27 March, 2009

Can Uncle Sam Ever Let Go?

Posted by Socrates in global government, globalization, international Jewry, jewed foreign policy, nation-building/nation-wrecking, NATO, New World Order, Serbia, Serbs, Socrates, UN, UN founders at 4:12 am | Permanent Link

Isn’t it time to say goodbye to the global nation-builder/nation-wrecker known as NATO, which attacked Serbia in 1999? NATO came from the UN Charter – guess which Jew gave us that:


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  7. 7 Responses to “Can Uncle Sam Ever Let Go?”

    1. Blightblingdouche Says:

      Buchanan: “Look what they’re doing to us now!”

      CONservatism: Irrelevant as ever.

      Fags to the Left of me, cowards to the Right, here I am
      Stuck in the shit with you!

    2. John Says:


      The Nation Formerly Known as Yugoslavia
      Ten years later


    3. old_dutch Says:

      Most, if not all of American foreign policy is influenced, if not directed by the Council on Foreign Relations.

      Here’s some excellent research on who runs the Council on Foreign Relations:

    4. Captainchaos Says:

      I recently tried to enlighten a faileocon on one of their blogs regarding the Holohoax. I provided evidence for him showing that Rudolf Hoss, commandant of Auschwitz, was tortured by Jews into ”confessing’ to three million people being exterminated at Auschwitz. I provided evidence that the OFFICIAL PLAQUE at Auschwitz today states that only 1.1 million people were killed there. His response?

      “I still believe that millions were killed at Auschwitz.”


      Those useless bastards will never learn.

    5. Krystian Kazimierzowicz Kowalczyk Says:

      The faileo-cons are water-carrying pro-Jew Freemason scum.

      Rudolf Hoess was tortured into his “confession.” Case closed.

      Btw, Jews destroyed the Hellenic culture, Rome and Imperial Russia. For those crimes against the White race, they deserve not 6 million dead but the extermination of their entire worthless race.

    6. Captainchaos Says:

      “…the extermination of their entire worthless race.”

      I’ll settle for victory without vengeance. Which is what Adolf Hitler, the man falsely accused of dreaming up the “Holocaust” wanted. Answering the Jewish Question (by resettlement) was to be delayed until after the war was done, even when defeat was near certain, in effect meaning the Question was not to be answered.

      If we are ever strong enough to achieve victory, we will be strong enough to achieve it without dishonoring ourselves. Honor is not something lightly cast aside, for a White man.

    7. gw Says:

      Krys said” “Btw, Jews destroyed the Hellenic culture, Rome and Imperial Russia.”

      And I suppose you could say the British Empire as well.
      Just as they will milk the American “Empire” till it’s dry, then cast it aside too.

      P.S. Liked Chaos’ sensible, temperate post very much. Honor is important (not that we’ll ever get any credit for it, from a certain element, but our honor is not dependent on their credit).