2 April, 2009

That’s Why

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Seen in public: a cute, blond teenager…and her mulatto boyfriend. Why do White chicks like darkies?


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    1. Ein Says:

      Junghans Says: “Ahh, the wonders of inter-racial “democracy” never cease. What more can be said, than, thanks Winston, and you’re welcome, Jews.”

      So right again! Sad though it is, the British people are getting exactly what they fought for.

      They foolishly bought a “pig in a poke” and it has turned into a monster that’s devouring them.

    2. Susan Says:

      Instead of yakking on an Internet forum, we should be meeting and organizing for the coming breakdown. Some are doing this. I would be going to Boston this weekend but I don’t have the extra money. That is what I really want to do: go meet other serious minded Whites who don’t believe in bullshitting on an internet forum all day and night and start to do some serious networking and planning for when things truly do break down.

      Nothing is going to change until things get really bad in this country and Whitey finally sees without the jew prism what he/she is faced with: a bleak or no future indeed at the hands of the jews, niggers, and spics who have totally overrun this country.

      The killings we are now seeing are just the tip of the iceberg of what is to come once jobs continue to be lost, people lose their homes in even greater numbers and are forced to live alongside niggers and spics in apartment complexes and see firsthand what that is like. When every government agency and every business is taken over by incompetent niggers and spics, when you can never reach a White person on a phone line (and we’re almost there now), when White people are thrown in jail for simply asserting their constitutional rights against a jew/nigger regime……..I don’t know……when will this happen…….soon I hope.

      I’ve come to believe that our only real hope is that things will get really bad and Whites are forced to look to each other, finally realizing what we’ve been trying to tell them for years, and what our enemies have been denying for years.

      I go back and forth, depending upon how depressed I get about things. One day I want to go out and leaflet and spread the word, and the next week I get too depressed about all of it to even care. It’s a helluva way to live your life, Ill tell ya. I understand completely how Whites just give up and kill. I would never kill innocent Whites however no matter how depressed I get.

      The problem is: we keep talking WHEN the race war starts. The race war started years ago. It’s just been one sided so far.

    3. blakking Says:

      Bless your heart. You tried… you gave these guys numerous hints and even laid out some remarkably simple examples… “You guys and your “genes”: I have never heard so much bullshit in my life as when some of you get started on this trend.” One would think that even these guys would get that one. But….you need onlyl t read the words of Doug to undersatand why you’re not able to reach them… here’s what he wisely said..” Girls prefer someone smarter than them, studies show.”

    4. Ein Says:

      “The race war started years ago. It’s just been one sided so far.”

      It’s The Big Secret.
      It’s right in front of us, but we’re not supposed to know. To most gullible goys, if the TV doesn’t tell them so, then it’s not real.

    5. Paul_W Says:

      Personally, I think everyone is missing the point here. It is the parents job to teach their kids right and wrong, socialization skills, etiquette, etc., and it is also the parents job to teach their children that miscegenation is wrong. That isn’t the job of the schools, the gubmint, or the television. If white girls hook up with darkies, it’s the parents’ failure which began at an early age.
      Begin teaching kids early, like between five years old to eight years old, that pairing outside your race is unacceptable. They’ll take it to heart.

    6. Junghans Says:

      For further inter-racial ‘democratic’ wonders in the great suicidal proposition “nation”, check out this race-mixing filth: http://www.wvwnews.net/printer.php?id=6881

      Shall we have more “tea parties”??

    7. shabbos s shabazz Says:

      New political party- Tea Party.

    8. DWMT Says:

      Why do you people keep refering to Klum as white?? She is obviously a Khazar/commiejew!! Just because the mudshark has white skin doesn’t mean they are Caucasion! FREE YOURSELF WHITEMAN, ROPEDANCE THE COMMIEJEW!!

    9. CW-2 Says:

      Susan has made a good observation. Many of us hardened true-believers are simply preaching to the converted. While it is good that newbies read our postings, we need to get what we know to a wider audience, it isn’t easy but we can do it.

      We also need to focus in depth on the logistics of the coming struggle. Networking is fine but what are we doing about secure communications, training, and supplies??

      No more than 2 or 3 guys in a given area need to get together and think seriously about this.

      Everything should be low-key but well thought out. No waste of space Bambo style histrionics!

    10. CW-2 Says:

      PS I meant ‘Rambo’!

    11. Biff Baxter Says:

      Fuck Heidi Klum. A nigger already took the suggestion to heart.

      First of all, Heidi proved she has shitty genes to begin with, by choosing a hideous chimp to sire her mudlet bubble-lipped monster kids. I don’t care if she is outwardly physically attractive, she proved her natural instincts are not functioning correctly. She abridged her genes a bridge too far by marrying this cheetah bait boon and she won’t be coming back.

      There are a lot more to quality genes than merely astonishing good looks like mine. There’s also the question of a proper aversion to what is clearly outbreeding with primates who should trigger revulsion in Heidi, not desire. Heidi Klum proved her mettle with her choices and she demonstrated it was no big loss. This sick mudshark got what she deserved. Genetic oblivion. How’d you like your legacy to consist of some crawling onyx orangutangs? Those kids look like something out of a lovecraft story, they are unbelievably grotesque.

