27 June, 2009

Michael Jackson: Whiteface Star of the Alchemical Minstrel Show

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by Michael Hoffman.

“We pause in our round-the-clock defamation of Iran to bring you, Michael Jackson.

Our Zionist-controlled media have temporarily shifted from hysterical denunciation of Iran to pious genuflection before the altar of an androgyne.

To the extent that Iran has been demonized, Mr. Jackson is being canonized — as ‘the’ iconic American entertainer. How strange and at the same time, revelatory.”


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  7. 25 Responses to “Michael Jackson: Whiteface Star of the Alchemical Minstrel Show”

    1. Parsifal Says:

      The blackface minstrel show wasn’t created by Hollywood Jews, Mr. Hoffman. It’s a uniquely American musical genre that dates from the mid-1800s, long before the Sheenies came along to foul up our culture. I think minstrel shows are very entertaining and give us a chance to laugh at the Blacks, so what’s wrong with that?

      And I think Michael Jackson was done in by what I would call the Hymiewood Machine, a system which also destroyed Judy Garland, Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, Jayne Mansfield, John Belushi, James Dean and thousands of other talented Gentiles before their time. It almost devoured Britney Spears, too, a few years back. The Hymiewood Machine builds up the naive Gentile victim as a great talent, exploits the shit out of him, turns him into a reclusive pill-popping freakshow and then spits him out when he’s no longer marketable. As long as there are talented and naive Goy actors, singers and models there will be the Jew to feed off of them.

    2. Parsifal Says:

      We now return you to our regularly-scheduled show, “The Goyim Must Destroy Iran For Us”.

    3. S.U.N. Says:

      Of course Parsifal. While we are the world mourns for the thrilla, let’s use the ruse to instigate more unrest in Iran.

    4. Lutjens Says:

      Notice how the North Korean threats of missile strike don’t get nearly as much airtime in the Jew news. It’s because the gooks aren’t threatening Shitzrael so who cares. They probably got alot of their missile and nuke technology from the JewSofA as we all know the sheenies sell it off to countries like North Korea and China because itz big Jew business. The Jew is a whore and is noone’s friend or ally.

      As for the legitimate Iranian election, another CIA/MOSSAD job gone wrong. Iran will stand fast after this bullshit. Fuckin’ retards here in the JewSofA think that the Iranian President runs the country when it’s the Ayatollahs that actually do. He is merely a figurehead, much like the German president. In Germany, the Chancellor has the Executive powers. 95% of the Jewed-out fucktards in the JewSofA don’t know this.

    5. Parsifal Says:

      And the stupid American sheeple also never heard of what the CIA did in the Iranian elections of 1953, when the democratically elected Mossadeq was replaced with the CIA/MI6-backed Shah of Iran, a real sonnufabitch who was kept in power by the dreaded SAVAK. Is it any wonder the Iranians hate our guts? So much for the MYTH that the USA supports “democracy” in other countries. The CIA pulled the same shit with elections in Chile, Vietnam, Ukraine, Georgia and maybe two or three dozen other countries over the past 50+ years.

    6. Jim Says:

      It really shows how degenerate this country has become when it makes an icon of a perverted coon who tried to remake himself into a white man. Today, it is the jews who decide who the “role models”will be. When Aryan White men were in control, the role models we looked up to were great men of our own race,

    7. Filles du Roi's Boi Says:

      Not that anyone gives a shit about my tastes in music, nor should they, but I have to say no one in my crowd ever got into that whole 80’s pop/disco music scene. Michael Jackson who?

      That’s not to say my contemporary music preferences weren’t eclectic, they ranged from southern rock to new wave – well, I could never stand Queen or KISS, so even back then my Jewdar and Gaydar were somewhat functional – but this mixed-race music just never had any appeal. How sad will it be to see aging paleowiggers 20 years from now grabbing their crotches while listening to “Beat It”? Yuk.

