11 May, 2009

Oregon: DMV Rules Against ‘NO ZOG’ License Plate

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“Freedom of speech,” huh? What country do you think this is? (By the way, newbies, “ZOG,” a term coined by Thomson, stands for “Zionist Occupation Government”):


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    1. Parsifal Says:

      “UDINK”………Well, we certainly wouldn’t want any plates that offend the Zipperheads. Oh, I’m sorry, Zipperhead-Americans.

      Maybe the guy with the NO ZOG plates can print out a NO ZOG bumper sticker instead. The Jews wouldn’t be able to do anything about that, not even in Oregon, a state run by anti-White liberal fags.

    2. Junghans Says:

      Couldn’t this be considered ‘discrimination’ against Albanians, since they had a king named ZOG at one time, and it is presumably an Albanian first name?
      The only time that the Judeo/Zog system ever turns down Zogbuck$, is when somebody tries to expose them.

    3. gw Says:

      Now that ZOG has been clarified, maybe some will explain “Kwan” (just for us newbies who aren’t in the know).

    4. Howdy Doody Says:

      The Oregon Driver and Motor Services Division will recall a Springfield man’s personalized license plate after Medford-area residents, who saw his pickup at a gathering of neo-Nazis in Phoenix, Oregon on April 26th, complained about the plate’s anti-Semitic message. Specifically, a Medford history teacher who was an antifa counter-protestor at the rally was among those who decided the plate was anti-Semitic and contacted authorities.

      Quote from news story above.

      A Public school “history” teacher. Hmm?

      A Complaint ?

      The Oregon ZOG responed very fast IMO removing the plate, and has over reacted IMO.

      As for Oregon be run by fags, let me say IMO Oregon is run by jooos as the fags are just one of division of the ZOG army along with nut case mis fits, messycans and Congoids.

      Oregon’s last Repukelican senator lost by 80,000 votes in 08, IMO and guess I would say 80,000 Whites did not bother to vote in that election, as he never spoke up for Whites our interest.

    5. Susan Says:

      Hey gw: “Kwan” is short for Amerikwa or Amerikwan. Amerikwa is the term coined by Linder to describe the new America we are now living in–you know the one ruined and overrun by niggers and jews and their ilk. And, of course, a “kwan” is the person living in and loving the new world order. I’m sure you know lots of them.

      Linder pulled “kwa” from the term “kwanza” that niggers came up with so they wouldn’t have to share the Christian holiday Christmas with Whitey, and they could have something, however stupid, all their own.

      The first three letters “kwa” can be put on many words such as “kwap” to describe pigs (cops) who work for ZOG.

      There’s some quote by Linder about the “kwa” describing it as an out of control helicopter plummeting to the ground, which very nicely describes what is happening in this country.

      Others may add to this definition as they see fit.

    6. Susan Says:

      Actually, the niggers spell it “kwanzaa” as if I give a shit. But that’s the way they spell it.

    7. shabbos s shabazz Says:

      Another new neolojism- the KWO- Kike World Order.

    8. shabbos s shabazz Says:

      How about custom license plate frames?


    9. Dagon Says:

      Funny enough, I just went to an Oregon DMV today to re-up my license.

      No, the story doesn’t surprise me. One should be able to put whatever one wants on their license plate affixed to their property – their vehicle. That’s Oregon and the Pacific NW in general for you though. I grew up here and think it’s still a great part of the country, maybe even the best in some ways, but the Neo-Marxist political order is ruining the quality of life for everyone through higher taxes (Portland, Oregon residents get hit up by the State, County, City, and a pseudo-city entity known as “Metro”), rampant Frankfurt School nonsense (King County WA where Seattle is located, recently re-named the County after Martin Luther King as the original County namesake Mr. King was a big bad slave-holding White man from Alabama) and craziness in general .

      Problem is, for those of us Northwesterners who were born here, the masses currently undergoing “White flight” from Cali and the East Coast, are coming to this region and merely replicating the political mind-set that resulted in them leaving their home states to begin with. The result this time is to the detriment of us NW natives.