    12. Donald E. Pauly Says:

      Heidi Klum is not White. She is a Negress who passed for White. The ungliest White woman in the world is closer to being White. At least she will not necessarily pass on mud shark genes.

    13. Lord Nengwen Says:

      How much longer is this all going to last though???

      Here in the PNW one of the biggest retail chains, GI Joes just went belly up and soon people are not going to be able to afford to move away from beaners, niggers, and race-traitor Whites.

      The ‘Kwa is going down soon so talk of the current trends may just not be all that important.

      Many White Females just won’t be able to afford to play around with niggers because it will be to dangerous to go to the ghetto during the Collapse and they will need White Males to pay for all their stuff!

    14. Voir Dire Says:

      I have to add my two cents here since I have a not too bright, older sister who miscegenated and brought two biracial children into this world when she was in her early 20’s. She did this at a time when it was still largely stigmatized (1970’s), but the biggest factor I think was and is largely responsible for our youth crossing racial lines is as Ein noted, 50% + divorce rates (let us DO remember who gave us no-fault divorce laws) and a single parent family with an absentee father (though my father and our half-sister’s father did faithfully pay child support. My family did not have a father in the home, and we were subjected to a verbally and physically abusive, stressed out mother who took her frustrations out on her children. My sister did it to rebel. My mother forbade her from seeing blacks (she used to sneak out her window at night) as my mother was and still is a racial realist. My sister has paid a heavy price for it. She has never received a penny in child support (usual double-standards apply in our Jewdaized court system) from either of the two black fathers. One of her two sons did graduate from a technical school and married his second black wife whom he has fathered a second child with, and at my sister’s behest and funding, hired a lawyer to successfully win custody of his first daughter from the prior marriage. My sister was miserable because his first wife refused to abide by their shared custody agreement with her son, and simply withheld the child from visitation for YEARS. My sister now understands that blacks operate by completely different rules. They took his ex-wife to court for three straight years, and (as might be expected with the Jews’ favored pet lab rats), no punitive measures were ever meted out. Our contemporary court system means nothing happens unless you hire a lawyer to navigate the complex labyrinth of our judaized legal system.

      Her youngest son would not go to school, and this caused my sister to have to go to court on several occasions as she was held responsible for his behavior. He would sleep all day when he should have been in school, and stay up all night on his computer. He became so physically large that my sister became afraid of him. She tried everything she could by making him get out of bed in the morning before leaving for her dead-end job. To absolutely no avail. As soon as he was old enough, he simply dropped out. He got his GED, but has absolutely no future (does ANYONE any longer including my computer-science majoring son attending a 30K a year university???) as he continues with the same destructive problem of sleeping all day while staying awake all night. He quickly lost the only two part-time jobs he ever had (both within walking distance to her home though my sister or mother would drive him to-and-from work). She has called the police on him on several occasions for taking her car, and for physically assaulting her. The only thing she can do is kick him out of the house when he turns 18. He portends trouble with a capital T. My sister who works doing slave labor in shipping for a Jewish owned company now HATES blacks. And I do mean HATES. She works in an environment with an almost all-black labor force, where the blacks are made “team leaders” and she has seen first-hand what happens when they are given even a modicum of “control” over Whites. They are abusive as hell.

      Though still attractive for her age, she has never remarried nor dated a White male her entire adult life. She really was tainted goods.

      It is largely the breakdown of White families, the constant Jew propaganda our youth are inundated with from every aspect of our “popular culture” about the attractiveness of race-mixing, the worshiping of professional sports by our White males which feature predominantly black males, and the 24/7 psychological self-loathing endemic to Whites that emanates from the Jews’ control of our schools and universities.

      For the Whites inclined to stray across racial boundaries, they should be forced to spend a few hours looking at Newnationnew’s graphic, horrifying website and reading “The Color of Crime.” That should cure the disease.

      Note To Susan: Loved your eloquent posts and attempts to reason with the otherwise intelligent knuckleheads here (For all you schmucks that completely ignored or breezed by her very reasonable arguments, shame on you… Get your noses out of the Jews’ celebrity rags and porn sites, for Christ sake, and by the way guys… so sorry… but the average looking tend to attract… well… the average.) And if Heidi Klum is indeed Jewish, who the fuck cares that she miscegenated with an ugly black? It will not last anyway… Blacks are simply incapable of being faithful to a wife even if someone actually induces them to marry.

      A real curiosity that arises when you type “miscegenate” is that (on Apple) it comes up with the red-dotted line under it as an alert that you’ve misspelled it, but when you right-click, it’s as though the word doesn’t exist. Just as in “Microsoft” if you fail to Capitalize the “J” in jew, it prompts a reminder. These fucking Jews overlook NOTHING in their mission to propagandize. Got that folks? There is no such word as “miscegenate” and there never were any laws forbidding it. That’s why they’re winning and we are losing in this Race Against Time.