      Like all these balding , fat fucks on my local NPR station with their Jazz shows and howler monkey blues programming. And here I thought that a radio station connected with the old Rolla School of Mines would have a lot of interesting steely-eyed science guys to listen to. Not so, it’s as leftist as you’d find anywhere. Oh well. Well, they do have a Summer Explosives Camp that I’d be sending my son to if he was still young enough: http://scholarsmine.mst.edu/post_prints/ExplosivesCamp-
      Sounds kind of cool, but good luck getting your kids to ever appreciate the neighborhood fireworks show again after they’ve been to THIS camp.

    8. Filles du Roi's Boi Says:

      Let’s try another link, the first one appears to be broken:


    9. Parsifal Says:

      There was a time when this country had heroes like Col. Lindbergh, George Patton, Mickey Mantle and Henry Ford. Now it’s like Jim says, only the queerest, sickliest and most revolting specimens of sub-humanity are celebrated.

    10. Stan Sikorski Says:

      Filles du Roi’s Boi, I just heard an ad on my local college radio station looking for folks to apply for timeslots. This station is so multiculti/marxist/commie it’s digusting.

      But, it is a public radio station and they do have to give equal time to everyone, well supposedly. I am going to apply and see what happens. It would be interesting to see how a show skimming the edge of blatant White issues and music (think FTL) would go over.

      It would be tricky to do without the station having a heart attack, but once it’s rolling, what can they do? If they pull the plug, they look like the commies that they are, prove our point AND could possibly be sued for civil rights violations.

      I have all the time in the world to give this a shot.

    11. Luek Says:

      There has really been too much coverage of the death of Michael Jackson.

      There has got to be a reason behind all this media attention. Could it be an attempt to make pedophilia acceptable in Western culture?

      MJ did have a kink for sleeping with little boys whose parents let stay at his Neverland Ranch as we all know.

    12. Filles du Roi's Boi Says:

      Outstanding, Stan Skikorski. Hope you’ll give us a listen link if it happens. This is one of the many reasons I’m optimistic about the future of White Nationalism. When I first went online back in the 90’s I made a lot of posts, because what I had to say was rarely being seen elsewhere, now so many bright people have joined the movement, people who can say it better than I can, that there’s no reason for me to take time away from dealing with my little stage 4 buddy.

      WN is on its way to becomimg a positive force in the community with, as in your case, information, and hopefully we’ll get to the point where we can feed some people and provide some occasional work for those dealing with the coming hard times. If you can give a man just a couple days work a month, enough to keep his electricty turned on, you’re going to make a lot of loyal friends.

    13. Mike Adkison Says:

      A minute of silence for him? Hell, give the niggers a whole week off. No whites allowed. Have him lie in state at the capitol rotunda. They did it with Rosa, why not Michael? Build a giant, 200 foot tall statue of him grabbing his crotch.

    14. J.J Says:

      A positive aspect of this mass media frenzy of wall to wall coverage of the Jackson death is that it has taken a liitle of the pressure away from Iran which was under the spotlight just before Jackon died.

    15. Candy Says:

      “There has got to be a reason behind all this media attention. Could it be an attempt to make pedophilia acceptable in Western culture?”

      Wow, you’re a real fucking genius! His death is getting all this media attention because it was unexpected and because he’s one of the most famous people in the world.

    16. Sam Crossing Says:

      No there is a movement to make any sexual impulse ok and it is real and it is out there.

      His death wasn’t unexpected. He was anorexic and a drug user. His former wives expected it. He is the most famous pedophile in the world. His big hit album was in 1982. Good. Yes he’s famous. But a lot of his fame is because he is so weird and deviant and how he treats children oddly.

      The ads for the new shows on many cable channels have half the reality contests gay when the number in the population can’t be more than 6 percent since that is the inflated number from the gay and lesbian alliance. Gay and sexual perversity issues are seen by the Jewish thinkers in the US as a way to get rid once and for all of that “dirty Jew” insult that kept them out of the East coast hotels and country clubs. If you accept the gay world you won’t mind the Jewish boy trying to get to third base on the first date with your tenth grade daughter.

