28 January, 2009

America, Then and Now

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You might think that, when birds fly into an airplane engine, forcing the plane to make an emergency landing, it’s an “act of God” and therefore no lawyers would be contacted about the incident afterward. If you thought that, guess again. Because “sue your neighbor” has replaced “love your neighbor.” If you’re familiar with the legal profession, it isn’t hard to guess who pioneered the field of personal-injury law [1]. Indeed, would injury-lawyer TV commercials exist without Jews? Trivia: it used to be illegal for lawyers to advertise:


[1] “‘The field of personal injury really expanded in the forties and fifties,’ said Greenberg. ‘A dozen or so lawyers developed this area of law, and most of them were Jewish.'” — from the book “Jews and Money: The Myths and the Reality” (New Haven/New York, Ticknor and Fields, 1982) by Gerald Krefetz, p. 193

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  7. 26 Responses to “America, Then and Now”

    1. old_dutch Says:

      A Lawyer gets to the point:

      Anonymous Attorney 01.26.09 at 2:00 pm

      A point he overlooks is this: the more trusting society he envisions harkening back to existed at a time when there about 100 million (or fewer) people in the United States, about 90 percent of whom were white. Today, the United States is on track for a population of half a BILLION, with dozens of scrapping racial and ethnic groups and probably 100 different languages. To me, that’s the real underlying problem, and a major cause of “overlawyering” — the Tower of Babel that is American society is bound to become lawsuit-saturated. Howard quotes “Bowling Alone” academic Robert Putnam, but omits Putnam’s findings on the destruction of trust, cooperation and discretion that arises in a multiracial society.

      I would be very surprised if any of Howard’s proposals go anywhere beyond the pages of his book . They essentially call for a Japanese level of societal cohesion and agreement, and we are far from that.

    2. shabbos s. shabazz Says:

      Suers from the sewers.

    3. gw Says:

      “They essentially call for a Japanese level of societal cohesion and agreement, and we are far from that.”

      And under the circumstances, entirely impossible.

    4. Zarathustra Says:

      Remember when judges used to say that the Courts had no remedy for hurt feelings? Now, almost every other lawsuit is brought because the plaintiff wants compensation for the “pain and suffering” brought about by the insensitive comments of an evil, bigoted, White heterosexual male co-worker, teacher or boss.

      “So call me, Barry Feinstein, at the law offices of Feinstein, Schachter and Cohen today. We’ll get you the money you deserve” (well, maybe 20% of it….We ambulance-chasing Hebes will take the rest, nyuk nyuk).

    5. gw Says:

      “So call me, Barry Feinstein, at the law offices of Feinstein, Schachter and Cohen today.”

      Little by little, everything in America — the whole country — is being turned into a massive Jewish moneymaking racket.

      Music, art, culture, law, health-care, shopping, sports, EVERYTHING!

    6. Ein Says:

      “everything in America — the whole country — is being turned into a massive Jewish moneymaking racket.”
      – – – – – – – – – – – –

      A hundred years ago, people used to be interested in sports because they enjoyed playing or watching sports, for sport’s sake…. one town’s team against another’s. Money had no part in it. And it was all-white. Now, it’s big business, and players (a great many of them black), are media “heros” and pampered multi-millionaires. Also frequently criminals — but for them, it’s excused.

      People used to appreciate art because, well, they appreciated beauty. Now, art is all about money and investment — a place for the Very Rich to stash their cash — and beauty has nothing to do with it.

      People used to listen to music simply because they enjoyed beautiful sounds. Now, it’s become “the music industry“. (INDUSTRY??!!! That sounds like a steel foundry.) Beethoven would have choked on that!

      Well, that’s the idea. Need I go on?

    7. Dean Berry Says:

      The current economic downturn has been engineered by the synagogue of satan/the israel lobby in response to Ron Paul’s exposure of the IRS and the Fed. They’re trying to scare us into keeping these two completely anti-American ‘institutions.’ Depression will be followed by a bigger, louder 9/11 (also engineered) which will be the satanics excuse for martial law. Anti-Christ will come upon the world scene at this time. He will bring ‘peace’ to the world through worldwide dictatorship and disarmament. Anti-Christ will make it seem as though we Christians are the problem, and we will be beheaded and exterminated. WW3 (Armageddon) will ensue shortly thereafter, its fury shortened by the return of Jesus Christ. These are only my extrapolations garnered by my continual reading of the Holy Bible. WE MUST MAKE A PACT WITH ONE ANOTHER RIGHT NOW THAT NO MATTER HOW MUCH WE OR OUR FAMILIES ARE TORTURED AND TORMENTED WE WILL NEVER DISAVOW JESUS CHRIST, OUR LORD AND SAVIOR. — AMEN

    8. Marwinsing Says:

      Amen. (be He real, figurative or otherwise)

    9. Ein Says:

      Are we in church? Is the sermon over now?