    15. Jada Stone Says:

      This whole Fuck Heidi/Save Heidi’s Genes argument amuses me to no end. As a rancher and livestock breeder, I deal with selecting the best of the best for breeding purposes all the time, and I have to say I am firmly in the Fuck Heidi camp.

      Females of all species are programmed at the core to select the best mate possible to reproduce with. That means they want the biggest, strongest, best one out there. For females who rely on the male for food and protection, that adds “best provider” to the equation. This ensures her offspring are born strong and healthy and have the best chance for survival possible.

      Because humans have not been selectively bred for many generations (losers still reproduce), much of this instinct to pair with the best has been dulled, but it’s in no way gone. There are still plenty of women who absolutely refuse to pair up with an inferior male of ANY race.

      Heidi Klum, more than the vast majority of females out there, had her choice of the available males. Instead, she chose a nigger, clearly one of the worst choices she could make. What does that say about her genes? To me, as a livestock breeder, it tells me they’re defective, and things like that are VERY hereditary. Her female offspring, even if raised away from Heidi and taught that niggers are a no no, will very likely suffer from her lack of drive to secure the best mate possible.

      I’m 100% with Susan. Fuck Heidi. Your reasoning for salvaging her genetics are swimming the shallow end of the pool guys. She’s tall, blonde, and attractive, but she lacks the basic instinct to create children better than herself. I don’t care what you breed her to, you’ll only create more coalburners looking for dead ends to their gene pools. For every Heidi Klum there are a dozen tall, good looking blondes out there who would die before condemning their children to be born half nigger.

    16. Jada Stone Says:

      One thing I forgot to include. With younger girls, it’s all about the shock value. They don’t pick niggers for boyfriends because they like to be abused and humiliated. That’s nonsense. They do it because they know those niggers are beneath them and it will make mommy and daddy go insane.

      When I was 16, 17, 18, I picked the guys that I knew would make my dad lose his mind. The auto mechanic who always had grease in his hair. The biker with full sleeve tattoos. The bartender who was 14 years older than me. They were all white, of course. I didn’t have a death wish and niggers disgusted me anyway.

      These dumb girls are just picking the guys that are the most dangerous option available. For the most part, girls are not interested in “nice guys” until they are old enough to appreciate them, which is usually mid 20s. Unfortunately, if they’ve been running around with niggers, they’ve probably wound up popping out a few nigger hybrids before they get old enough to grow a brain.

    17. Janet Says:

      Susan, your words are very true to my ear. I just discovered this website. I’m standing a little taller today. I’m proud of my Scottish heritage.

      I’m a white female who lives in California. I live in a predominately white neighborhood. The other side of my town is mostly mudsharks, illegal Mexicans and a few blacks. The difference is vast. My side, quite and clean. The other side full of trash on the ground, dense traffic (as the beaners are living 16 to a house).

      I grew up in a small town in the south. My mom and grandma were racial realists. My dad died when I was a little girl so the two women raised my brother and I. If I or my brother would have even thought of dating a non-white person Mom and Grandma would be meeting his ass at the door with a gun to go back where he came from!

      My brother is married to a white woman who has 2 beautiful kids. There is no way in hell my brother or SIL would ever ever tolerate his boys dating non-white women, ever! My two nephews are blond hair blue eyed young men who are not only very smart, good in sports but just good kids. I’m very proud of them.

      I’m a widow and could never have kids. But I do a lot of charity work and will only help white kids. Like you I’m a female white nationalist. After my husband died (of course he was a white Irishman and I’m Scottish) I was very depressed about his death.

      I tried the online dating thing and it was only populated by white mudshark women, niggers, spics and gooks. They would email me (and I would ignore them) as I find non-white men repulsive. I would die before I’d boink a non-white man. I had a few send me irate and hateful emails because I wouldn’t respond, calling me racist. Whatever. Needless to say online dating lasted a very short time.

      Most of the mudsharks I’ve seen are very insecure but lazy. Too lazy to cook and workout. It’s not rocket science, eat healthy, workout, drink lots of water and you’ll be in good shape!

      I’m hopeful one day I’ll meet a fellow white Nationalist in my area. I’m beginning to think California is a lost cause though. I may buy a house in Arizona or the midwest.

      Just yesterday I took one of my white female friends to pick up food at a food bank. It was about 10% white and 90% illegal alien Mexican filth. They’re disgusting creatures. Most of the women are obese and look like a keg on a stilt. The kids are snot nosed crying darkies. Oh god it was sickening.

      The beaners tried to push ahead of my friend in line. I give the one the “stink eye” as they would call in it Hawaii and she backed off. Bitch! My friend is disabled and needs the food and there was no way in hell I was going to let that beaner bitch push around my fellow Aryan friend.

      The Mexican men LOVE to gawk at white women. I have long blond hair halfway down my back. I workout and surf all the time so I have a pretty good shape. When these turd eating mud men try to make eye contact, I ignore them. They’re like that with white women in CA, they will gawk and make comments. Hideous!