      Of course, the predatory nature of the Jewish culture on any and every non Jew is how they got the “dirty Jew” insult in the first place. But the causality is the first casualty in the discussion.

      Watch the ads and shows on TV. There is no perversity that isn’t pushed forward. People doing what was taken as a desirable norm in the fifties are presented as the enemy about like NAZI’s were on TV in the sixties.

      Kobe Bryant is a hero. Rape. Mike Tyson is coming back. Served time for Rape. M. Jackson is a fallen hero. Pedophile.

      Not an accident. Pete Rose will have allegations of gambling held against him a lot more than Jackson preying on little boys. Why?

      What’s funny is that M. Jackson didn’t like jews. He mentioned it in one of his songs.

    17. Candy Says:

      “No there is a movement to make any sexual impulse ok and it is real and it is out there.”
      No kidding. ABC, easy as 123.

      “His death wasn’t unexpected. He was anorexic and a drug user. His former wives expected it.”
      Wasn’t unexpected? He was lined up for a 50 date comeback gig in London! His entourage knew he had one foot in the oven, but all us little nobodies didn’t.

      “His big hit album was in 1982. Good. Yes he’s famous. But a lot of his fame is because he is so weird and deviant and how he treats children oddly.”
      Big hit album? It’s the highest selling album ever! And the two after that were no slouches either.

      Yes, he’s a weirdo. He was also a great performer. And super famous. And his sudden death is newsworthy based on his (not undeserved) fame and notoriety. Not because ol’ hook-nose peeking through your open transom is trying to get you to jerk yourself to little kids. It’s human nature to be interested in the death of a big famous star, also to promote it to the hilt. That in itself is pretty jewy, I’ll admit. But to think spakikes and their useful goy smooth criminals are deliberately pushing this because they wanna be startin’ somethin’ with shoving more faggotry down our throats, that’s just bad.

      So beat it.

    18. Chris Says:


      “Whatever the final autopsy results reveal, it was greed that killed Michael Jackson. Had he not been driven – by a cabal of bankers, agents, doctors and advisers – to commit to the gruelling 50 concerts in London’s O2 Arena, I believe he would still be alive today.”

      And let’s not forget that Jackson once said:

      “They suck – they’re like leeches. I’m so tired of it. They start out the most popular person in the world, make a lot of money, big house, cars, and everything, end up with, penniless. It is conspiracy. The Jews do it on purpose.”


    19. Bret Ludwig Says:

      MJ was a talented guy (and, if not the most masculine, probably smarter than the average Black by over a standard deviation-i.e., clearly amongst what WEB DuBois called, with remarkable insight, the “talented tenth”) but his own ability and inclination would have made him, roughly, a Lionel Ritchie-a successful black artist with some crossover potential but no Elvis/Sinatra/MM/Garland. His megastardom, as opposed to the Lionel Ritchie level, was purely manufactured-partly by Jews, partly by the non-Jewish rock world, who felt compelled to have a Black in their rock pantheon, over and above Chuck Berry, Jimi Hendrix, Tina Turner and some lesser artists like Living Colour and Tony MacAlpine.

      The Jews brought Eisner-SKG level moviemaking talent to make rock videos that were at the next level from lowbuck hipster efforts like the Buggles, Blondie, et al. It was the music buisiness that was only moderately Jewish that brought in the big guns-jazz master Quincy Jones, his crew like engineer Bruce Swedien, hard rockers like EVH, and a bunch of others to validate and publicly edify MJ and his act. That level of mass coordination is not chance: the music industry discourages people from ‘boosting whoever they like’. Do you really think Eddie Van Halen likes MJ music??

      The NJ stage show was hyper-choeographed, as any trained observer who saw multiple shows on any given tour saw. EVERY move, every apparent missed cue or wrong start, was drilled and re-drilled like a USMC manual-of-arms display team. To the note, to the beat, the entire show was choreographed. The musicians were studio pros picked for a willingness to submit to total control.