    10. Howdy Doody Says:

      Dagon Says:

      11 May, 2009 at 11:24 pm

      Neil Goldschmuck one our past governors who gave up his law license due to screwing his 14 year old baby sitter in the past un did this state.

      He appointed misfits and enemy aliens IMO at every key choke point in state government.

      The state colleges are a joke IMO.

      Joos and useful idiots have moved here in droves since 1998 IMO worse than in the 70’s.

      IMO Oregon has a large hard core awake percentage who spit on regime machine and I will guess/feel it is around 35% and partly based on assine ballot measures in the past just to count who’s who.

    11. Howdy Doody Says:

      Oregons live and let live attitudes were great for Whites, but also for enemy aliens who brought in black communists to the Univeristy of Oregon in 1965 to start raping young Naive country girls it a ripe plum.

      Oregon Washingtons only experience with savage did not start till the tragedy called WW2.

      Portland is shit hole money vacuum.

      People born there have been fleeing it for 20 years now.

    12. Ein Says:

      “People born there have been fleeing it for 20 years now.”

      Going WHERE??? I thought that was supposed to be the great last resort.

    13. Junghans Says:

      Could this be the great Northwest escape, or the ‘flight of the clueless white dodo birds’?

    14. Howdy Doody Says:

      I meant fleeing the city of Portland tri county metro Taxing cabal out of control nut dyke “ala” Vera Katz controlled area IMO.

    15. Parsifal Says:

      Isn’t it strange how millions of Whites who left California, Illinois and New York because of the invading non-White hoardes move to an all-White place like Oregon or Vermont and continue to have a liberal, “tolerant” mentality when it comes to race? Do these yuppies need to be hit in the back of the head with a shovel before they finally wake up?

    16. shabbos s shabazz Says:

      187, 209. Super liberal. . . Thanks judge pfaelzer.

      California is a kikocracy, with two female jew senators. One of them is so bad she couldn’t even wheedle an endorsement from the Aztlan Times. Vote tampering likely.

      >>History of Proposition 187

      Prop 187 was passed by the voters on Nov. 8, 1994 to deny public benefits to illegal aliens in California.

      The next day several lawsuits were filed in California state court (Mexican-American Legal Defense/Education Fund (MALDEF), League of Latin American Citizens (LULAC), ACLU, and others.

      On Nov. 11, 1994 a “temporary restraining order (TRO)” was issued by Federal Judge Matthew Byrne (it was filed in Federal Judge Marianna Pfaelzer’s court, but she was out (vacation?), so Byrne did the TRO.

      An answer was filed by Attorney General Dan Lungren in state court.

      Judge Pfaelzer came back and issued a permanent injunction pending trial. Her rationale was essentially a case in Texas in the 1980’s (Plyler v. Doe). Texas tried to deny public education to illegal aliens. The Supreme Court ruled for the illegals, based on two pillars:

      1) there were supposedly not enough illegal aliens students in Texas public schools to be a financial burden to Texas, and

      2) Congress was contemplating an amnesty for illegal aliens in the U.S. (that occurred in 1986), and illegal alien students who were to be made legal would not be educated. Neither of those conditions existed in 1994.

      The cases were consolidated into Judge Pfaelzer’s court in 1995.

      There were hearings, filings, hearings, filings …

      In 1996 California (Att’y Gen. Dan Lungren) said that Prop 187 was not in conflict with federal law.

      In September 1996 federal immigration law was enacted, and in 1997 Lungren asked Judge Pfaelzer for a summary dismissal. (The 1996 federal law included Sec. 133 – that local law enforcement can cooperate with the INS)

      Judge Pfaelzer said NO to summary dismissal and ruled for plaintiffs; Lungren said he’ll appeal.

      Lungren appealed in 9th District Circuit Court in late 1997. FOR SIX MONTHS LUNGREN TOOK NO ACTION – IT SAT THERE. HE SHOULD HAVE MOVED THE CASE ALONG!

      Then came the gubernatorial campaign of 1998, and Gray Davis was elected in November. The appeal process was still sitting silently in court because Lungren had not moved it along.