    10. shabbos s. shabazz Says:

      A vow or affirmation is valid only when offered without duress.
      With a gun to your head, you can say anything to save yourself, including “Fuck You Jesus”.

      An apparent disavowal is not the same as an actual disavowal, which requires a free will context. I presume the ruler of all things understands context.

      Christians have difficulty with such nuances.

    11. Ein Says:

      Moslems too.

    12. Andrei Yustschinsky (Andrei's Ghost) Says:


      Israeli Court Sentences Sheinbein to “24 Years”

      By Lee Hockstader and Craig Whitlock
      Washington Post Staff Writers
      Monday, October 25, 1999; Page B1

      An Israeli court sentenced convicted murderer Samuel Sheinbein to 24 years in prison yesterday, saying the Maryland teenager had displayed “cruelty, wickedness and malice” in killing Alfredo Enrique Tello Jr. in Montgomery County two years ago.

      “The actual murder, together with the monstrous acts that were committed to the body, show that the sanctity of life and a person’s dignity in both life and death are values to which the defendant attaches no significance,” said Uri Goren, president of Tel Aviv District Court, reading in Hebrew from the sentencing document.

      Sheinbein, slightly pale but impassive, stood flanked by police, his hands clasped behind his back, as the sentence was delivered.

      “In light of his age, and in light of the severity of his actions, the defendant therefore deserves a severe and deterring punishment,” Goren said.

      Sheinbein will be eligible to apply for furloughs of 24 to 96 hours beginning in 2003 and to apply for parole in 2013, when he is 33. He is also eligible for conjugal visits http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Conjugal_visit immediately. There was no immediate decision on where Sheinbein will be imprisoned.

      If he had been tried in Maryland, as both Israel and the United States wanted, he would have faced a maximum punishment of life in prison.

      The sentence pronounced by the three-judge panel was the same recommended in a plea agreement between Sheinbein’s attorneys and Israeli prosecutors last month. Under the agreement, Sheinbein, now 19, confessed to the murder and both sides avoided what would have been a trial of exceptional duration and complexity. But judges were not bound by the recommendation and could have sentenced Sheinbein to a shorter, or longer, prison term.

      Tello’s family declined to comment yesterday.

      The sentencing concludes a two-year legal odyssey that began when Sheinbein, then 17, killed Tello, dismembered his body with a power saw, burned his torso and stashed it in an Aspen Hill garage near Sheinbein’s home.

      Days later, already a suspect in the killing, Sheinbein fled to Israel with the help of his father, Sol, who holds both U.S. and Israeli citizenship. The incident provoked a diplomatic furor, and in the lengthy court battle that followed, the United States and the Israeli government tried to have Sheinbein extradited to stand trial in Montgomery County, but they were blocked by the Israeli Supreme Court.

      Aaron Needle, who was indicted with Sheinbein in Tello’s death, committed suicide in the Montgomery County jail on the eve of his trial last year.

      Maryland prosecutors said they were disappointed that the Israeli court didn’t impose a stiffer sentence and expressed frustration that Sheinbein could be eligible for furloughs and parole while still a relatively young man.

      “Any person who slashes another human being, strangles another human being, cuts off their arms and legs, torches the body, flees the country for absolutely no justifiable reason, in our view poses a threat for the rest of their life,” said Montgomery State’s Attorney Douglas F. Gansler.

      Gansler said he had held out hope that the Israeli judges would ignore the sentence recommended in the plea agreement and hand down a punishment of closer to 30 years in prison, which he said would have been comparable to a life sentence in Israel.

      “I thought they would take this opportunity to bridge the gap,” he said. “His sentence pales in comparison to what his sentence would have been in this country.”

      But the Israeli court said: “We did not find that the defendant received any excessive reduction of his punishment in this plea bargain, and possibly he did not receive any reduction at all, since the punishment agreed to by the parties is both significant and appropriate.”

