13 March, 2009

Finnish Man Faces Deportation, Imprisonment for Thought Crimes

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And to think that America once valued and defended free speech:


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    1. Craig Cobb Says:

      White Kwans need to start facing the realities of their position. But they just cannot get their heads out of their TVs and the eester-fucked-the-mount, old-timey Jooey Magick Shoa. There is a global campaign against us by kikery and their billions of dusky allies on The Teeming Dark Planet. Get with reality and stop pretending you are free. I will do Deprograms on this particular abuse.

    2. Doug Says:

      3 fucking years for scissor rape. God damnit the rapists got 3 fucking years, and this guy is going to get in trouble for publicizing it. This is WAR. They give the absolute minimum sentence to appease the public, brainwash the rest of the public to accept light sentences for death-deserving criminals, and then go after the unbrainwashed.

      “It was an article denouncing gangs of African rapists of my countrywomen of whom many were and are still running around un-arrested in my city. The article highlighted the infamous “scissor rapists” — Sudanese black Africans who clitorectomized a Finnish female rape victim with scissors in June 2005 in Oulu and were sentenced to three years in prison in January 2006. The author asked why Finland was bringing in such immigrants and why there were no subsequent arrests for the other African gang rapists still terrorizing my city. (Finland itself has no history of gang rape among the native Finns.)”

    3. Zarathustra Says:

      As I’ve said before, most of the assholes responsible for the persecution of outspoken White patriots are fellow Whites, not Jews. These race-traitors know what they’re doing and are responsible for their own actions. They are not mindless stooges or puppets of Jewry.

      Unfortunately, many people have a bad habit of blaming The Other for actions they and their own people are responsible for. And forget the Alex Jones/patriotard crowd when they say all we need to do is restore the Constitution and “wake up” or “educate” the masses. Just how naive are those people?

      I think a small, fanatically dedicated group of bomb-throwing Earl Turners and Oscar Jagers need to simply impose their revolutionary, pro-White beliefs on the bourgeoisie. Eventually, the bourgeois will either accept the New Order or go to a labor camp in the Arctic Circle and think about it for 20 years. No more farting around.

    4. Angryyoungman Says:

      @#3 Zarathustra

      I agree wholeheartedly. Things might be moving this way, especially when white baby boomers are either unemployed and broke or realize they will never be able to retire like grandma and grandpa. Old and desperate is more dangerous than young and desperate, in my opinion.

      Like that dude in Tennessee who wasted those unitarians because he hated “Liberals.” He may have not had the best ideology or been the sharpest knife in the drawer, but when the ball starts rolling working class whites will most likely think in those terms, since it’s all they know. (Greedy Republicans/White-hating Democrats.)

      Most white Americans will never understand the Jewish problem. I’ve pretty much given up on preaching that issue in my personal life unless an intelligent acquaintance with half a brain brings it up. That should be left up to the vanguard, aka us. What they can understand is race war, class war and the concept of treason (white “progressives”/CONservatives.)