28 May, 2009

Argentina: Investigation into Bombing of Jewish Center to Reopen

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You know that Jewish saying “never forgive, never forget”? Well, they take it literally:


  • 5 Responses to “Argentina: Investigation into Bombing of Jewish Center to Reopen”

    1. Shyl0ck Says:

      the Jews are lying when they claim that Hezbollah or Iran were behind it:

    2. Parsifal Says:

      I’ll wager that there are literally thousands of cases in that country that should be re-opened, cases where murderers and rapists were allowed to go scot-free. And yet this is probably the ONLY case that actually will be re-examined. Hmmm, I wonder why?

    3. Junghans Says:

      Vielleicht denn, Juden beherrschen?

    4. Mega Therion Says:

      “After further investigation, we found that Mossad agents were responsible for this terror attack”

      Only in a dream world will that statement ever occur

    5. Howdy Doody Says:

      What happened to Argentina’s wealth and bank deposit’s and retirement funds in 1999, not to mention the set up of the Falkland Islands murder spree for politically skullduggery scum bags.