      Gansler said that the Israeli government had offered to fly one of Tello’s relatives to Tel Aviv for the sentencing but that the family declined.

      “They continue to be frustrated by Mr. Sheinbein’s manipulation of the Israeli and American legal systems,” Gansler said.

      Grace Rivera-Oven, a longtime Latino activist in Montgomery, said supporters of the Tello family were likewise angered by the outcome.

      “The community is very disappointed, and certainly justice was not served,” she said. “It’s a mockery to our Constitution and our justice system.”

      But Israeli prosecutors defended the sentence yesterday.

      “According to Israel law, this is definitely a severe punishment,” prosecutor Hadassah Naor told reporters. “We respect the American court system, and we hope they respect ours.”

      She said that before Sheinbein is considered for furloughs or parole, Israeli authorities will take into account the severity of his crime, the potential danger he poses to others and his behavior in prison, among other factors.

      She also noted that Sheinbein will receive psychological and psychiatric treatment in prison.

      Jonathan Strum, who teaches a course on Israeli law at Georgetown University, said chances are slim that Israeli authorities will approve furloughs or parole for Sheinbein as soon as he becomes eligible.

      “I think they’re very sensitive to this case,” Strum said of Israeli authorities. “Personally, I doubt he’ll get paroled. If you’re the parole board, would you want this guy walking the streets of your country?”

      Sheinbein’s attorney, former justice minister David Libai, called the outcome “responsible.” “The fact that the Israeli court approved [the plea bargain] . . . showed we handled it in a reasonable way,” he said.

      Libai said Sheinbein’s sentence was the most severe ever imposed on an Israeli convicted of committing murder as a minor. The Israeli human rights organization B’Tselem said Israeli courts have imposed tougher sentences on Palestinian minors convicted of murdering Israelis.

      In one such case, Tel Aviv District Court imposed a sentence of life plus 10 years on two Palestinian teenagers who at 17 knifed to death an Israeli on a bus in Tel Aviv in 1990 and tried to kill other passengers.

      Israeli military courts in the Israeli-occupied West Bank have also given harsher sentences to Palestinians convicted of taking part in the murder of Israelis, B’Tselem said.

      Although Sheinbein had never been in Israel before, Libai argued successfully to the Israeli Supreme Court that his client was entitled to the protection of citizenship in the Jewish state–and barred from extradition–because his father had long claimed Israeli citizenship.

      Since then, the Knesset, Israel’s parliament, has “changed’ the law. Under the new law, a defendant seeking to avoid extradition must prove not only Israeli citizenship and a Jewish mother but also a “residential connection” to the country, which Sheinbein lacked.

      The Tel Aviv court ruled Sheinbein’s sentence would run from the day of his arrest in Israel, Sept. 28, 1997. He thus has 22 more years to serve on the 24-year sentence. He would be eligible for parole, however, after serving two-thirds of the full sentence, in 2013.

      Although Sheinbein’s case is now settled, criminal charges are still pending in Maryland against his father.

      Sol Sheinbein, a former patent and trademark lawyer for the U.S. government who now lives in Israel and represents U.S. companies there, has been charged with obstructing a police investigation in connection with helping his son flee to Israel.

      Because the charge is a misdemeanor, however, he will not be prosecuted unless he returns to the United States.

      Gansler said Montgomery prosecutors have explored the possibility of attempting to revoke Sol Sheinbein’s law license in the United States He acknowledged, however, that it would be difficult to disbar Sheinbein based on an arrest warrant instead of a conviction.

      Before today’s sentencing, Sheinbein’s parents sat on a rear bench of the courtroom and declined to answer reporters’ questions. His mother’s eyes welled with tears, and at one point she told her husband to keep his head up.

      “It’s unfair,” she told the Associated Press before the hearing. “It couldn’t have happened to a better kid.” She was then led away by her husband.

      Hockstader reported from Tel Aviv, and Whitlock reported from Montgomery County.

    13. Very Cynical Says:

      You can bet Sheinbein was out on weekend furloughs after 12 months, probably out of jail completely not long after, with all of it covered up. Once in while he’d show up in a TV studio dressed up to look like a jail cell, and then he’d weep over his “horrible mistake”. Then they’d run footage of him pushing a broom or something. Of course Sheinbein and crew would all laugh and backslap each other over their cleverness.

    14. gw Says:

      “Then they’d run footage of him pushing a broom or something. Of course, Sheinbein and crew would all laugh ”

      There’s nothing like the guillotine. It had its purpose. For some, there’s no other solution.