      Davis was elected. The plaintiffs requested “mediation” in the 9th District Court, the court agreed to “mediation”.

      We know what happened then – Davis (who vehemently opposed Prop 187) “represented” FOR Prop 187. Neither the proponent of Prop 187 nor anyone else who co-sponsored Prop 187 was allowed in the bogus “mediation”.

      Governor Davis refused to allow the appeal to proceed and dropped the appeal, essentially KILLING PROP 187 against the will of the voters. This after having promised to support the appeal during his campaign.

      Even the most vocal plaintiffs against Prop 187 said they were afraid that if it went to the U.S. Supreme Court it would be held to be constitutional, reversing Plyler v. Doe


    17. Ronald Says:

      The term ZOG was coined by David E. Lane somewhere in the early to late eighties.

    18. Coup d'Etat Says:

      At least the jews have now confirmed they are ZOG. Zionist Occupied Government could be by anyone one group, but the jews voluntarily stepped forward and said it was anti-Semitic and have confirmed ZOG is them.

      Nice bait by Marr! The jews have been outsmarted this time. This is something that needs to occur more often.

      shabbos s shabazz posted:

      “We know what happened then – Davis (who vehemently opposed Prop 187) “represented” FOR Prop 187. Neither the proponent of Prop 187 nor anyone else who co-sponsored Prop 187 was allowed in the bogus “mediation”.

      Governor Davis refused to allow the appeal to proceed and dropped the appeal, essentially KILLING PROP 187 against the will of the voters. This after having promised to support the appeal during his campaign.”

      And what has happened to California since? Increase in mexican and MS13 gangs; high schools are graduating non-English speaking, academically stupid pacos; and California is bankrupt. Yippee! Those stupid jews have really screwed things up.

    19. Eman Says:

      I never liked the acronym ZOG (“Zionist Occupied Government”) since not all Jews are Zionists…I prefer JOC (“Jewish Occupied Country”).

    20. Ein Says:

      Eman Says:” I never liked the acronym ZOG…since not all Jews are Zionists…”

      You have a good point. Indeed, “zionist’ is commonly a term used by those who don’t want to say “Jew” straignt out. It is an evasion from calling a Jew a Jew. It is a partial capitulation.

      Another thing is that the word “zionist” throws us off the track. To me, zionism is not really the issue at all. It’s not what we should be concerned about. (I believe Hitler favored it. He wanted to encourage the Jews to leave Germany. Do we want to keep them here? ) I don’t very greatly care what “zionists” are doing to Palestineans over there. But I DO care what Jews are doing to US right here.

      That’s the difference.

    21. shabbos s shabazz Says:


      Hebrew Occupation Government

      The want to HOG everything

    22. Ein Says:

      Hey, that’s good. You’re always clever with words anyway.

      Well, how about JOG?

    23. shabbos s shabazz Says:


      HOG describes actual behavior, killing two shitbirds with one stone.

    24. gw Says:

      The blightwing … stumble along, on their treadmill to oblivion, because they choose not to identify themselves any more than they choose to identify their enemies.

      Orwell said “Who defines controls.”  The blightwing use enemy labels, allowing the enemy to define who they are.   By doing this, blightwingers give the enemy the moral high ground.

      Excellent observations! So very true.

      It really galls me when I see, and I see it continually, people from the Right slavishly babbling terminology of the Left — as if they’re tongue-tied otherwise and wouldn’t know any other way to speak. For instance, complaining about “fascists” or about “feminazis” or “nazi tactics” when they really mean Marxists and communists.

      By accepting the Left’s terminology, simpletons like that have already conceded to them half the victory. They have fallen right into the trap, and don’t even know it.

    25. Tom McReen Says:

      There a few misconceptions here about the term ZOG.

      It was coined by Eric Thomson and it is NOT a capitulation. It is ZIONIST Occupation Government because it reflects the fact that the regime is comprised of jews and their goy enablers. If it were not for our traitors jews would not have been able to take over to the extent that they have.

      “By accepting the Left’s terminology, simpletons like that have already conceded to them half the victory. They have fallen right into the trap, and don’t even know it.”

      Yes and they are cowards.