” – Genghis Khan

      And what are jews but a Mongol hoard that has conquered white countries by deception? A race of laughing Genghis Khans who smile broadly as they plunge their collective knives deeply into America’s back.

    2. Marwinsing Says:

      (from your article link)

      “That spring, London and Paris invited Moscow to co-sign an Anglo-French guarantee to protect Poland and Romania from German aggression. The Soviets made commitment contingent upon permission from Lithuania, Poland and Romania to allow the passage of Soviet troops in the event of war. Poland refused. The protracted Soviet-Allied negotiations were conducted halfheartedly by the West; its military advisors had a negative appraisal of the Red Army.”

      Now get your hands on this free e-book called The AntiHumans and read a firsthand account of what happened to Romania after WWII. This is an eye-opener and could be seen as a prelude of what is to become of The West if we allow the present state of things to continue as they are. Here’s the link:


      (scroll down to AntiHumans.pdf, Right-click, Save AND READ!)

    3. Terrorsaurus Says:

      In other words, the term “official history” should actually be called “complete and unmitigated bullshit”.

    4. Terrorsaurus Says:

      Yes! Marwinsing found that book! I read it long ago but later forgot the title, and so was unable to find it.

      Romania was but one victim of the Red Jew Terror. The things those demons did to those poor white angels beggars description.

      Sheer terror the likes of “Saw”, but all too real.

      We mustn’t let it ever happen again. Jews don’t suffer Holocausts, they DO Holocausts.

    5. Zarathustra Says:

      I admire the Fuhrer and the NSDAP, but Hitler made some really dumb mistakes. The attack on the USSR was crazy, even Hitler’s generals and field marshalls understood that. Not only was it a crazy idea, but Barbarossa was launched too late in the year and there were not enough German troops available due to the North African and Balkan campaigns. The Wehrmacht tried to plug the gaps with Romanian, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Italian and Spanish troops, but they weren’t nearly as good as the unavailable German troops would have been. The German tanks available at the time were no match for the Soviet T-34, either.

      Then, instead of a direct assault on Moscow, Hitler orders the attack to be split up into Army Groups North, Center and South. And no attempt was made to win over the occupied civilian populations because they were “inferior” Slavs. So, the anti-Nazi partisan resistance recieved lots of help from the general population and the SS could not maintain order in the occupied zones, except through extreme measures which further alienated occupied civilians from the Germans.

      Stalin was said to be “thunderstruck” at news of the invasion. He went into hiding for 2 weeks before he decided on how to respond. Obviously, Stalin was not expecting an attack from his ALLY.

      All of these avoidable, unnecessary problems caused further hostility between Hitler and the Army, which culminated in the July 1944 assassination attempt on Hitler.

      I have read numerous posts on this site about how we avoid being too fanatically pro-Hitler. Has everyone suddenly changed their mind?

    6. Blackshirt Says:

      Agree with everything you said, Zarathustra. Here is the problem with the current White racist “movement”- most of the people in it are in love with Hitler and the Third Reich. I speak from experience because I used to be one of the wide-eyed “true believers” who thought Hitler was infallible and a god-man. 20 years later and a whole lot wiser I know Hitler was a extraordinary leader (especially before the war) and a man who took on world Jewry head on, but he was not infallible and he made a great many mistakes too.

      Having some Russian ancestry I also know from my experiences in the “movement” that there are a great many folks involved in this who buy the whole Germanic supremacist idea hook, line, and sinker. I get sickened when these topics come up to hear the same old anti-Slav attitudes repeated again and again from the Third Reich worshipers. I’m sorry I don’t buy the idea that Stalin was planning a massive attack against Germany. I haven ‘t read Icebreaker, but I know the basic arguments outlined in it and I have read extensively about the events that lead to WWII. (I have a degree in History, BTW). I’m sorry to say that Hitler’s attack on the Soviet Union was not only motivated by ideological differences, but also by deeply ingrained views in German and Prussian society that Slavs/Russians are somehow subhuman White people. I shudder to think what would’ve happened to the Slavs in Eastern Europe had Hitler won the war… lebensraum, slave labor camps for Russians, etc. all happened and are well documented. The Germans planned to displace the Slav population and repopulate the steppes with Germans. Don’t fool yourselves- this was the plan and it is well documented. I state this all as a White racist who admires much of what Hitler did accomplish in Germany before the war. Despite that we have to remember that Hitler did not start out as a leader/thinker for the whole White race, but as a German supremacist, first and foremost. That’s great for 1930s era Germany, but he is hardly someone to hold up as a champion for the entire White race.

      Now can we quit trying to fight WWII over again and get back to fighting for the entire White Race’s survival here in 2008?

    7. Zarathustra Says:

      Perfectly stated, Herr Blackshirt, perfectly stated. If only everyone in this Struggle could see things as clearly and soberly as you, there wouldn’t be all this confusion, animosity and division among us racially concious Whites. I too am tired of the Germanic/Nordic supremicism, the Hitler personality cult and perhaps worst of all, the Christian Identity types who are more concerned with getting into Jew Heaven than in helping out a fellow White man in need.