    15. Bret Ludwig Says:

      The problem is that birds flying into airplane engines is not an act of God. It’s an act of birds, and we know that birds are not moral agents. We know people are.

      There are people who are responsible for this crash. But no one will be suing them because they have sovereign immunity. The people who operate the airport and manage the wildlife.

      Birds-specifically geese-are a hazard to aerial navigation and have been for decades. Since the jet era began in the late 1050s, airliners have been vulnerable to them. There is a fix-not a foolproof one, but a very helpful one-which is to thin out goose populations around airports. Shoot them and feed them to the homeless, or whatever. But government won’t hear of it.

    16. Howdy Doody Says:

      I have seen a private windshield broken by airport flying Geese.

      There are all kinds of groups and state Wild life agencies that are the REASON the birds are not blasted at airports.

      Some airports use shot gun noise/bang shells in attempts to scare them away. I only wish that all the idiots that protect the birds could be on the planes hit by them.

      Notice as more Doctors became members of the hate tribe then suing them made it nessassary to have caps/limits etc.

      If you have any surgery for an injury, FIND a White doctor.

    17. Zarathustra Says:

      I have it on good authority that those birds which flew into the jet turbines were trained by the MOSSAD. The plan was to make it look like Iran was behind that terrorist bird-attack.

      By the by, that Antichrist fellow sounds rather interesting. I especially like his plans for world peace by getting rid of all the Christians. I think I should like to buy him a drink.

    18. Marwinsing Says:

      Amen. Cheers. Prost. *hick!*

    19. gw Says:

      Zarathustra Says:
      “I have it on good authority that those birds which flew into the jet turbines were trained by the MOSSAD. The plan was to make it look like Iran was behind that terrorist bird-attack.”

      LOL. Well, whatever.

      But listen, I have some reservations about that “birds” theory. Did anybody actually SEE them? I’m not a bird expert, but that plane had it’s engines go out at 3,2000 ft. That’s more than 3 times the height of the Empire State Bldg. — almost a mile high! How many birds would flying at that altitude? Furthermore, this is mid-January, midwinter! Any birds that would be migrating south would have done so long ago. And any birds returning north, wouldn’t be doing so yet. That all strikes me as rather strange. I’ve heard nobody (in the press) question this. Does it make sense?

      Any ornithologists out there?

    20. gw Says:

      Btret says: There is a fix – not a foolproof one, but a very helpful one-which is to thin out goose populations around airports.”

      But these alleged “birds” were flying high, and they were were not anywhere around La Guardia airport. The plane had taken off and left the airport and was well away from it.

    21. Zarathustra Says:

      I don’t think that flock of birds would have been visible to anyone inside the aircraft, especially when one considers that they must have been sucked into the turbines very quickly. And it’s not unusual for certain types of birds to be flying around that area, even in winter. There are a lot of marshlands in the metro NY/NJ area, which is where many birds live.

      But I’m sure Herr ZOG will fill us in on the link he has discovered between that flock of birds, 9/11, the (faked) moon landing, the bombing of the Murrah Building and Jack Ruby’s abduction by queer space-aliens.

    22. gw Says:

      Sounds fascinating. I can hardly wait!

    23. Bret Ludwig Says:

      Geese can fly at over ten thousand feet. I have seen them overhead from that altitude while in military trainer aircraft. They are big enough to cause severe engine damage to large turbofans and when hit can kill fighter pilots by slamming through armor glass windshields.

      The laws protecting them made sense years ago but they are overpopulated now and a nuisance in many cities. I no longer brake to avoid them when driving my old beater car and have hit two or three. I don’t do anything either to avoid or deliberately hit them. I would prefer to eat them but the locals would fink me out in a minute if i were seen poaching them. The illegals do poach them and it’s one of the few good things I can say about them. They shit all over everything and bite and harass people, especially small children.

    24. Zarathustra Says:

      They also leave cigar-sized turds all over the place and honk up a storm. They’re like niggers with wings, actually.

    25. gw Says:


    26. Howdy Doody Says:

      The illegals do poach them and it’s one of the few good things I can say about them. They shit all over everything and bite and harass people, especially small children.


      Yeap. From Abalone out of season and over harvesting at the same time, that our Laos and Cambodian invaders hard at work for their refugge checks.

      They are out in Force in every National US Forest we have too.

      Believe it.