21 January, 2009

The Lesson of South Africa

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by Dr. William Pierce.

“We’ve spoken several times about the situation in South Africa — in particular, about the systematic murder of White farmers there by Blacks and the failure of the new Black government to stop the murders.

The slaughter continues. Since I spoke with you about this in June, another 67 White farmers or members of White farm families have been murdered in South Africa. Many of the murders have been accompanied by torture, rape, and mutilation. Altogether nearly six hundred White farmers have been murdered by Blacks in South Africa since the Whites agreed in 1993 to let the Blacks run the country. That’s one per cent of South Africa’s 58,000 White farmers. Imagine the uproar in America if one percent of any occupational group — say, White school teachers or White policemen — were brutally murdered, with racial motivations, by Blacks in a four-year period. Of course, South Africa’s White farmers are in an uproar too, but they’re receiving virtually no help from South Africa’s Black government in dealing with the problem. The government says it has too many other problems to deal with.”

The rest is [Here]. (For the audio version, go [Here] and scroll down to 11-07-1998).

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  7. 10 Responses to “The Lesson of South Africa”

    1. Vilhella Says:

      Like so many of my elderly relatives say, “That’ll never happen here!” (SQUAWK, SQUAWK!) “That’ll never happen here!”….sez the parrot… “SQUAWK, SQUAWK…”That’ll never happen here!” I imagine that quite a few White SAer’s said the SAME DAMNED THING! SQUAWK!

    2. Marwinsing Says:

      Which is why I left the place after four decades and more. Makes you shudder, thinking of a complacent white scenario/outcome. Tell you what. We send Bush, Cheney, Blair, Brown, de Klerk and all the rest to pension off in Soweto for their crimes of treason. Their ilk became a breed of cowards of the worst kind, the worst traitors our race have ever seen. By far. These types left a major mess for us but we like a challenge don’t we?

    3. Zarathustra Says:

      I’m still waiting for the goddamn liberal bolshevik scum to appologize for fomenting anti-White violence and the abolition of White rule in Rhodesia and SA. Blacks were much better off under Apartheid than they are now, but for the liberal bolshevik scum, Blacks are only a weapon to use against Whitey, nothing more. Once their usefulness to the liberal bolshevik scum is over, Blacks are discarded and free to annihilate each other.

      Goddamn liberal bolshevik scum.

    4. gw Says:

      I especially note that Helen Suzman finally achieved her victory for “a better world” — Sure! But her children live ABROAD in safer countries!

      What’s most galling about les juifs is their superior moral posturing. Everything is presented in a pretentious moral framework. They are more MORAL than you. They are WISER than you. They are more VIRTUOUS than you. Hence, you ought to heed their superior wisdom and do as they say, because they know best what’s good for you. You should listen to your betters!

      However, after acheiving their goals and making a mess of everything, they then move on to their next Promised Land (host nation), leaving you to try to survive somehow and deal with the wreckage they left behind.

    5. Zarathustra Says:

      The Jew may think he’s clever, but we’ve got him all figured out! They are really quite predicatable creatures, actually.

    6. Hosehead Says:

      I left South Africa in 1976 since I saw no future in a country that was based on political but not geographical and economic separation. Dr. Hendrik Verwoerd, the greatest of all South Africans, while working towards geographical separation unfortunately still hung on to the economic dependence of black labor. It was this that led to the failure of the Apartheid experiment.

      I think we should remember this lesson for our future racial survival struggle. TOTAL separation, and that means from the Jews as well.

    7. CW-2 Says:

      Yes, Dr. Verwoerd was a great White man. According to an article in ‘The Barnes Review’ of a few years ago, he was probably murdered in 1966 by a clandestine Brit intelligence operation.

      When the confused and clueless ‘patriots’ start parrotting “that’ll never happen here”, tell them it’s ALREADY happening here.

      One thing we need to hammer into the heads of Whites who will listen, is that the jew and his commie-liberal white traitors intend the total and complete destruction of the White race. Once we face that fact and absorb it psycholgically we will have a clear conscience about our ways and means of achieving victory, ie. no quarter.

