19 May, 2009

Picking on AIPAC?

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by Philip Giraldi.

“Republicans and Democrats seek to outdo each other when it comes to praising and defending Israel, particularly during election years. The mainstream media likewise marches in lockstep, burying stories critical of Israel within a day or two after they first appear. Even in the blogosphere, Israel has many friends, at least some of whom are Israel Defense Forces soldiers fluent in English tasked with presenting a rebuttal whenever a critic surfaces. Israel has no shortage of allies, but most would agree that its principal supporter in the United States is the American-Israel Public Affairs Committee, known as AIPAC.”


  • 5 Responses to “Picking on AIPAC?”

    1. Lee Luttrell Says:

      This is a good article, touches on alot, it still is short of all the inside contracts and legal obligations our government has signed onto when it comes to Israel. But then we don’t want to get too anti-semetic! Somebody just might pull their head out of their ass!

    2. mattio Says:

      If the voter base was smart, a politician bowing before Israel wouldn’t be a politician much longer. Only those already critical of Israel appears to give a fuck. Hopefully that will change soon, but I see know reason why that would be at the present time.

      When the revolution comes, those who attended these DEFEND ISRAEL AT ALL COSTS meetings will be killed. Those with positions of power who attended them will be tortured. Fuck you all. Screw Israel. Country of baby killers and liars. We don’t need them. You are powerful now, but you aren’t doing a very good job of appeasing the disenfranchised. We know your secrets now. So enjoy it while it lasts, because when it ends, it will be retribution up your ass all the fucking way.

    3. Mega Therion Says:

      I was flipping through the channels yesterday when I saw that Michael Scheuer was on Glenn Beck’s program on Fox. Scheuer was awesome, saying that America needs to abandon Israel, they aren’t worth a dime or a drop of blood…the look on the face of Beck and his other Kike guest was one of horror. IT WAS GREAT. Scheuer said what every person needs to know, Israel isn’t worth a damn. He’ll probably be banned from Fox from now on…

    4. Parsifal Says:

      Fortunately, the MSM is becoming less and less relevant all the time, so let them be as Jewy and pro-Israel as they want. Time is running out for the Zionist Entity and its goy front-men.

    5. Coup d'Etat Says:

      There needs to be shown in public a document stating the U.S. agrees/agreed to support Israel and the names who agreed to support as such and for what reason. It needs to be in writing. Even if it is in writing such a document cannot be legal. A democratic nation cannot support another nation that positions itself in an offensive manner toward any nation. Secondly, in a democratic nation, the voters have to vote on this issue, which a public vote never took place.