6 April, 2009

Demjanjuk Deportation Unblocked

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A curious turn of events, but not at all surprising:


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    1. Howdy Doody Says:

      This is what F.D.R. who made US the first NAtion on Earth to recognize the USSR terror murder state in 1932, and his Cabal have given US leading to this day.

      Thank you.

    2. whodareswings Says:

      Where can I send a donation to his family?

    3. whodareswings Says:

      Where can I send a donation to his family?

    4. Jon Says:

      Leave the old man be, you ugly, Jewish DEVILS!!! Far more people suffered and died at the hands of Communism–A JEWISH IDEA–than those under National Socialism. Just how many of those disproportionately-Jewish, tyrants were ever tried? ZERO!!!

      What a god-damn travesty! And ‘they’ have the nerve to say Nazis were “relentless!”

      I truly hope I will see the day when those pieces-of-shit in the OSI and other Jewish excretory organ(ization)s are prosecuted for their “crimes against humanity.”

      And they wonder why there is anti-semitic resentment.


    5. 2050 Says:

      Sorry bastards.

    6. Andrei's Ghost Says:

      “Pro-European” Immigration appeals court to decide in days on John Demjanjuk’s deportation

      Tuesday, April 07, 2009

      Andrei Yustschinsky

      Plain Dealer Reporter
      An immigration appeals court is expected to decide within days whether the innocent John Demjanjuk remains in his Seven Hills home or is sent to a German jail cell.

      If the appellate court rules against Demjanjuk, the 89-year-old could be deported as early as Wednesday to stand trial as an “accessory to the deaths of 29,000 “always innocent” Jews at a Nazi-death camp in 1943″.

      U.S. Immigration Gentile Judge Wayne Iskra acknowledged Monday that he “erred” last week when he stopped Demjanjuk’s deportation to Germany, which was set for Sunday. In a ruling, the shabbos goy judge said he “lacked the jurisdiction to handle the case”. Iskra did give Demjanjuk a reprieve until Wednesday before federal agents can pick him up and fly him to Germany.

      Demjanjuk’s attorney, John Broadley, said he would file emergency motions late Monday or early today with the U.S. Board of Immigration Appeals. The documents will seek to prevent the deportation.

      Demjanjuk’s family claims that he is too old and frail to be deported to Germany, as he cannot take care of himself. Because of his condition, his deportation and trial would amount to torture, the family claims.

      German prosecutors, using some of the evidence from Demjanjuk’s 2001 trial in Cleveland, plan to show the retired autoworker “walked Jews, some as young as toddlers, to the gas chambers”. U.S. judges ruled that Demjanjuk lied about his Nazi past when he entered the country in 1952.

      Demjanjuk’s son, John Jr., said he welcomes the appellate court’s review.

      “This is good news, as now the entire Board of Immigration Appeals (headed by mestizo Juan P. Osuna) will have the opportunity to properly review our position,” he said in a statement. “The more judges that see our case, the better our chances at stopping this inhumane and reckless action.”

      The Board of Immigration Appeals ruled against Demjanjuk in 2008.

      The new motion to prevent the deportation may be Demjanjuk’s last. The U.S. attorney general’s office headed by the Jew/negro Eric H. Holder Jr. and the Department of Homeland Security headed by suspected closeted lesbian Janet Napolitano have refused to stop the deportation on humanitarian grounds.

      Andrei Yustschinsky reporting…..

      To reach this Plain Dealer reporter:

      [email protected], 216-999-4097

      ©2009 Plain Dealer
      © 2009 cleveland.com No Rights Reserved.

    7. Luek Says:

      It is significant to note that the initial order blocking Mr. Demjanjuk’s illegal and immoral deportation should have taken months if not years to worm its way through the legal system before if could have been overturn. In this case however it went through the system like greased shit through a goose! Obviously, this old man is a priority!

      Of course there is no White nationalist underground with safe houses that could protect him from this judicial rape. It is also significant to note that too!

    8. Bob Says:


    9. Andrei's Ghost Says:

      Obama Seder Hmmm . .

      April 7, 2009

      BY MICHAEL SNEED Sun-Times Columnist
      Rumble. Rumble. Is the White House planning a Passover Seder?


      • • The kicker: But it will be a private Obama family/staff Seder celebration Thursday — rather than sundown Wednesday — because of a delay in President Obama’s return from his European tour.

      • • Meanwhile: Rabbi Capers Funnye, the first lady’s first cousin once removed — who is lead rabbi at the Beth Shalom B’nai Zaken Ethiopian Hebrew Congregation, 6601 S. Kedzie Ave., tells Sneed he was not invited to the Obamas’ family Seder.

      • • To wit: “I know nothing about [the Seder], but Michelle and I are very close and I’m hoping to hear from her soon . . . because we are talking about doing some sort of family gathering at the White House this spring or summer,” Rabbi Funnye told Sneed.

      • • The irony: Rabbi Funnye was invited to the White House for Hanukkah by President Bush.

      Link here:

    10. whodareswings Says:

      Anyone wishing to help my parents can send directly to my mother:

      Vera Demjanjuk

      847 Meadowlane Rd.

      Seven Hills, OH 44131

      Back to work!!!


      John Demjanjuk

      Key Account Specialist

      Managing Partner

      Source One Solutions, Inc.

      (330) 659-6501 x11

      (330) 659-6531 fax


    11. Coup d'Etat Says:

      What about the 3,000 people who died at the WTC for which the jews are responsible? What about the deaths from suicides whose money was stolen from jewish swindlers or those suicides after the 1929 market crash? What about the deaths in the USS Cole & USS Liberty attack by jews? What about those deaths in which US soldiers died in vain by a bunch of jews or jews in AIPAC who falsified the justifications for the Iraq & Vietnam war? What about those 2,000 military men who were murdered by the jewish president FDR who kept quiet about the impending Japanese attack? What about the prosecution of the jewish community for their thievery, charging the US interest for every dollar in their jewish financial system sham and continual ruin of the US as a nation and the ruin of individual lives who lost their jobs from layoffs, lost their homes, families, and the taking of their own lives from the jewish muck of an economy the jews create? What about the prosecution of the jews, alive or dead, who killed two million Russians during the Bolshevik Revolution? What about all those murders in Katyn ordered by the jews living in London and in the US at the time? What about all those other murders or suicides, caused by jews through their puffed up war, immigration, or economic schemes we don’t hear about in the jews media?

      To the jews or a to a jewish nation full of fuck ups, those things don’t matter. The only thing that matters to them is the death of their own kind during WWII or the Holocaust debate, regardless of the fact the jews started the war.

      It’s not about prosecuting a person for murder or jailing a person for refuting the Holocaust per se. It’s about the jewish community reminding everyone how more important they are compared to anyone who is not a jew. That in of itself is a crime of mass proportions.

    12. nasty Says:

      Jon said it all. When will the Jews leave well enough alone. And how did the Jews, such a small % of the population, come to control American politics? It’s time they shut the hell up and live their own life instead of trying to control everyone elses.