      Of course, Elvis and Sinatra had a good share of this bootership too. Sinatra was a great singer, but he sure carried water for the Jews-and according to legend, millions of dollars into Israel too when they were founded. I suspect he had a big part in inducing Sanny Davis Jr, to convert, and he certainly had put his valet, the ‘bluish’ (black-Jewish) George jacobs to get bar mitzvahed too. He named his only son after Emmanuel Sachs and FDR (“Frank Jr.” is Franklin Emmanuel Sinatra, and this not a Jr. at all to Francis Albert). And of course he sang mostly Jewish music-of all the standards writers, all but Hoagy Carmichael and Johnny Mercer were Jews, pretty much. ((Disclaimer: They did write some great songs.))

      And it’s long been suspected that Elvis’ mother, Gladys, was a Jewess…..

      Judy Garland married one, naybe two Jews. Monroe and Liz Taylor converted when each married a Jew. I think Taylor married several. Fisher was a Jew, and so was her last husband, Larry Fortensky.

    20. Bret Ludwig Says:

      Hoffman’s adulation of ‘Der Bingle’ is probably a little misplaced too. He was one of a large number of ‘Irish tenors’-men trained in the semi-classical, pre-microphone singing style (Morton Downey, father of deceased yidyapper Morton Downey Jr., was another)-who applied a few basic hackneyed gimmicks that sound systems and the reduced volume needed allowed, and again most of his songs were written (again, one must concede, competently!) by Jews. “White Christmas” and “Easter Parade” by Israel Baline, I mean Irving Berlin, for instance-both dechristianized the major Xtian holidays neatly.

      For a very enlightening 90 second “Sing Like Bing” summation, see his cameo-as himself-in the classic badfilm “Let’s Make Love”. He lays it out pretty well.

    21. Benito Says:

      Judy Garland wasn’t a Gentile she was Jewish.

    22. Z.O.G. Says:



    23. NegroZombie Says:

      The media jews picked up on Jackson’s success and used him. They only assigned the big Hollywood talent to his videos after Thriller was a huge hit. His first video from Thriller, Billie Jean, was directed by a rock video director not a movie director. It was the video for Thriller that was directed by John Landis, fresh from An American Werewolf in London, with state of the art makeup special effects by Rick Baker. But that was after Thriller was already a phenomenon.

    24. Igor Alexander Says:

      “And I think Michael Jackson was done in by what I would call the Hymiewood Machine, a system which also destroyed Judy Garland, Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, Jayne Mansfield, John Belushi, James Dean and thousands of other talented Gentiles before their time. It almost devoured Britney Spears, too, a few years back.”

      I have trouble feeling sorry for most of these people, talented or not. You have to be extremely ambitious and unscrupulous to become a star, it doesn’t happen by accident, and the things that drive a person to want to be a star — the longing for fame, fortune, sex, drugs, etc. — are not among the most noble of human qualities.

    25. Sam Crossing Says:

      I am surprised no one is posting on the day of the memorial for this gay freak. I am watching the “shit”, I guess it’s ok to say that these days, on TV and it is amazing. They are talking about this predator pedo who groomed these little boys as though it were the pope.

      Except usually with a pope there was some statement about jews and Israel that they bring up in the funeral so you know there is some conflict against the dead man. Not today with Jackson.

      The man dyed his skin white and thought blacks were ugly. No problem for the black commenters. No problem at all.

      The man change his face to look like his early benefactor Diana Ross, a woman. No problem. And when he didn’t get it right the first time he did it over and over again until he looked like a different species. No problem

      The man hunted little boys in a theme park lair he created right out of the witch’s house for poor little Hansel and Gretel. No problem.

      The saga of his “children” is amazing. He isn’t the genetic father to any of them. The women who carried the children didn’t supply the eggs. Sperm from donors were mixed and put into a paid employee so Jackson could put masks on them, give them names like “blanket”, and dangle them from fifth floor balconies. No one in Jackson’s generation related to the children is going to get custody. Goes to the elderly grandmother. Get a dog asshole! Get a dog.


      The Jewish media has won. That is amazing that this is being shown as though there is no problem at all. Amazing shit today on TV.