    8. The Red Skull Says:

      The whole case of South Afrika is a microcosmic picture writ small of the Future of The White Race Everywhere.I have followed for years the situation for years instinctively knowing somehow that the struggle the South Afrikans were fighting,was somehow for ALL the White Race.Thanks to the Jews and Traitors in the National Party,they voluntarily agreed to commit cultural and racial suicide by handing power over to a Violent,Anti-White,Openly Communist,Jew-Run(as usual)Gang of Niggers-the ANC. Thinking like the Gullible- Goyim they were,(of couse,many saw what would happen) that their “Rights” would be, and they would be “Protected”.At least that is how the NP sold it to the countries Whites.Sort of like the US handing power (with a large dose of Jew Loot,and Jewsmedia Messiah Management) to the Magic Monkey here.Voting for yourself and your people to dissappear,although,at the time it it wasn’t viewed that way by the masses,there or here.
      The South Afrikans major mistake before handing power over(besides that perfidity itself), was to not get some Unshakable Agreement on a separate Homeland for the Boers and/or English.From what I’ve read,hundreds of thousands of Whites live in Poverty,and Farmers and their families are being massacred,Whites are excluded from Positions of Power in the gov’t,and many Whites live in fear of one of the highest crime-rates in the world,and in gated,guarded compounds.Sounds and looks like the Future of the JEW-S-A,if present trends continue unchecked.I’ll bet most South Afrikans weren’t voting for that.
      Rhodesia is a view further along of where South Afrika will go,the Jewpress here and abroad don’t seem to concerned about the plight of whites in either country.Gee, i wonder why?Many of the Whites killed are either raped or tortured,or both(and mutilated).It’s already going on here,ala Channon Christian and Christopher Newsome.Their horrible deaths were not jumped on by the jewsmedia here at all,gee,i wonder why.The jews don’t want us to realize they plan our utter annihilation.If the races were reversed in that murder,that TNB,then we’d Still! be hearing about it.They’ve (the savage negro beasts)gone after the most vulnerable Whites in many cases.Farmers over there who are isolated,and unfortunately lost Whites here.People don’t take seriously enough the fact that these Savages have only been out of the jungle 200 or so years,and only particapated in the White Mans World in the Last 100 or so.How long before there’s a “Rwanda”-type massacre of the Whites there and eventually here?Also known as the Phrase “you can take the Bunny out of the Jungle ,but you can’t take the jungle out of the Bunny.” We need to Separate from them in every Way-physically,economically,labor,music,Values,All ways.
      Or as Herr CW-2 has put it perfectly ” One thing we need to Hammer into the heads of Whites who will Listen,is that the Jew and his commie-liberal White Traitors intend the total and complete destruction of the White Race.Once we Face That Fact and ABSORB IT Pyscologically-we will have a clear conscience about our ways and means of Achieving Victory,ie.-No Quarter”We can use no better example of this,their goal,(unfortunately)-than South Afrika.
      However,in saying that,i also will say that if the Whites there are pressed hard enough,they may out of Survival Necessity form their own Homeland before they are genocided out of existance.That may well be the case here in the Jew-S as well,the only difference being that South Afrika is Further down the Road than US to The Jew Utopia of Whites Massacred and Dispossessed,with them still holding their Diamonds and Gold safe somewhere else,not suffering the consequences for the crime of the nation they just destroyed.The Jews figure there’s always somewhere for them to run,and with Israel’s “right of return” the sneaky Jew Bastards are right.
      I feel for the Afrikaner People.I feel for my own People here even though many are hopelessly brainwashed,many,thanks to “mighty internet” are Waking Up.If we let them(our enemies),they will run us into history as a silly thing of the Past,just like the Damn Dodo Bird.Maybe thats what we should call liberals,ass-kissers and eglatarians in our own people-Dodo Birds.When they ask why you call them Dodo bird-say “i guess you really want to be extinct”or some such.We Can be an Amazing People with Our Back Against the Wall.The South Afrikans are there right now,lets hope they act for their(and our) survival.We may have that same choice Here, and in Europe,sooner than we think.

    9. Jester Says:

      How do you get commodoties at the lowest possible price? De-value the country’s currency, how do you do that? Put monkeys in charge.

      The rest of the world fucked SA good.

    10. Jim T Says:

      I live in canada and I think the goddamn liberals were responsible, Trudeau who was a liberal and a traitor decided it was best to start an embargo with SA during the 70s… This is why I am not a proud Canadian and also that my counntry reconsiders helping white asylum seekers rather than the monkeys who are destroying africa makes me sick… South Africa was indeed better off under the Apartheid government and with the crime, aids and murder and corruption there is now it’s not hard to figure that out… The UN is reponsible for this mess since it is composed with commies and scum, the UN is hurting big time… I have a 1960s atlas and I couldn’t believe how they let go Rhodesia and now South Africa… I think it’s time to send all the liberals to the middle east where they can enjoy being a traitor and see how long they last over there.